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  1. We have always had the kids with us. They are now 16 and 14 and would not miiss a cruise. We will be in Amsterdam in a couple of days and then 10 days on the Century. We used to make them keep a daily journal, now they do it on their own. They still refer back to their journals from the first cruise they went on 6 years ago. Tony
  2. rottiblues

    I LOVE formal evenings

    We love the formal nights. My 14 year son and I are in tuxes and the my wife and 16 year old daughter in formal dresses. Third crusie on Celebrity coming up. Tony
  3. rottiblues

    Quick Review, Century, Ireland & Scotland

    Thanks for the review. Can you tell me about the days at sea? Is it warm enough to stay on deck by the pool? Do you need long sleeve shirts? Tony
  4. rottiblues

    Anybody recently back from Century?

    Hi All, We are considering the August 2008 cruise out of Amsterdam to Ireland and Norway. What are the days at sea like? Can you hang out on the decks at the pool, or is it a little cool? IS it long sleeve shirt weather? Thanks Tony