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  1. I am desperate to cruise again.... but I have absolutely NO interest if wearing a mask is required.
  2. If you haven't done so already, make sure you also apply for your Princess Military Benefit.
  3. I think your post is MORE than a little uninformed and utterly baseless. I seriously doubt you know what price leverage large online agencies have or what constitutes "too large of a discount." The base fare is $767.00pp... Taxes are $140.00pp. In addition to the previously stated $310 OBC, I will also be getting $250 OBC from the Carnival Stock Shareholder Benefit, AND ANOTHER $250 OBC from the Princess Military Benefit. But then your post is still uninformed and utterly baseless. Perhaps you should do some more research before insinuating tha
  4. Everyone has their own opinions and preferences.... but I will GUARANTEE... that you will PAY MORE and GET LESS by booking directly or though a "PVP." Large on-line travel agencies almost always offer LOWER PRICES and MORE AMENITIES than the cruise lines and their agents/PVPs. Don't believe me? I just booked a 2022 14 night Regal transatlantic for $767pp with $310 OBC. I don't think you will get that price from Princess. Their website claims "'our lowest fare" at $969pp.
  5. Ditto your preferences and your experiences! I even include a "DO NOT UPGRADE!" comment. After retiring from the Navy in '96, I SWORE I'd never get on another ship... EVER. Now I'm addicted. What boats were you on??? My cabin is used ONLY to sleep and shower. The ship, the people, and the ports are why I cruise. Almost never book anything less than 14 nights, with a goal of four cruises per year. I got upgraded (stuck!) in an Ocean View cabin a couple of times... and could NEVER adjust the curtains properly to get it dark enough to sleep late! Just made my
  6. Thank you for the kind words! There are quite a few (somewhat snooty) folks on the Celebrity boards that do NOT feel the same way about my comments! My best Celebrity deal EVER was a 23 night transpacific for only 799pp! I was notified just last week that my 16 night April transatlantic on Reflection (my all time FAVORITE ship!) was cancelled. I have elected to take the future credit in hopes that their prices moderate somewhat if things ever get back to "normal." I did a 28 night B2B on Princess two years ago out of LA... first leg through the Panama Canal (second leg was a transa
  7. 12 March 2022... 14 night transatlantic on Regal... $769pp with $310 OBC + $250 Mil OBC 12 March 2022... 16 night transatlantic on Sky... $909pp with $250 OBC + $250 Mil OBC 9 April 2022... 14 night transatlantic on Enchanted... $769pp with $310 OBC + $250 Mil OBC 16 April 2022... 15 night transatlantic on Crown... $1149pp with $250 OBC + $250 Mil OBC I think Princess prices are FANTASTIC! I am booking tomorrow!
  8. NO ONE has even a clue WHEN cruising will resume... and under what circumstances. It will then take YEARS for the market to establish new supply and demand curves. You will most likely STILL be able to spend as MUCH or as little as you want. Right now there are 14 night transatlantic cruises available for $600pp or LESS. There are also 10 night cruises for $13,000pp... and everything in between. Princess pricing will be a microcosm of the above examples.
  9. Glad to hear you enjoyed the programs! I would NEVER turn down ANY opportunity for a B2B... especially for Australia and/or New Zealand!
  10. If you are completely new to cruising, have no experience with the travel industry or the internet, need/want someone else to do it all for you, and don't mind paying more/saving less... then go with the "Vacation Planner." In 34 cruises... I have NEVER heard of ANYONE who books directly with Princess, (or other lines) who got as good a deal as I got from an online TA. I have had several Princess reps tell me that they could not come anywhere CLOSE to the deal (including "last minute" and "flash sales") that I was booking online. Many people still think that T/As (on
  11. I just completed a Lift and Shift from the Nov 2020 Explorer OTS T/A... to the Oct 2021 Odyssey OTS T/A. It took a few days of RCCL stonewalling, saying the Odyssey TA didn't qualify,.. but it finally went through. It will be my first time on a Quantum class... and I can't believe the 14 nights is only costing me $699pp!
  12. I took option 1 (175% FCC) on my cancelled 29 night April/May transpacific in anticipation of a much longer cruise in the future... but I would be more than willing to loose the whole thing to their bankruptcy... just so you can be proven correct and made happy! 😀
  13. Totally incorrect information. Period. Many travel agencies offer a lower PRICE, as well as additional perks/OBC.
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