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  1. Thanks all feeling a bit better about this idea. Anyone recall about what time the all clear for disembarking occurred?
  2. Trying to work out logistics for a private excursion at 11:15 in Hamilton. So does the Escape have forward and aft disembarking stations once in port.? How early have they started disembarking? How bad have the ferry and or bus lines been lately? I know how chaotic it was on the jewel class at times and I can only imagine how bad it could be with nearly 2,000 more passengers. I searched in ports of call Bermuda but couldn’t find any answers to these questions.
  3. One bit of advice I haven’t seen mentioned is if you have a large group for a cabin crawl it helps to break up the touring group into two parts. Have one group start at the top cabins and the other at the lower cabins . Each group has a “herder” to keep everyone focused and on track without overwhelming the staterooms, stairs and elevators. That way the cabin hosts know when the last of the crawlers have passed through and they can lock up.
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