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  1. Laura your probably right, I hope your right. unfortunately the last 2 cruises have had not so good PBE and I was disappointed as I really do enjoy that environment. travelling on the Breeze 2016 and hope to have a blast. of course having good piano bar company is helpful, miss my friend Brad!
  2. its interesting that so many are wondering who is the PBE and Carnival doesn't seem worried about it. I think that they would want the best to encourage more to cruise for good entertainment. Need more like Ron Pass!
  3. Extended forcast not so good! I'm gonna pack rain gear and hope i dont need it! Been looking forward to Roatan and Costa Maya more than the others :(
  4. Have used them a few times and Steve is a really nice guy, drivers as well. If you e-mail them they will respond and let you know what they can or can't do:) Have a great cruise and wonderful weather!
  5. Keep in mind Ginger can act as a natural laxative!:o
  6. Didi I miss something? Is there a new tipping policy in place? Sorry to be redundant my search never works and I'm sure somemone out there is wondering the same thing:o
  7. Carnival Dream on the 14th:) Thanks Debbie. I am feeling alittle better. Can't "wait" till our cruise times match up again;)
  8. I'm in the same boat! hahaha Our role call for Dream Jan 14th is pretty quiet too. Kinda discouraging but at least the few people who do stop in here n there seem nice and maybe a new friend will be made. It is defiantely much more fun when you have alot of people to share the excitement with. Good luck:)
  9. Thank you! Your sweet...wish we were going with you guys, the timing wasnt right this time. Will surely be watching for the next great event. Give Cheryl n Steve a hug for me and them one back at you:)
  10. We really enjoyed "people watching" as they walked around the deck, which was actually pretty quiet. In order to see the people, you would have to stand at the railing. When we sat in the chairs on the balcony, all we could see was the big blue ocean. This is perfect for us! We like to look out and see the ocean. I might miss looking down over the edge and seeing the waves but I know it will be fine:)
  11. Thank you for your response and for all the helpful pictures folks. I think (HOPE) we will not dislike this layout too much, and that we do have some privacy on the balcony. Another question for those who have sailed on deck 6. Does the promanade interfer with the vew of the ocean and the tranquility/peace of relaxing on the balcony ?
  12. thanks for your responses folks:) glad i'm not the only one with a slow roll call. like the idea about posting on carnival site, might try that and i guess it could be overwhelming with too many. hey dodger! hope all is well with you guys:) well if any of you want to join our quiet little group we sail january 14th 2012 on the Dream;)
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