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  1. It wasn't the YC but did the same thing on another cruiseline with 2 bottles of red wine.
  2. Let's see how long it's going to take them to open it ...we're on the X-Mas cruise and I'm not sure it's going to open by then.
  3. That's a beautiful spot. Are there any tables for 4 by the window?
  4. Same meaning stop at Ocean Cay? They were supposed to have it ready by then and it's still not ready? If that's the case, we may not make it at the end of Dec.
  5. I'm sure it's not because of one person. I've had drinks spilled on me and have sat on wet seats on other cruise lines more than once myself. It's not that fun. I am not sure how much they will enforce the rules but I am told that there is no bar in the theater on MSC ships.
  6. Thank you so much for the information - now I have to find where I put that kit of adapters I bought several years ago. I appreciate your help! Hope you're having a great time :-)
  7. The status match is a courtesy - follow their rules and submit correctly. If that's too hard for you and you want to cancel than cancel.
  8. The ship is coming from Europe for the first time - I don't doubt there were a lot of errors and unhappy passengers -- there have been many complaints from others. I also know that the crew is used to European guests speaking mostly italian and french, the restaurant is adopting new menu, has a new chef, docking at new ports that have different procedures. The service standards are different in Europe and so on and on -- I'm not making excuses - just reasons as to why we avoid repo cruises. Have we had bad cruises? OH yesss! Some memorable ones are carefully planned private excursion to go to LFK at Roatan and it's pouring. Stayed at the Tiki bar and have some Dirty Monkeys. Toilet clogged for over 24 hours and had to wake up my husband to go to the bathroom in pajamas and then drop by guest services. Only port wanted to see in Hawaii Kona and had to skip it due to rough seas. It happens. Oh, and the wine -- I've learned through personal experience that sometimes, they don't purchase the wine that Americans like (in our case it was beer and we had to drink Australian beer on a 14 day sailing on another cruise line) until they get to a US port - we shall see. After being on 30+ cruises, I am just thankful that we are healthy, have enough resources, means and vacation time to cruise. This will be our first MSC cruise and first YC experience. I'll try anything once.
  9. Thank you for the review, this was very helpful - we will be on the Meraviglia for X-mas and NY. I have never understood how passengers feel the need or the right to yell at crew members. Even if it's the the server or that crew members fault, bullying them by yelling at them does not resolve anything. We plan on having a great time and know that there will be some glitches along the way.
  10. We're in a YC balcony cabin. Thank you!
  11. I hope you're having a great time! We have 62 days till we are onboard the Meraviglia. On another thread someone mentioned that the Aurea suite bedrooms only had a European outlet. My DH has a CPAP, I think there is a plug by the bed in the YC cabins but do I need to bring an adapter? Is there a US power outlet by the bed? thanks
  12. We will be sailing in December on the Meraviglia YC and booked with the deluxe package in 2018. When I asked, the representative on the phone, she said that we would be getting the delux package benefits. My understanding is that with the deluxe package, we get the same wine/spirits inside or outside the YC except for the connoisseur menu. How can we make sure we get that applied on our cards so that it's valid outside the YC?
  13. Thank you for the information and posting the menu - we are thinking of extending and doing a 14 day instead of a 7 day too, I just have to play around with finances and convince my husband 🙂
  14. Hi Adam, Your review is wonderful - I have a question about specialty dinner reservations. The only option to pre-purchase a specialty restaurant and make reservations is through a 3-night dinner package on the website. We prefer not to do that, we probably will only go to Butcher's Cut. How is this handled at the concierge desk? We had so much trouble getting reservations at the date/time we wanted on the Edge even with the dinner package that I am worried.
  15. Read your Celebrity Edge cruise review just before we went on the Edge and now will be reading the MSC review right before our MSC Meraviglia cruise - we will be in the Yacht Club too. Your detailed reviews and pictures are absolutely one of a kind. Thanks!
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