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  1. In one of the reviews, someone said that they were booked through April. Have you tried calling them to reserve? If not, you might have to wait until you board.
  2. nednrom

    YC Drink Package Changes?

    We like the idea of "ship within a ship" while having the freedon to explore as well. More than the drink package and what might be or not be included in that, I was surprised to find out that we had to eat at the YC and couldn't join friends in the MDR. We will just have to coordinate dinner at specialty restaurants a couple of nights.
  3. We've been to Key West a few times, I've yet to see a sunset as beautiful as the ones in Key West. The Western Union Schooner is a 70 year old authentic historical registered sailboat and was being painstakingly repaired last time we were there. Did you notice if it was operational now? My husband and I had our first sunset sailing on her so Key West is sentimental for us. It has changed throughout the years, Sunset pier has been ruined since they are building hotels around it, you just need to get out of the touristy areas.
  4. nednrom

    Back from Maiden Edge Voyage - Dec 9-16, 2018

    Very factual and informative Review - we will be in an AQ cabin too. Do AQ cabin guest receive any gifts? This is our first Celebrity but we are considered Select because of Royal Status. I would like a souvenir from the Edge.
  5. nednrom


    Some of the smokers like my husband are not members of CC - I do all the planning for our cruises, he just hears all the information on CC from me. I just think that starting a thread like this is a lost cause because I've seen how most people don't seem to understand that smoking is an addiction and is hard for some people to quit - like alcohol and drugs from the previous threads. I don't smoke but I also respect those who abide by the rules and smoke only in the designated areas - it is after all a legal substance. I will call out people who don't abide by the rules. I am amazed though at those guests who wander into the smoking section of the ship and complain about the smoking as if they owned the place. Anyway, we are on vacation - this is our first Celebrity and we'll see how my husband feels about it. Smoking is the least thing that determines whether we enjoy our vacation. He is sure to let me know how he feels about the Edge in which case we may select another cruise line for our next booking. That should make everyone happy.
  6. Oh no ...LOL, get ready for all the lectures and negative comments about smoking hazards in the new thread. I have tried asking nicely, tried bullying but after 20 years decided that it is my husband's prerogative and all I can ask is that he doesn't smoke in the car, house or around me. This is our first Celebrity and we were discussing it the other day - it does really suck the way they have it set up and he is sure to complain. Anyway sorry about digressing - this review has a lot of information and has been a great one! Thanks to Adam!
  7. Thank you for the information ...this has been a very useful and thorough review. Thanks!
  8. Quick Question - My husband smokes and you mentioned that smoking areas had been changed. Where are the smoking areas now and can he smoke in the casino?
  9. nednrom

    YC Drink Package Changes?

    I imagine soon the prices for the YC will be up to par with NCL Haven. It will still be impossible to find one since there are many other factors besides the fare that prevents you from finding a cabin - TA allocation and the limited number of suites are just a couple. It is true for all cruise lines not just for MSC. They eventually open up 60 days before sailing date or in NCL/Royal's case, they come up for bid.
  10. nednrom

    YC Drink Package Changes?

    That is a matter of opinion - I don't particularly care for either and I really don't think champagne makes any day better, as a matter of fact, I would prefer a good cabernet sauvignon or a Sauvignon Blanc at any time. Champagne, whether it's made in the French region or not is not my cup of tea at all.
  11. Thank you for a well balanced review. More and more we have started to think that the infinite veranda is like a bigger ocean view cabin. We didn't know how it would turn up when we booked it 2 years ago. We are excited to see the rest of the ship though in 38 days!
  12. nednrom

    Pre-Inaugural Edge Review with Photos and Menus

    Thank you for the review, it is amazing! I don't know how you got all that done in 2 days! We embarking on the Edge Jan 20th as you're disembarking and will have to read your review when we return. This will be our first Celebrity cruise. PS: We are Royal/NCL cruisers. Will be going to Alaska in July with Ovation of the Seas visiting the same ports that you did in your Alaska trip. That review was also very helpful for the plans I am working on. Thank you.
  13. nednrom

    Pier B Key West

    In August, we were the 4th ship docking in Key West and they changed our time and waited until one of the ships left before we docked - at 3:30 pm instead of 1:00 pm. I'm assuming they would do the same thing if there are more than 2 ships that day.
  14. nednrom

    Edge standard (not iv) verandah photo

    I have not been able to find any regular veranda cabins - there are suites and aft facing cabins (SV) that have open balconies. Otherwise, all seem to be IVs. Please let me know if there are other type of cabins with open balconies.
  15. Most people don't like change and react to things that are different than what they are used to. This is a new class of ship so basically you might say that it is a "beta" that needs to be tweaked and Celebrity I'm sure will take some things into consideration with Apex and others. Will there be negatives? Sure nothing or no one is perfect - it's the overall experience of taking a cruise, not that the veranda was small. I have taken over 30 cruises and my one complaint on almost every cruise is about the passengers who are rude. When we sail on Edge in January, I'm sure we will have some things that we're not used to or some things we don't like but we will enjoy our cruise regardless.