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  1. I have already sent it to one friend, and will send it to another die hard cruiser. thanks. I am only about an hour from Pt. Canaveral right now. I'd love to see it.
  2. the picture is GREAT! cool. what ship is it? or is it just made up?
  3. I couldnt find an April repositioning cruise on Nor. Joy. Can you give us more info?
  4. Good for you! Life is short and flies by. Try to do it. I have, and in May and June i am doing it again. My ship is pretty much sold out now, otherwise I'd recommend it. Please, keep me posted. I see it is harder for you than for me, since i am in NY. One day, maybe I'll do transpacific! but i can't stand long plane rides. That is partially what has kept me out of Asia. I have found southern and northern routes equal. Both have advantages. Keep us posted!
  5. Azores only a fueling stop? ghstudio says. I thought the Azores were beautiful. Sort of tropical, but with the Alps thrown in! I had 2 wonderful and different tours on my 2 stops there. I thought it was a great stop. Would go again in a heartbeat.Tours were a geothermal region, a home for an Azorean meal, a restaurant meal, and a tea factory. Not even mentioning walking around in the port area.
  6. I have just read thru this whole thread....entertaining.....I feel the need to comment---."just have to get the DW onboard" Well, if she wont get on board, try to DO IT YOURSELF! I have done 4 transatlantics. Two with my husband, and 2 without. The downside is that you have to be very aware of the prices when you are sailing yourself. If you go alone you most likely have to pay double or almost double except on Norwegian, and I don't find the studios really worth it. So this may limit your choices. I am doing a back to back on Carnival Radiance this spring, and that will be my 5th TA, and first b2b. This will be alone also. as of now, no one is joining me. Carnival is okay with me, and I can afford to do a back to back with them. Some people can afford more, or like different lines, but i am fine with this also because the timing of the cruises and the itineraries are right for me. My husband can't go with me because of an elderly mother he must look in on. I prefer westbound.(Get the flying overwith!) Favorite ports? They can be different for everyone, but I love Barcelona, Azores, Gibraltar. There are many others in the Med that I wish to go to and havent gotten to yet like Palma de Majorca. Some people don't like many sea days in a row, but I obviously have no problem with them. With good weather, a book, some sewing, and looking out on the ocean, I consider myself blessed. So, if it's on your "bucket list" please consider going yourself or with a friend if your wife won't go with you. Best wishes.
  7. Ramona, you are funny! And you inadvertently taught your granddaughter geography, that was great. I told you, I think a "round South America" cruise I'd find fascinating. People I made friends with on a Canada cruise a few years ago had done one, and they loved it too.
  8. Your pictures are gorgeous; thanks for sharing them. Amazing how much is under there!
  9. Hi Ramona! Happy New Year! Your story is very good for people to hear. I remember when you went on that cruise.....in Feb or March. It is great that you discovered the first cruise wasnt so hot because of the people you chose to go with, not cruising itself. Then you bravely booked the South America one. Again, all the best for 2020! another Brooklyn girl. JoseyP
  10. "It's a cruise, not a triple bypass" I Love it. Too bad in this culture people have to be so sad or scared to do a vacation alone. Yes, there are a few disadvantages to it, as some people have mentioned, but the benefits outweigh the downside. You can really RELAX, meet others if you want, and maybe get to know yourself more in the process. I have done a few solo cruises and enjoyed them. Judyrem: It is also very common to second guess our vacation plans, no matter what. Right now I have a solo back to back booked, Med and then transatlantic, and if you think I havent had second thoughts about it......well, I think everyone does depending on your mood at the moment, finances, etc..... You also have the pub crawl and cabin crawl (which is really fun) and you are going to snorkel, so don't worry! You will meet people, possible friends for life. I enjoy snorkeling too. Happy 2020 to all, and happy travels. JoseyP
  11. I am going on the TCM tomorrow! for the first time. this was good information. There is a small thread for the cruise tomorrow, 2019 TCM joseyP
  12. Hey, you are lucky you can go on all of them, and afford them, and no one can critize you for taking them. I understand the addiction! bon Voyage!
  13. Norwegian has the WORST customer service, and we probably will not travel with them again......I won't get into the story here. You can write letter after letter and be totally ignored. A friend of mine from cruisecritic also says the same and won't travel with them anymore either. See my signature.
  14. Right now aarp rewards is extremely underwhelming. The previous program, Rewards for Good, was pretty good, and i learned about it from cruisecritic a few years ago. You did NOT have to be a member of aarp to buy the carnival gift cards. I saw Princess gift cards there before the changeover also. Since they rolled out their new program a few weeks ago, they have taken away non members ability to buy the cards, and also may put in restrictions as to how many members can buy-----but there are none to buy right now! I think they plan on bringing them back, because there has been an uproar on the site about this very topic. (mostly about the carnival ones.) I learned about the Allstate program, seems good but I am not eligiable to join.
  15. You have to have a Citibank card, right?
  16. Sure, you have never paid "double". That is because you are traveling on luxury lines. They already charge double or triple a fare of a "regular" cruise line. I am sure Mr GTV cruiser, who has basically started this thread and been on zillions of cruises, has done his homework.
  17. Very nice. You sure have a beautiful view most people would envy.
  18. Just got off Adventure on Friday. Nice ship! good service. New years cruises are great. Hope you enjoy to the max.
  19. CruiseBoomer: boy you sure are getting around! sounds fantastic. I just got off Adventure this morning. Nice ship. joseyP
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