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  1. Well that makes me fell a little better lol! Thank you!
  2. OK, so my frustration begins. I cancelled my November cruise based on the letter saying we could cancel with the SAME refund options - I opted for the 100% refund. Got a letter today and I am being "assessed" a $157 per person fee - so $314 they are now trying to charge me after their letter to me clearly stated I could get a 100% refund. *@!? Already emailed my PVP to have him start working on getting this straightened out for me. These are the times I am glad I have a GREAT PVP because I know he will be as peeved off as I am when he sees this!
  3. If you cancelled a cruise under early saver, you should have a credit for the amount you paid less $50/pp fee. This fare amount will be applied toward your next booking. You will not get OBC. So if you paid $1000 total for your cruise (all parties), then they will apply $900 toward whatever cruise you book next. The credit is Per Person and the same people must rebook, you can not use your credit to pay for someone else.
  4. Favorite movie of all time, well that and the Wizard of Oz. So, I am predicting that the 30th is going to come and go while the no sail order slips quietly into oblivion. I think they would have extended it already if they were going to. The question then becomes, Carnival has stipulated that they have cancelled all cruises though October 31st. IF the ban goes bye bye, do you think they will back peddle and offer up some sooner than November 1st? I think I have read somewhere where Carnival has said "possibly sooner," does anyone else remember seeing that?
  5. Ok, so I was reading all the items on this site and seems pretty standard... however, another concern has been raised for me. I thought I had read somewhere, that other locations in the world had resumed cruising and was testing all passengers at the port for Covid (I believe I even read where some passengers were denied boarding because they tested positive). I am cool with all this. BUT, IF they are going to require that we present a negative Covid test that was taken say within the last 72 hours before boarding - what if we can't do this? I am not aware of anywhere are aroun
  6. Just booked November this year on the Conquest... for Thanksgiving. We'll see how this plays out.
  7. Which is pretty much, IMHO, why they did away with the Lobster on shorter cruises. I sat at a table (back in the day when you got sat at the big round tables with other guests you didn't know - before YTD, etc.) and watched two couples, I should say the two men - not the women, literally order and eat 10 lobster tails each.
  8. All the cruises I have booked through Fall next year are priced higher then when I booked. I watch constantly to take advantage of any price reductions and all mine are all going up, not down.
  9. So, I know a lot of people are predicting no cruising for months, but I prefer to stay positive. So much so, that in all this craziness I literally just booked the Conquest for Thanksgiving week. We were scheduled on the Pride for that week in several cabins for a family cruise but bumped it to October 2021 a few months ago, as everyone else going with us got too nervous. Decided to roll the dice and book on the Conquest for that week. Price was good, and if I have to wait to get my money back if they cancel so be it... besides I will likely just roll it to a different one next year and ta
  10. We have only ever sailed out of Baltimore once (years and years ago) and we drove there. I was looking at booking airfare and was told by Carnival that our flight home should not be before 2pm. This seems really late. While we have cruised a bunch, it is usually out of Florida ports. Curious for those that go out of Baltimore more frequently, would a 1:15pm flight home REALLY be cutting it too close? I know FL well enough to know I can book something home 1/2 - 3/4 of an hour earlier then they suggest and have never had a problem but don't know why Baltimore would be Soooooo late.
  11. Yea, that was a bad move. It really makes finding things harder!
  12. A lot will depend on your budget. If you are staying by the hotel in Orlando, most hotels will be able to hook you up with some kind of shuttle at a fee (not aware of many that offer it for free since it is so far). It is about 45 minutes as someone mentioned. You can book your own shared shuttle, some already mentioned here - have done this ourselves and it is ok but you are dealing with other people and possible multiple stops and on set scheduled times only. You can take Uber or Lyft but will likely be much more costly since it is such a distance. Or yo
  13. San Juan has an open trolley system you can use to get around very easily without doing as much walking on all the hilly streets. You can get to the fort (which is very interesting) and other stops. It is a hop on hop off kind of thing. Been a while since we were there but if I remember correctly it was free. It was just off the ship and to the left a bit for a stop you could get on and off. St. Thomas we love Coral World. Highly recommend snuba if you want a really cool adventure. Or just going to the park and seeing all the different sites is great. Look it up on line.
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