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  1. I am going on the TCM tomorrow! for the first time. this was good information. There is a small thread for the cruise tomorrow, 2019 TCM joseyP
  2. Hey, you are lucky you can go on all of them, and afford them, and no one can critize you for taking them. I understand the addiction! bon Voyage!
  3. Norwegian has the WORST customer service, and we probably will not travel with them again......I won't get into the story here. You can write letter after letter and be totally ignored. A friend of mine from cruisecritic also says the same and won't travel with them anymore either. See my signature.
  4. Right now aarp rewards is extremely underwhelming. The previous program, Rewards for Good, was pretty good, and i learned about it from cruisecritic a few years ago. You did NOT have to be a member of aarp to buy the carnival gift cards. I saw Princess gift cards there before the changeover also. Since they rolled out their new program a few weeks ago, they have taken away non members ability to buy the cards, and also may put in restrictions as to how many members can buy-----but there are none to buy right now! I think they plan on bringing them back, because there has been an uproar on the site about this very topic. (mostly about the carnival ones.) I learned about the Allstate program, seems good but I am not eligiable to join.
  5. You have to have a Citibank card, right?
  6. Sure, you have never paid "double". That is because you are traveling on luxury lines. They already charge double or triple a fare of a "regular" cruise line. I am sure Mr GTV cruiser, who has basically started this thread and been on zillions of cruises, has done his homework.
  7. Very nice. You sure have a beautiful view most people would envy.
  8. Just got off Adventure on Friday. Nice ship! good service. New years cruises are great. Hope you enjoy to the max.
  9. CruiseBoomer: boy you sure are getting around! sounds fantastic. I just got off Adventure this morning. Nice ship. joseyP
  10. LOVE this- Once the cruise bug bites......excellent! RAMONA!!! so glad you posted! so you are having a blast! Yay! great picture. thanks so much for posting. I have been wondering about you, so far away. Hope the fun keeps lasting! good for you. joseyP Please post occasionally and tell me where you are! I forgot to check your itinerary, and now of course it cant be found on line. and the picture is beautiful. Makes me remember sunsets on Regal Princess, which is the same as your Royal.
  11. Ramona, I have thought of you, and your trip tomorrow! and to think this is only your second cruise. It is so good of you to carry the cruise Tshirts with you. I hope you have a fantastic time.Do you think you will post a little on the journey? it is really an adventure of epic proportions nowadays. You Go Brooklyn Girl! bon voyage....... joseyP
  12. Gee, i wish i was on Princess when that all night buffet was open. Even if it was limited in size.....being able to have a heaping plate of shrimp if i wanted sounds great to me!
  13. I love you Ramona! from, the other Brooklynite, JoseyP Your big trip is coming up!!! South America! wow....
  14. I think all the cruise lines found it to be a major waste of food, and labor. Most people could not eat that much at midinight. I eat dinner late, and can't eat a full, heavy meal at about midnight. I remember some in the early 2000's when i started cruising. People took a lot of pictures, including me, but how much was actually consumed i don't know. Also a percentage of the ship goes to bed so early, they don't wantto be running around at midnight! So i think for those reasons, the elaborate midnight buffets are gone. It is sort of sad, but at least i could understand the doing away with them. I love the 24 hour pizza on Carnival.
  15. Glenn, I saw your roll call, and people did respond to you, a while back. If they are busy making their own plans, and trying to email each other, you are not gonna be involved. the cruise sounds like a fantastic one. I wish i could go. I've been on a few European ones, and 4 transatlantics. If you want feed back or advice, maybe you should start with a new topic on the thread. And remember, there is still lots of time before your cruise. The roll call will get more lively . Just keep tabs and try to participate. You are going to have a great and memorable time!
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