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  1. We will sail on Eurodam the third time this December. She's a delightful ship; perfect size; good layout except for the Crow's Nest; wonderful staff and crew. Hope you have a great cruise.
  2. Thank you again. Your posts have been a source of wonder and excitement....always great fun to read.
  3. Thanks for taking us along. Your posts are great fun to read and always interesting. Stay well.
  4. We've cruised Alaska in September with good results. Altogether a very pleasant cruise. Lots of discounts, variable weather....as always....We'd do it again without hesitation. I hope you go and have a great time. Enjoy !!!
  5. Great post. To me it is astounding that an entire country could be without a postal system in the 21st century. Thanks again for taking the time.....Your blog has been a real treat from the very beginning....a long time ago !!
  6. Welcome back. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey. Your posts are great fun to read and full of good information. All the best. DFD1
  7. Wonderful account of your cruise. Great Fun To Read. Thank you for sharing your adventure.
  8. Sadly these fake service dogs seem to be invading the whole world.....on land and, now, on sea. We have all sorts of issues with them in our community as, I expect, many other communities do as well. Many merchants and eating/drinking establishments are posting severe restrictions about having them come in.
  9. Worst night every on the water years ago between Charleston and Hamilton Bermuda on the Cunard Countess. Everyone sent to their cabins. We went to bed to keep from falling. Hamilton looked extremely welcome the next morning ! I can imagine what you're gong through. Hang in there!
  10. Agree with KK about Bantry over Bermuda. Sad to know about the lady overboard. One never knows.....
  11. Charming town in a country full of charm. Glad you had a good day. Thanks for sharing it. Safe Crossing.
  12. Hope you enjoy Bantry, legendary in Irish folklore. Thanks again for your interesting blog. I love Ireland and have enjoyed your view of it.
  13. Hard not to fall in love with Dublin....or the whole country for that matter. Glad you enjoyed your visit.
  14. What a great country. Glad you're enjoying it. Can't wait to get back again.
  15. Special city in a very special country. I love the place! Glad you had a good day in this wonderful town. I can't wait to get back there again.
  16. Belfast has reinvented itself. Thank goodness! Great memories of being there and having a grand time. Glad you had a good experience. Special thanks for your blog. It's great fun to read and much appreciated.
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