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  1. :confused: Yes Mary our credit card covers all of the above even emergency evacuation and other perils actually with much higher limits than other plans. I’ve gotten PDFs of several plans and compared them side by side and Citibank American Airlines ( the upgraded card that costs 450 per yr) meets and exceeds the others including what Oceania has. By far. The main problem is twofold: 1) for trip cancellation and interruption they have slashed benefits to 5k total per trip. It was per passenger before. That’s obviously way low. 2) it has no medical coverage if you get sick on the trip. We do have blue cross blue shield thru my husband’s employer which did cover us in full last year when I got serious bronchitis but was huge hassle to get payment . We’ve since downgraded that from high option to standard option so doubt they’d still cover in full. So, we are trying to find coverage that will either close these two gaps in a supplementary fashion or just get one plan that does it and forget Citibank card which kind of seems a shame! I don’t think we have any pre existing conditions however I imagine that’s a slippery slope if you take meds for things like high blood pressure or statins? Not sure. I’ve been reading all these posts and now more confused than ever. Feel like I need a PhD to figure this stuff out. So now I’ve given more details maybe someone will have more specific answers. Thank you all! This part not fun. That’s the one thing I don’t like about cruises. You have to pay a ton of money up front and way in advance. Go for a trip on land and make hotel arrangements. Fully refundable within 48 hours of arrival in most cases. Only airfare is the issue but manageable. Recently did a great trip to top hotels in Hawaii and no trip insurance needed. :confused:
  2. Thank you all for excellent info and links to other sources. In 2017 we cruised with Oceania and did not take their coverage. We relied on the insurance from our upgraded Citibank American Airlines card plus our blue cross blue shield covered medical. However Citibank has cut their coverage in half. I actually caught bronchitis on the plane over. Someone across the aisle was coughing the entire time. I got quite sick and high fever and had to be treated and put on IV’s and breathing treatments on the ship. The bill was more than the cruise cost. It took me six months of hassle with BC BS before they paid the claim so this time really want to explored our options.
  3. Which travel insurance is best? Do you take Oceania provided coverage. ( they use Aon) . Or do you book thru another company and if so which one? What plan provisions and amounts of coverage are needed? Thanks!
  4. Thank you all very much for suggestions. We will def use private car service being we will have luggage, be tired etc etc. this would not be the time to worry too much about cost cutting. We don’t cruise often but yo date for cruise or land tour we’ve always come a day early. However this time because the itinerary is pretty long, and flights get in early morning hours, ship doesn’t sail until six pm we were thinking of trying to fly in same day. Hotels won’t let us check in that early usually. Pete, I’m with you tho’. Hubby says worst case if we missed it we’d take ferry to next port which is one of the Channel Islands. I’m not a fan of this. Hah. Marlene
  5. We have a cruise coming up originating in Southampton. We are prob going to fly in a day early and want to stay in Southampton. I read that irs 65 miles from Heathrow!!! After flying all night from US we will be tired. What’s the best way to get from the airport to Southampton? Most flights from our home city go to Heathrow but was wondering if there’s a closer airport. Suggestions and info from others who’ve sailed out of Southampton appreciated.
  6. Oceania rep told me yesterday that the “free” excursions that you get by taking them as your O Life choice will count towards the minimum to getting 25% off each excursion. ( I think it’s called the Your World pkg) For example, our cruise gives us 8 (4 per person) excursions. We only need to book two more to get 25% off these additional tours and any others we wish to book beyond the six. Also he gave us other good advice. He said to get your list together of which and how many excursions you want, and THEN decide which excursion package makes the most sense financially, he said we should call him back with said list and he’d calculate it for us.
  7. My comment about starboard vs port was a generalization and does not really apply to the OP's itinerary. We are about to put deposit on a trip from London to Barcelona where the entire itinerary is south and then around the Iberian peninusala so the port side of the ship will be facing land direction the entire time. However, on an ocean going cruise much of the time sailing you are out of sea and cannot even see land anyway. Also, when the ship docks it could be docked with the starboard side inward towards land. Net result is that there is not a huge difference and it does not matter much overall. However, with all things being equal, in a case like I described if you have two equal cabins and need a tie breaker - you might consider the direction of travel.
  8. If your itinerary is predominantly southbound you’d want port side to have more view of land and conversely northbound you’d want starboard,
  9. No nickel and diming Easy on off no lines Extremely good sanitation when it comes to food handling at buffets. No passengers can touch the food. They serve everything. Super comfortable beds and spacious cabins. Specialty and main dining room awesome Toscanos is perfection. Cons: Figuring out cost of excursions with the different packages they have is very confusing. I wish they offered an all inclusive higher end tour package like they do on Uniworld or Tauck tours. Tauck is the best. No one else comes close in that department but there cruise options very limited.
  10. No upcharge for specialty restaurants on Oceania. I have since become educated from the time of my original post. Even if you are only able to reserve one each in the four specialty restaurants before you get on board (in veranda or concierge cabins) .... you may still eat at any of these restaurants additional times depending on availability on additional evenings by making a reservation once on board.
  11. Hmmm a five year old thread doesn't seem so long ago for a religion that is over 5000 years old... whatever.
  12. Thank you all very much for prompt answers. Feel a little silly. Could've tried to look at FAQ myself. We sailed on Riviera in 2017 and loved it except that I got sick - had to miss a few things. We loved Toscana - did not like Red Ginger, had to miss Polo unfortunately. Main dining room was awesome. The Terrace Buffet at dinner, however, we thought we pretty awful actually. The lobster tails and steaks were sitting around on steam tables and just were not good. Nothing compared to the quality of the other venues. Terrace was wonderful however for breakfast and lunch.
  13. Considering a fourteen day cruise on Oceania. How many times can you eat at each of the specialty restaurants. Marina. Thank you!
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