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  1. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing the. We love Grenada... Authentic and very friendly. We went over the hill one time some years ago and found the absolute best, most colorful outdoor market ever. It was huge, full of fruit and vegetables and hoards of fun people...mostly local ladies dressed in bright colors and having a great time. Good memories....
  2. Beautiful photos of a very nice place to be. Thanks for sharing and enjoy !!!
  3. With final payment day fast approaching, we just cancelled a fall cruise....sadly. Seems foolish to go looking for trouble. I hope we soon get past this thing, but in the meantime, we're not cruising.....and we miss it.
  4. Great wedding picture. You both are an inspiration. Congratulations.
  5. That being said, each of us has his or her own risk assessment.
  6. We stopped taking small plane or helicopter tours several years ago. The views they provide are wonderful in Alaska and Hawaii and many other places, but there's just too much risk. This is heart breaking news. Condolences to friends and families. It's awful.
  7. I have not yet sailed on her and others here may have contradictory information, but I understand the outside promenade deck on this ship is considerably narrower and does not have outside deck chairs as do the older ships. For many, including us, the deck chairs on the promenade deck are an important part of the cruising experience and not having them, if that is the case, on this newer ship would be a disappointment. As I say, others here may have different information.
  8. I miss her. She has made many positive contributions here since I joined this group some years ago. I wish her the best.
  9. Graham, I like your cap.....and I really enjoy your pictures of your part of the beautiful English countryside. Great memories of visits to the lake district. Thank you for sharing.
  10. Lots of good advice here already. Not to worry. No reason he will not have a great time. Hope you all have a memorable cruise. We've been four times and each one was different and each one exceptional.. We're looking forward to going back.
  11. You all have made my day with the pictures and kind comments about Dublin. For me, after visits to lots of national capital cities, it is most intimate and charming of them all. I always love going there. It is a great place to begin or finish any trip to Ireland. Thank you again.
  12. Thank you for the really good pictures of one of my very favorite cities. Dublin, like all of Ireland, is full of charm and fun.
  13. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures of the two of you enjoying one of my very favorite cities. Many visits over the years and lots of great memories. York is a great town...with lovely people.
  14. HAPPY CANADA DAY The USA is fortunate to have such fine neighbors as our Canadian friends. Wish you all the best......and we missed many of you in Central Florida this past year. Hope to see you again soon.
  15. This is the first I have heard about it recently.
  16. You're making me jealous. I miss Ireland so much. Glad you had a good outing.
  17. Have fun in Killarney. I love that town..... Happy Birthday as well.
  18. Your pictures are outstanding. Thanks for sharing them. I Love Venice !
  19. Great pictures. Absolutely wonderful city. Thank you for sharing the pictures.
  20. Thanks to everyone who posted pictures of Maui. They bring back great memories of six visits there over about 40 years....They are a real treat.
  21. It looks great. Congratulations. Enjoy!
  22. We use a combination of Dawn (dish liquid) and Hydrogen Peroxide with water. Seems to solve the problem. The suggestion was made by a local nursery man.
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