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  1. Thanks for that. According to Captain Dino Sagani we have had the best weather of the Majestic’s New Zealand cruises this season. Fingers crossed (again) that this continues for the remaining five days. Off to Hobbiton tomorrow.
  2. Just back on the ship after a great day in Napier. Had a tour of the Art Deco architecture followed by tastings at a couple of wineries then a selection of craft beers. Lunch of fish and chips at a local hostelry. Back at the ship there was a welcoming committee of classic cars and a band playing in a 30s style. Wonderful place.
  3. Typically the internet service on the ship is proving to be pretty substandard. (Oh for the day that Medallion Net is available throughout the Princess fleet.) As a result we have only been able to post updates to the blog linked in the first post above. We are also falling behind by a few days. Sorry about this. Needless to say, we are having a great cruise despite some minor negatives. One thing we have discovered is that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and we plan to do a longer more in depth land tour here one day soon. It is somewhere everyone should experience in their life if at all possible.
  4. We’ve got the glass topped table. Have moved it into where I expect the chair would have been, ie under the TV near the balcony door. Will move it back when we need to use it.
  5. Just boarded the Majestic Princess in Sydney. We are in a mini suite. Not sure whether there ever was a barrel chair in mini suites but there definitely isn’t one in ours.
  6. Will report back on our experience with La Mer and Harmony shortly. We board the Majestic Princess tomorrow in Sydney. When we sailed on her in April 2017, we hated Harmony and loved La Mer. I suppose everyone has different opinions.
  7. Does this thread win the award for the thread with the most pages ever?! BTW before anyone flames me, I agree that removing the chairs is a super dumb thing to do.
  8. I’m excited to see what the next gen ships are like. Hopefully a greatest hits of Princess’s best bits. Unfortunately I expect there will be further furore once the new ships are here. People need to realise the features of the Grand class ships from 20 years ago won’t cut the mustard with new / next generation cruisers. Those passengers are more important from a business point of view to Princess and any cruise line. Totally recognise some of the changes being made, e.g. removing chairs are downright weird but adding new speciality restaurants other than the Crown Grill (never seen the appeal myself. The menu needs a complete overhaul) needs to happen as does bringing decor into the 21st century.
  9. Bit difficult to make a fundamental change like adding a full wraparound promenade deck I think. Moving or adding venues inside is an easier fix but I expect changes to the super structure would be near impossible.
  10. Didn’t the Royal launch in 2013? If so why are people still starting threads bemoaning the lack of a proper promenade deck?
  11. We’re edging closer to our Majestic Princess cruise. Currently in Cairns having had four amazing days in Sydney. Will be visiting the Great Barrier Reef tomorrow then flying back to Sydney on Tuesday before boarding the Majestic on Wednesday. Our pre-cruise days are our first non-cruise holiday since 2014. Living somewhat out of a suitcase and having to make decisions around where to go for dinner etc. make us realise how much we love cruising. You can read about our trip so far in the blog linked in my first post above. Once we’re on the ship, we’ll be posting here too, Internet permitting of course.
  12. We have bought it for our 13 March 2019 cruise to New Zealand round trip from Sydney. Usually we pay as you go but decided to get the package this time to avoid thinking about the final bill each time we order a drink. We also booked this cruise in 2016 when Sterling was stronger so the cost of the package seemed good value. We were also charged in Sterling so have avoided the credit card surcharges for foreign transactions we would incur by paying a bill at the of the cruise. Our cruise effectively has six sea days - counting the day we board, the day in Fjordland plus four actual sea days - we would have bought water, coffee cards, gin for the cabin etc., so with all this, we thought the package would be ‘good value’. Could we be out of pocket compared to paying for each drink? Possibly but it’s a risk we’ve decided to take. Only you can decide whether that risk is worth it for you.
  13. My partner (frflatt on CC) will be doing a blog from our cruise on the Majestic Princess around New Zealand which commences in Sydney on 13 March. We’ll be flying out to Sydney with Cathay Pacific from London on 3 March staying four nights in Sydney followed by four nights in Cairns before returning to Sydney for another night prior to our cruise. Will be staying at the Langham Sydney and the Pullman Reef in Cairns. He’s already started blogging in the lead up to our dream ‘once in a lifetime’ 😉 trip Down Under. I’ll be providing proof reading / editorial / photographic services. Hopefully our friends on CC will be able to follow along. He will of course also be posting snippets here. If you’re interested please click http://livinglifeonecruiseatatime.blogspot.com
  14. Thanks for sharing and for doing the Live From. People on CC tend to dwell on the negative stuff so it was refreshing to hear all the positives from your cruise. We did the Circle Caribbean cruise on the Caribbean Princess last March. It was one of the best cruises we have ever taken on Princess or any other line. Lesson to people thinking of cruising on the Caribbean Princess, don’t believe everything you read on CC.
  15. We looked to buy OBC for use on board our upcoming Majestic Princess cruise. Usually £75 buys US$100. On this Australian cruise it’s AUD$100. Basically a rip off. We chose not to buy any. For reference £1 currently equals around US$1.28 and AUD$1.78.
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