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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the programs! I would NEVER turn down ANY opportunity for a B2B... especially for Australia and/or New Zealand!
  2. If you are completely new to cruising, have no experience with the travel industry or the internet, need/want someone else to do it all for you, and don't mind paying more/saving less... then go with the "Vacation Planner." In 34 cruises... I have NEVER heard of ANYONE who books directly with Princess, (or other lines) who got as good a deal as I got from an online TA. I have had several Princess reps tell me that they could not come anywhere CLOSE to the deal (including "last minute" and "flash sales") that I was booking online. Many people still think that T/As (on
  3. I just completed a Lift and Shift from the Nov 2020 Explorer OTS T/A... to the Oct 2021 Odyssey OTS T/A. It took a few days of RCCL stonewalling, saying the Odyssey TA didn't qualify,.. but it finally went through. It will be my first time on a Quantum class... and I can't believe the 14 nights is only costing me $699pp!
  4. I took option 1 (175% FCC) on my cancelled 29 night April/May transpacific in anticipation of a much longer cruise in the future... but I would be more than willing to loose the whole thing to their bankruptcy... just so you can be proven correct and made happy! 😀
  5. Totally incorrect information. Period. Many travel agencies offer a lower PRICE, as well as additional perks/OBC.
  6. Fully 50% of the passengers on my last Princess cruise (in December) would have been denied boarding. This is what we get when ambulance (cruise ship) chasing lawyers get a big cut of a victim-hood mentality.
  7. There are LOTS of other "cruisers" who are also being affected... with even more serious consequences. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/virus-cases-soar-to-416-on-us-warship-after-captain-fired/ar-BB12oVG3?li=BBnb7Kz
  8. Not easy anyway... Martini Bar music is ssooo loud... HOW LOUD IS IT??? It's ssooo loud, I can't hear MY half of the conversation, let alone the other person. OR... maybe it's just that I finally got old...😀 I think I need to go pour myself a "flight."
  9. Barges? BARGES??? WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING BARGES!!! 😁 Sorry... just couldn't resist.
  10. The fact that in the US alone, deaths from Covid19 just exceeded 1,000 PER DAY. Do you REALLY think this is all going to just blow away in the wind in less than three months?
  11. The odds of that cruise happening is less than 1%
  12. Here's the opposite end of the "mileage" spectrum... a balcony has almost NO value to me... AT ALL! For a 15 night cruise I MIGHT consider SPLURGING... and pay an extra five bucks a night. I absolutely LOVE it that the vast majority of cruisers MUST have a balcony... and that some MUST have a suite!
  13. Unfortunately... your words are the very sobering truth. NOBODY has even started to consider another danger that has just started to pop up... ...crazy times that cause crazy people to do crazy stuff... like railroad engineers trying to drive a locomotive into a hospital ship, and mobs torching cell phone towers because they help spread covid. Get ready for "interesting" times. I have a November T/A booked on Royal that I will almost certainly cancel before final payment, and another T/A booked on Reflection in April 2021. That one MIGHT have a c
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