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  1. You may be right, but HAL had announced the Zaandam will be the World Cruise ship in 2022.....not that that necessarily means anything......LOL.
  2. The unreliability of tests has been a major factor in people just not getting tested here in Florida. Many take the position of "What's the use. It takes 10 days to get the results and half the time they're wrong"....and they don't get tested. The result has been a more than significant number of newer cases in Florida. Difficult situation at best...
  3. Especially down in your corner the the state although it is pretty bad here as well. We have not gone out to dinner since March 15. Since then its been the grocery store once in a while and very early in the morning, fill the car up every month or so and one volunteer job which is solitary.....Not a good situation. This in a small city of only about 35,000.
  4. Some of us on this blog have been saying for quite some time that we should stop sending money to the cruise lines. Trying to use your "non-cashable" cruise credits is one thing, but sending new cash to these companies is quite another. It just does not make sense considering the over all situation. I expect it will be well into 2021, if not later before cruising, especially longer cruising, begins.
  5. Depending on where you get the test, up to $165.00. There are also some rotating free testing sites, but they are almost always out of testing materials before noon. Lots of people show up, but do not get tested. I'm speaking about west central Florida.
  6. Thanks for posting this notice. No surprise. I just hope the next pause does not extend too far into 2021.
  7. The inaccuracy of tests and delayed results have been negative factors here and have caused some people to avoid getting tested. Also the cost of the testing for some has been a factor in discouraging wide-spread testing.
  8. You make a well thought-out case for using your head instead of your heart when buying a cruise. Thanks for an interesting and thought-provoking post.
  9. I expect HAL will lose fewer passengers with the sale of these four smaller ships than many imagine. It's still HAL even if the ship is larger. Many long-standing HAL loyalites will continue to sail with HAL even on larger ships. HAL may already know this by observing the number of long-time HAL passengers already sailing their larger ships. I don't like it that the smaller ships are gone, but I'll probably still prefer HAL when things get going again, if they ever do. IMO
  10. Tampa is a great port for passengers. Easy to navigate and good parking. Excellent 'drive to' port, but it has other issues...bridge height, fog, tides and narrow channels through the bay. I hope HAL will come back some day. It's an hour and a quarter from our house. We like it very much.
  11. I expect those who have sailed around the world half a dozen times or more on the same ship with the same captain and the same crew are likely to feel a bit entitled.... human nature. I thought it a bit "over the top" to ask HAL to reshuffle crew assignments for the entire fleet just so they could sail with their favorite crew members....or crew members they knew....or thought they knew. IMO
  12. I was there. In 1965, I was young, wide-eyed and thrilled when that old car ferry converted into a basic passenger carrier cast off in Miami and sailed for Nassau. The whole experience was exotic and intoxicating. It opened a whole new world and I've never gotten over it. The growth of the cruise industry from those early days is one of the great business success stories. To see it torn apart by events it could not control is tragic.
  13. You have my sympathy. There are times, after I've watched half an hour of the news, that I feel my cruising days might be over as well. I expect there are a lot of long-time cruisers who feel much the same....and there is a lot of optimism on this board which I am fearful will not turn into reality. But one can always hope.
  14. They might consider anything which would generate revenue at the moment, although river cruising is pretty far afield for them. I think it highly unlikely.
  15. I try and stay away from it. Lots of people complain about it.
  16. I agree. We like her a lot and I'm glad she was not sold....not yet anyway.
  17. Tampa has three issues, the Sunshine Bridge height, the often-present fog and the tidal issue. There is also the matter of sailing for four hours through narrow channels which have been cut through an otherwise very shallow Tampa Bay.....extremely hazardous when there is a cross wind....to get to the downtown cruise terminal. We like Tampa for the obvious reason that it is an hour and fifteen minutes from our house, but we rarely get to sail from there because of our preference for Holland America....or what was our preference anyway.
  18. From what I gather, Tampa is out of the picture for HAL for the foreseeable future. I don't think they were very enthusiastic about Tampa anyway.
  19. The Holland America which so many of us remember and love has been dying a slow death for several years. The sale of these ships is sort of the last nail in the coffin. Small ship cruising in the future will be on the premium cruise lines or, perhaps on some of the cruise lines owned and home-ported in other countries which may still operate smaller ships. The bean counters finally won.
  20. I understand the 2022 World Cruise will be on Zaandam....if it operates at all.
  21. I would imagine that sailing out of Florida for this coming Christmas would be highly unlikely considering the level of infection in the southern part of Florida. IMO
  22. Sailing through the canal into the Med and on to the island of Cyprus where they will layup until decisions are made about their futures.
  23. I can't imagine they will sail to the Caribbean out of south Florida for many months. The Covid 19 situation there, and throughout Florida, is some of the worst in the country.
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