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  1. Thanks for this, I have found this thread with some generalities https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=1292 but maybe there is something more you are referring to. This thread is not that detailed in my mind.
  2. Again, thanks for this info. I just did a spreadsheet with 10-12 day cruises. One thing Viking has is that they don't start/end at the same place, which saves some travel. Holland/Celeb/Princess all are RT start/end place. They just vary that place, e.g. Princess you can start in Berlin/St. Pete/Copenhagen. Was actually thinking of doing the start end in St. Pete, and then I can spend as much time pre or post there. Viking has less ports, but more than 1 day in each one, so I guess the question is , do I want to hit more places or get into more depth in a single place. Viking multiple days in Stockholm, Copenhagen and St. Pete, but doesn't hit Oslo or Berlin. I have not looked at Oceania as I believe it would be out of my price range, but I will look before I formally conclude that. I will also look up NCL.
  3. Thanks. I was doing research last evening, and it seems Viking is the only line that has 3 days in St. Pete. I did not look at Crystal/etc. as they are out of my price range. The real question is, is viking worth the extra 2k over Holland/Celebrity/Princess. They are about 5-5.5k for the cruise vs. the others being about 3.5k (for veranda style room). They do include 1 tour a day, but it seems from the above posts, that might not be worth it as I can select my own tours or self guide for many of them? Is 3 days in St. Pete really worth it vs. 2 days in St. Pete?
  4. thanks for this info. great stuff. what about the big boats vs. smaller ones. For instance , viking has 1k people, Holland has 3k. Does this make a difference for getting on and off, amount of people going into the city, etc. Also, you say to book tours on our own outside of the cruise line. I am assuming there are lots of infomative posts in the thread on ports under the baltic topic?
  5. Am considering a Baltic cruise. Lots of options. Looking to find a thread that might have someone's research on what they found the differences between the lines. A primer on Baltic cruising. For instance, difference between Celebrity/Viking/etc./etc./etc cruises. Who is good for what. Who has better excursions. Is it better to go in Jun, July, or Aug? More interested in best things to see and how to do that, vs. great food or cabins. I think of this cruise more like a river cruise. You get on the boat to use a moving hotel, what you see during the day is what makes the cruise. I am sure this info is on here, I just can't find it. Lots of info once I choose a cruise, great info on tours etc. But I need first to choose a line, and a time frame Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. Use this forum a lot, river cruised, Alaska cruised, Galapagos cruised etc. Now looking at cruise in the Baltic. Maybe I am missing something, but I cannot find anything on this. It is not listed as a destination. Maybe it is too nichey? Anyway, looking for comparisons of various cruises, e.g. Celebrity vs. viking vs. etc. etc. Did a search but finding nothing? Overthinking what to look for? Thanks for any help.
  7. We just booked with Celeb, and also a land tour for machu picchu. What company are you using for the land tour. Also, we were thinking about going to Santa Cruz the day before the cruise leaves so we are on the island rather than flying to the island on that morning. Was worried that if we missed that flight, we miss the whole cruise...
  8. Looking at a Galapagos trip, but considering some of the expedition companies that have their own boats. http://www.andeandiscovery.com/galapagos-cruise-ships https://www.ietravel.com/expedition/galapagos-islands-voyage#accommodations Or maybe there are other boats and lines? Also looking at celebrity, but looking to machu picchu as well and the celeb after is too many days and $s for what we want. Thanks.
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