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  1. It would be nice to be looking forward to a cruise again soon. The longer the restrictions of the pandemic persist, the more difficult it is to stay positive...about a lot of things. I do volunteer work in the library bookstore, read books by the dozen, paint, ride my bike every morning at 6am for several miles....and do it all while thinking how nice it would be having breakfast at sea on the balcony of a HAL ship. Tough times.......but still very thankful.
  2. Thank you for your garden pictures. Your flowers are really pretty. They should make you feel proud.
  3. Lots of emails from HAL. Almost none from Celebrity. I ignore them all.
  4. Fine ship. Will be missed by many of us who enjoyed her over the years.
  5. For me, she was the quintessential definition of an elegant ship. Really beautiful and great fun to sail on.
  6. Great picture. Those were the days.....
  7. Don't quite know what you mean, but I also enjoy going off on my own. I don't like being herded around. I don't consider that breaking the rules. Just would not want to cruise without that sort of freedom. Apologize if I misunderstood you.
  8. Great pictures. Wonderful stories. Thanks for bringing this super thread back to life. Sailed first in 1965 or 6 from Miami to Nassau on a three or four day cruise. Don't remember the ship. Later on the Emerald Seas from Eastern Steamship line, again to the Bahamas. Then came early Carnival ships and NCL and Royal Caribbean. Special memories from the magnificent Norway.....Great Ship. Discovered HAL later with the first HAL sailing on the older Noordam. Worked our way up to four star and pretty much left the others behind. We really like HAL, but worry about what she might become in the future.
  9. Great picture. I sincerely hope you make it. We all need a break.
  10. I share your frustration about the sometimes "mystery" of the food stations. We have often found ourselves going all over both sides of the lido restaurant trying to sort out what was available and where....not fun when the place is full of people scrambling around. I know this sounds kind of silly to some, but we thought it would have been better if there had been a bit of order to the situation. In the great scheme of things, a small matter.
  11. Not surprised to see this issue come up for discussion. I hope you can get your cash refund. It may be many months before any cruises, especially longer ones, are available from HAL.
  12. Thank you for the daily and for the link to the Rotterdam pictures. I had not followed that thread. Much appreciated.
  13. Thanks for the great pictures. Wonderful ship. Sad Day. The bean counters won.
  14. Maybe some short cruises in 2021 to test things out, but no cruises of 14 days or longer until much later, perhaps early 2022. We're a long way from anything close to normal in cruising...and in life. IMO
  15. We call it a Lace Cap Blue. We had them when I lived in Tennessee. They don't do well in the Florida heat. Yours is really quite beautiful. They are a wonderful landscape plant. Enjoy !!
  16. Pretty clear indicator that things are a long way from safe on any ship. Sorry to hear it.
  17. Thanks for posting the link. I don't read the notice as indicating HAL ships. There are lots of older ships in the Carnival collection of ships. I think the Zaandam is projected to do the world cruise in 2022. I sort of doubt they will get rid of either the Volendam or the Zaandam anytime soon...unless the whole industry comes crashing down.
  18. Your garden made my day. You should be very proud. Looks lovely.
  19. This has become the Offensive Post thread....too bad.
  20. Stirred up a hornet's nest with that one... and rightly so.
  21. I expect they will. Could be one of the reasons we have not heard from them since they left their ships.
  22. Seems to me the confusion about all this from top to bottom, both medical and political, leads to the situation that the cruise lines are making no progress because they simply don't know what to do. The result, I expect is a lot more time will pass before there is any significant cruising out of United States ports.
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