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  1. Thank you both! Seems like prices are similar to cruise planner, so will leave it until we are onboard ... 75 days and counting:)
  2. Good to hear! We are going in October. Could I ask if you noticed the onboard prices for chops and Giovannis? Am wondering how the price compares to booking in advance. Thanks.
  3. Always used our barclaycard for onboard account and never had a problem, have never pre-notified them before travel. I know that the authorisations on the card are generally higher than actual spending but it drops off a few days after cruise ends. I would be very annoyed if I had pre-paid for the drinks package before the cruise and I wasn’t able to order a drink!
  4. Following along! We board on Saturday for a week, still haven’t made my mind up about the drinks package, we do drink so think it might be worthwhile. Lynn
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