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  1. We also made them earlier in the year whilst in lockdown in the U.K. I think everyone took up baking early on! Thought they were nice if a bit cake-like.
  2. Not looking good for our Pacific Princess cruise in September 2021 then as the ship isn’t Medallion Class. Or our 2022 World Cruise on Coral Princess. Thankfully the latter was scheduled for installation of the technology so perhaps it will happen in due course. Was looking forward to trying the Pacific for the first time.
  3. Thanks everyone for sharing the photos and the videos. Looks beautiful. Sad to think she will be sat empty for a good few months instead of delighting passengers. We should have been boarding this Saturday (3 October) for an eleven night cruise calling at Dubrovnik, Kotor, Santorini plus various others. Hopefully one day in the not too distant future we’ll be back on board. Having had five cruises cancelled this year, our next one is now with Viking in March 21. Currently I’m not even hopeful for that.
  4. Call me cynical but does anyone else think that they’ve cancelled the existing cruises so that they can just increase the prices of the new ones? After all, the Mediterranean itineraries aren’t that different than before. Other than being solely sailing from Rome of course.
  5. I would double check first. I think the official line is that it cannot be used whilst sailing but I have seen people using those balconies at sea. The problem is obviously the wind might make it unusable.
  6. I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make. I’m assuming you’re questioning why we would pay for Princess Plus? I’m in the U.K. so it’s £35 per day so £1,785 for 51 nights. For two people this is £3,570. We’re in a mini-suite so gratuities are $15.50 each per day per person so this is $1,581 which is approximately £1,220. Internet is say $14.99 per day for multiple devices so this is $765 or £590. The above totals £1,810 which leaves £1,760 for drinks including coffee, water etc. This is £34.50 per day in total or £17.25 each. When we haven’t had a package our drinks bill for a two week cruise has been anything up to £1,000 so as I said Princess Plus is a no brainer. Unlike some cruisers, we don’t enjoy the free ‘coffee’, iced tea or the metallic tasting water produced on board and we like to enjoy a drink or three throughout the day. Everyone is different.
  7. Princess plus is almost $40 more per person per night for the unlimited drinks package, Wi-Fi and gratuities Yes I know. To us, it’s a good deal. Prefer not to have to worry about what our drinks bill might be at the end of a cruise. This applies to just a 7 day cruise so for a 51 day cruise it’s a no-brainer. Will definitely need Wi-Fi throughout the entire cruise too.
  8. Managed to add Princess Plus and switch to a specific cabin by speaking to someone at Princess 😃
  9. Thanks everyone for your replies. We’ve gone ahead and booked the 51 night London to Auckland segment of the Coral Princess world cruise. We plan to do a road trip around New Zealand once we arrive in Auckland. Disappointingly only guarantee mini suites were available which put me off slightly and no sign of Princess Plus in the U.K. Fingers crossed that it becomes available at some point before sailing and that we are assigned a decent cabin. Long way off but something to look forward to especially given current circumstances.
  10. Booked the 51 night London to Auckland segment of the Coral Princess world cruise. Will be my partner’s retirement voyage so we plan to stay in New Zealand for a road trip when we disembark.
  11. Hi All Hope an experienced Princess World Cruise Expert (or others) might be able to help with this. Fingers crossed. My partner retires from the NHS in March 2022 and we’re looking at that blowout retirement cruise to celebrate. Thinking of the World Cruise or the London to Sydney segment of the 2022 Coral Princess voyage in May 2022. Does anyone know how a world cruise works on Princess please? Thinking about whether there are special menus and entertainment appropriate to the places visited or is it the usual 7 or 14 day menus / schedule repeated over and over? Any information gratefully received. Thank you.
  12. I hope they move to a food court type concept with menus something like Planks which is on the Caribbean Princess and I believe other ships. I know this is a night time speciality dining venue but believe moving to something similar with multiple food types would be a way of modernising the buffet and minimising the spread of disease whether it be Covid, Noro or anything else.
  13. I’m on the November TA and also on two one week cruises out of Los Angeles in March 2022. I am not expecting any of them to happen. The TA because the ship will be delayed and the March ones because there will be insufficient time for the ship to get from Italy to California once it is eventually launched. When the new Caribbean 21/22 itineraries were released, I called Princess UK about moving the Discovery Princess cruises but wasn’t able to do so with paying an admin charge so will have to wait until Princess cancels them. Obviously this won’t happen for some time as they have enough to deal with currently.
  14. Seems like it’s something open to everyone then. The email said further details would follow later.
  15. Just received an email from Princess which mentions an online event Friday 24 July. Wonder if this is a U.K. only thing?
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