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  1. Has anyone done the Catamaran to Nevis excursion offered by RC? We usually do the excursions (yes I know, can get cheaper on our own) and are looking for a different beach to go to in St. Kitts. Does anyone know how much beach time there is? Or is most of the time on the Catamaran? Also it says beach chairs and umbrella not provided. Does that mean none for rent? Thanks in advance, everyone is always so helpful.
  2. And if it does,can you buy a bottle of wine and bring it back to your room? if it doesn't, other than the MDR, is there anywhere you can buy a bottle for your room? DH and I like to have one at night (and yes I know that we can bring two in board the carryon..lost that battle years ago.) Normally I order from Royal gifts but we were thinking that we could get one that we really liked by buying in board.
  3. I know, I know, it is much cheaper to do excursions by ourselves ( so no need to tell me!) but DH and I like to book through Royal. We have a trip to southern Caribbean booked for next fall and there are so few excursions. One of the islands only has a scuba diving tour listed. Do anyone know if more will be added as we move closer to our Sept 2019 date? TIA
  4. Mine wasn't available until I did the online one...actually, it was available a few weeks ago but then "disappeared" and I kept on getting that error message.. Thanks for all the help! I will print mine (actually to be honest, I print three copies..one for the carryon, one for my purse and one to give to DH incase something happens to me!)
  5. I see that my set sail pass is "viewable" on the App now. I didn't have access yesterday (it kept on saying check later) so I did my check in online yesterday. Now it is viewable on the app. Because I get nervous about everything until the moment I am on board I wanted to print out a copy of the pass so I could come with a hard copy just in case I couldn't use the app. If I print it will I still be able to use the one on the phone? Some people are saying that there are agents with an iPad like thing that you can use at the port if you have it on your phone. I am not sailing until Oct 7 on the Allure, so I know this is early to be worrying about anything....but like I said...until my feet are firmly planted on that boat I will worry about everything.
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