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  1. So it’s nearly time for me and my partner (Frflatt) to head out on our next Princess adventure. 14 nights on board the Sapphire Princess starting 31 August sailing to the Baltic. Looking forward to being back on board and sharing our adventures with our fellow CC members. Having blogged our last trip to New Zealand on Blogspot which turned out to be a nightmare, we are going to revert to just doing a “Live From” on Cruise Critic. Stephen will be doing the words (with editing and embellishments from me) and I’ll be doing the photos. This is all internet permitting of course 😃. Our itinerary is as follows. Lots of new ports for us. Especially looking forward to our two days in St Petersburg where we have booked a two day tour with Alla Tours. Will be playing it by ear in most other ports. This is other than Zeebrugge where we'll be making the trip to Bruges by train for our usual visit to the Beer Wall to sample some delicious Belgium Beer. Two weeks and counting.
  2. Yes - the £1 deposit offer is for today and tomorrow only as part of the launch of the new cruises.
  3. Should be Sun deck not Sky deck. Hopefully the Window Suites are 700 square feet like the website suggests. Will be positively luxurious for all those sea days. Will be our first TA.
  4. Despite the prices we’ve gone ahead and booked. Transatlantic Copenhagen to New York on Sky Princess in September 2021. Have booked one of the two Window Suites on the Sky deck. Only slightly more expensive than a Club Class mini suite. Includes $750 OBC so offsets some of the pain.
  5. Was going to. Just been having a look. The prices are astronomical. I cannot believe what they’re asking in the UK. Two weeks in the Med in a mini suite is £3.7k. I say this so many times but by the time flights gratuities drinks excursions are added, it’s cheaper to go on a high end line. If they don’t reverse the current cutbacks to justify the prices being asked I think we won’t be booking any more Princess cruises.
  6. Whether it be 15 or one, in the scheme of things why is everyone so exercised about it? I expect most of the time full unused cards are those gained by swapping out a mini bar set up so in monetary terms have not cost anything.
  7. I can honestly not believe how passionate people are about ensuring they get the last punch on their $29 coffee card.
  8. People do realise that all soft drinks served from a standard gun are also open to cross contamination be it from the waiters or different types of drinks being dispensed?
  9. I’ve got a ration book from back in the day. Do you think they’ll honour that? 🤔
  10. Go for it. Don’t worry that it potentially leads to higher prices and on board cutbacks.
  11. You can usually re-fare once but have to pay £50 admin charge per person.
  12. Totally agree. I see they’ve brought back Kusadasi and Istanbul in 2021 but that looks to be the only difference. Some of the Island’s itineraries are interesting but reluctant to try because it’s an older ship and because of all the bad press on here.
  13. Simple answer? Extortionate. Not as expensive as some other American lines but more expensive than Cunard & P&O. 18% gratuity?! They’re having a laugh.
  14. Glad it’s not just me who feels this way about the Crown Grill. Cannot understand how people choose to eat there multiple times per cruise. Such a boring limited menu.
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