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  1. IMO there are SEVERAL very pertinent points. When I started cruising I didn't know about the incredible deals to be found by not booking directly with the cruise lines... now I, and many other people, DO know. There are still MANY people who are mistaken in their belief that travel agencies can not sell cruises for less than the cruise lines. There are also MANY people who still don't know about the incredible deals that can save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on airline flights through EZ Air. There are still MANY people who don't know about the Military Benefit or the Shareholder Benefit. There are still many people who don't know that there are FAR LESS EXPENSIVE options to cruise line shore excursions and ground transfers If I can help ANY of them save some money by posting on cruise critic, I will do so... because THIS is where *I* learned to save MANY THOUSANDS of dollars over my 34 cruises in the last 12 years. If SOME people want to pay full price and loose benefits booking directly with Princess... they can. If SOME people don't want to take advantage of the information posted here... they don't have to.
  2. Prices just dropped yet again! The transatlantic leg is now down to only $639pp inside and $637pp OV... while the Panama Canal leg is down to only $703pp inside and $785pp OV!
  3. A well known cruise consolidator in the US is selling the December 1st cruise for $636pp inside/ $726pp OV/ and $766 balcony. (numbers are base fare with taxes and tips extra) I'd say that proves that the allure of Apex is GONE.
  4. I was on Emerald for 28 nights in April/May for the same itinerary in the opposite direction... it is beautiful ship! Yes, that price is for an inside... but an OV is only $150pp more. I just booked an OV on Golden Princess for her 29 night transpacific on April 8 for only $1749pp... inside cabins are still available for only $1599pp! Unfortunately, Cruise Critic does not allow posting links to any travel agencies. True... try a search for last minute cruise deals. Many people will still argue the point... but If you are booking directly through the cruse line, you are loosing money... sometimes a LOT of money. What do you think?
  5. For any foot loose and fancy free retirees... or anyone else who can take advantage of last minute deals....here's an incredible opportunity... A 14 night transatlantic from Barcelona to FLL on Emerald Princess for $799pp!...with $250 shareholder OBC... AND... $250 military OBC! B2B with a 15 night Panama Canal transit from FLL to LA for $729pp!...also with $250 shareholder OBC and $250 military OBC! 29 nights on Emerald Princess for $1528pp... yes... taxes are extra... but ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS OBC!?!
  6. Just booked the 29 night Golden Princess transpacific cruise from Sydney to Los Angeles on 8 April 2020. Inside cabins are $1679pp and OV cabins are $1737. Available through a major cruise consolidator in the US. Only downside is... that dirt cheap fare requires FULL PAYMENT up front... and is not changeable or refundable. As always taxes are extra... but throw in $250 OBC for military, and $250 OBC for shareholder... and THAT is a fantastic deal.
  7. Quite often yes, but each ship/itinerary/date is different based on cabin supply and demand. If sales are above or on track you won't see much price fluctuation... but quite often there are a LOT of last minute cancellations that leave a big excess of supply and THAT is when prices can be SIGNIFICANTLY reduced and you can get OUTRAGEOUSLY good deals. I will often wait until the two weeks after final payment date to book my cruises... usually for only $50pp/night and sometimes all the way down to only $30pp/night! BUT... there are also times when prices go UP after final payment... because cabin availability has dwindled to such low levels. It's worth the risk to me because I am flexible enough to switch to a different cruise.
  8. Both cruises and airfares are about as cheap as they have EVER been... I am looking at a 29 night transpac (Sydney to LA) on Golden Princess in Apr/May of 2020... Not only is the cruise VERY reasonable... $1999pp with $500 OBC... The return flight from Syd to LAX is only $470pp through Princess EZ Air! I can't afford to stay home for THAT price! The craziest airfare I ever got was from Royal Caribbean... Tucson to Amsterdam to Zurich... for only $287pp!!!
  9. Agree completely... and quite often the TA can offer MORE than the FCC... sometimes significantly more.
  10. Based on some other comments here it sounds like you might be an equal opportunity OFFENDER! *O*M*G* anything but THAT! Give my regards to Cal next time you dine with him.
  11. EXACTLY where THEY and their ilk belong!
  12. THIS should be the absolute minimum standard for ANY who consider themselves well mannered. It's quite obvious that you two would never have made it to dinner with Cal, Ismay, mom and yorky!
  13. AAHHH... the good old days of Cruise Critic dress code threads... with all that wailing and gnashing! Just like the following...
  14. We are very much looking forward to that cruise! We got an inside for $1139pp but also got $770 OBC! Just made final payment yesterday so we are all set... just over 100 days to go.
  15. Two years ago I booked flights through AIR2SEA for a B2B Med cruise/TA out of Rome with a few days in Zurich pre-cruise. Tucson-LAX, LAX Amsterdam, and Amsterdam-Zurich was $287. YES... there really IS something to this group booking Princess Cruises also has their EZ AIR... In May, I flew Barcelona to Madrid, Madrid LAX, and LAX -Tucson for $389
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