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  1. I wonder if Princess is monitoring these boards and deliberately delaying processing the refunds of those people who comment the most about not having their refunds.
  2. Yes. Refund received 18 May. Bonus FCC received 22 May.
  3. Update - we have now received our 50% bonus FCC into our account so everything sorted for us now. Hurrah! Hope everyone receives their refunds in due course.
  4. Mine was £2,880 for a week long Sky Princess cruise.
  5. Many people have received their refunds - I did this week - but unfortunately positive news is always subsumed by negativity. It’s amazing how people quote the same negative posts over and over and ignore those that confirm refunds are being made. OP - I’m glad you’ve had your refund.
  6. I was probably on hold about 20-30 minutes. Just left my mobile on speaker whilst I was working. I used the number below that we found on Facebook.
  7. The FCDs are in our account to be used for a future booking. Their expiration date appears to be linked to when we originally bought them onboard a ship.
  8. Hurrah! Some positive news. Checked my credit card this morning and our refund has arrived. Our cruise was on Sky Princess on 28 March. We chose option two on 12 March so refund took 68 days from submission. Now to wait for the 50% bonus FCC to show up in my account. We had had the FCDs that were used to book the cruise around three or four weeks ago.
  9. Cruise was Sky Princess on 28 March. Cancelled on 12 March as soon after Princess announced the first pause. Chose Option 2 so 100% refund and 50% FCC. The Future Cruise Deposit used to book the cruise is back in our account.
  10. Called Princess UK this morning. Was told our refund was processed yesterday and the money should with us within two weeks. I asked whether this meant it had to go through further processes at a Princess and was told no it’s my card company that will take this long. Was told the FCC element is being dealt with separately. We shall see but won’t start celebrating just yet.
  11. Yesterday we moved our 5 September Iona sailing to the 28 November one. Fingers crossed it goes ahead but setting our expectations low at present.
  12. Hope it’s before then because our final payment is 4 June. Wanted to change the booking but they hang up when we call no matter which number we try.
  13. We have a cruise booked in September on Iona. Final balance is due in a month. We cannot see the cruise happening and so do not want to risk paying anything further. Yesterday we took the decision to change the cruise to one in November 2020 - could still possibly be too early but one can dream. We tried calling multiple P&O numbers throughout yesterday. All started with the same pre-recorded message about the pause in operations, it then went to a few seconds of music and cut off. My question is whether this has been other people’s experience. Are phone lines closed or were they just having a particularly bad day yesterday? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. It appears you are now talking about the future. I thought we were talking about what had happened about the spread of Covid-19 on ships prior to now? 🤔
  15. Most definitely. Airlines are the sole source of the initial cases outside of China but no one mentions that.
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