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  1. couple of questions. how long will it take to get all the crew back on board ships and will they be tested before or when on board---how long before everybody clear. Also the new crew contract/agreement seems rather off -putting .Saw it on youtube, guy called theshiplife.
  2. Thanks for posting this Nikki--I have not seen it advertised. Mostly bad news on tv at the moment ,so really looking forward to this bit of light entertainment.
  3. Booked and paid for my cruise via TA in January. Supposed to be sailing tomorrow from Southampton on Preziosa . After reading these boards decided to wait for MSC to cancel our cruise-which they did in April. Eventually got through to the TA and have been told that we can apply for our money back in July and then it will take a further 8 weeks for us to receive it !!!!. Also booked £400.00 excursions-so presuming I get that back with my fare. Why so flaming long ,it's ridiculous.
  4. Yay !!!!! First time ever I have been able to post a photograph on CC
  5. My favourite drink Rasberrytini in Crooners bar. Wondeful photographs on this thread--I would love a calendar of some of these.
  6. Thank you to all that have posted news and updates to this thread. So happy to learn that I will eventually get my money back from MSC. Thanks again and stay safe all.
  7. Yes Sidari-- you are right!!. Not sure where that leaves us now. I have/may have plans for the rest of this year-deposit on a Princess cruise in September and a stay in Italy with relatives-all up in the air at the moment. I am still working so not able to swap and change holidays. I thought we might be able to swap the cruise to the same one next year (same date) but as I said,MSC does not do this itinerary until September 21. Not best pleased with MSC and would prefer my money back. I would expect that's never going to happen---ggrrr .
  8. Hi, my sister and I booked Preziosa cruise from Southampton 13th May, Itinerary - Rotterdam-La Havre -Hamburg. This cruise has now been cancelled by MSC. I understand that we will be issued with a FCC instead of our money back,(booked with TA). With the FCC has it got to be the same cruise itinerary, or can it be applied to another cruise(MSC) from another port. Looking at MSC'S website for 2021 it will be Magnifica sailing out of Southampton next year and 7 day cruises going to Norway----don't want to go to Norway! Cheers, Solsof.
  9. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but WHO has declared the outbreak as a pandemic. Not sure what impact this will have on the cruise industry---maybe all cruises will be cancelled. Maybe that MSC will cancel my cruise and save me making another date.Also have Princess cruises booked and not sure what to do about them either. Stay safe everyone.x
  10. Thanks sidari for making that clear to me.lol. MSC are not doing themselves any favours are they.
  11. Hi, just had a look at MSC U.K and nothing on there about cancelling cruise and using a FCC. Sidari did you say in your post above that their would be an announcement made at 3pm today-----I'm getting confused.com
  12. Yikes! did not know that Germany had that many cases of CV already. I have booked and paid for the Preziosa cruise from Southampton in May--Netherlands and Germany. Waiting to see if MSC will let me defer my cruise to another date. I believe -from other posts-that they may make an announcement tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
  13. Hi thanks for all the info and updates on these threads. I have a cruise booked on MSC Preziosa in May---the cruise has been paid in full. I know it's not going to any Italian port, but at the moment I don't feel like I want to go on a cruise ship to anywhere.! I am hoping that MSC will maybe allow me to move the cruise to a later date. I have also booked a Princess cruise to the med in august and payment due for that at the end of april,not sure what to do about that either---scarey times.
  14. Italy to quarantine entire Lombardy region plus Venice and other areas. The Independent 16 minutes ago.
  15. Last week on Epic we had Lets Groove band playing in the Cavern on the Tuesday at 9-9-45 pm.Lots of latin american and Sade (smooth operator),at 10pm they were back with a Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson tribute. Young blonde girl singer. There was also a boy/girl duo.....Summer Breeze?. All were quite good.
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