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  1. Getting every closer to the embarkation date of the Coral Princess World Cruise which starts in May. We’re on the London to Auckland leg and are keeping everything crossed that it gets cancelled soon.
  2. We're on the London to Auckland leg of the 2022 World Cruise which sets sail in July 2022. Keeping everything crossed that it gets cancelled and soon. Don't really like the uncertainty on whether it will sail or not and do not want to pay a substantial amount of money for a reduced experience. Not talking about the onboard experience but the potential for restrictions in ports or ports being cancelled altogether.
  3. Just received the email. We were on the 13th and 20th cruises. Not unexpected and slightly pleased to be honest as they were pretty expensive cruises as we had booked Club Class. Will be getting a refund as have too many cruises scheduled with all the previous cancellations. Will try Discovery Princess in a later year when the prices will have hopefully dropped.
  4. Thanks for sharing @azbirdmom Sad to see the longer 12 night cruises scheduled in May and September 2022 on the Sapphire Princess aren't being repeated in 2023. Really liked the look of those as they included a couple of less frequently visited ports. Never mind. Seemingly they go on sale to Elites on 17 August at 3pm UK time.
  5. My bad. Apologies. I just thought your response was a bit shirty.
  6. Thank you for posting this Linconian. Ignore what the first response said above. This is relevant to Viking as others have said. Sometimes people need to remember there other countries besides the US.
  7. it’s only $500 if you book a suite on a long cruise. Most people will be receiving $100-200. Still, better than nothing I suppose.
  8. Thanks everyone for the responses so far. Certainly looks like May could be a good time to visit. We’re more swayed towards May because we’re familiar with Sapphire Princess. Princess has started releasing 2023 itineraries recently. Any opinions on when Alaska 2023 might be released?
  9. Hi All. We have never sailed to Alaska but are thinking of booking an Alaskan cruise in the next couple of years. We’re flying in from the U.K. so ideally would prefer a cruise of longer than seven days. I’ve spotted the one below in May 22 on the Sapphire Princess. Hoping any Alaska cruise connoisseurs might be able to comment on whether cruising in Alaska right at the beginning of May is a good idea. Also, what do people think of this itinerary? It’s also offered in mid-September 22 but on the Grand Princess. I understand that May and September are the shoulder months so less busy and cheaper but are they best avoided for weather etc.? All opinions welcome. Thank you. Geoff.
  10. Thank you. The link auto directs to the U.K. website and says page not found so must be a US exclusive of sorts. Can’t complain given we have the U.K. exclusive. Hoping Viking will do something in July after the current May/June U.K. sailings.
  11. Hi All. Sorry to jump in but I am I right to assume these Iceland (and Bermuda) cruises are for US passengers only as I cannot see them in the U.K.?
  12. I agree. Given we have no other option to take their excursions, prices should be better. Surely with more passengers taking them, they’ll make just as much money as before even at lower prices. I’m sure MSC included excursions in the price of the cruise (if what I saw online last year is to be believed).
  13. Hi @Worldtraveler 4727 we didn’t do the Princess land tour in the end but did something independently prior to our cruise. My partner did a blog http://livinglifeonecruiseatatime.blogspot.com/ about our trip. The ordering of the posts and actual dates seem to be messed up now but hopefully it gives some idea of what we got up to. I expect the cruise part will be of more interest. We had an amazing trip. I’m sure you will do too.
  14. We aren’t afforded the same cancellation policies in the U.K. as you are in the US, so I highly doubt people will be booking now only to cancel thus losing their deposits. I’ve always found the attitude of booking cruises to snag the best cabins just in case I fancy going on it to be very annoying.
  15. Great to see the sailing dates and prices. Thank you for sharing.
  16. You can’t please everyone... this thread definitely confirms that.
  17. Our September British Isles cruise was cancelled. Disappointing as we’re from the U.K. On the bright side, we’ve manage to book the 25 night Canada & New England cruise sailing from Southampton in September 2022 in a mini suite on Sky Princess with Princess Plus effectively for half price thanks to all the FCC we’ve built up from cancelled cruises. Hoping it’ll be good to go by September 2022. Will probably book one of the new 2021 U.K. cruises when they go on sale.
  18. Would you say Carnival is more centred around US passengers compared to Princess? If so, that might the reason as they do not have European passengers to fill the ships if US passengers are unable or do not wish to travel to Europe. Also do they tend to have lots of ships in Europe?
  19. So sad to hear this as we were scheduled to sail on her in September for the very first time with this fantastic itinerary. We’d used our 150% compensation from our cancelled March 2020 Sky Princess cruise towards this. Time to start looking for another replacement.
  20. Thanks for sharing. I expect further cancellations / changes will follow as I cannot see the ship miraculously getting from Italy to California by March 22 if it’s only going to launch in spring 22. Do you think a further press release is imminent?
  21. Just received cancellation notice for the November TA. Just getting a refund of the deposit or $15 per person if we book another cruise. We also have cruises booked in March 2022 on the West Coast. They are still a go, for now. Was hoping they would also be cancelled.
  22. https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/pause-extension-may-2021.html Was just coming to post the same thing having seen it on Twitter.
  23. Sincerely hope the Pacific Princess isn’t being sold or, even worse, sent to the scrapyard as it’s the next Princess ship we’re scheduled to sail on. Fab itinerary around the Mediterranean in September 21. Our first small ship experience and our first Princess cruise since November 2019 as all the ones since have understandably been cancelled.
  24. I was emailed a survey by Viking in the U.K. last week about potential new cruises from March to May 2021. One of the options was two variations on a seven day cruise from Tampa which sounded like the ones mentioned. Other options included variations on a 13 day round British Isles cruise. Another was a lengthy Bermuda cruise (27 days I think) which docked in Bermuda for a number of days and did scenic cruising around the Bahamas and Virgin Islands. The last option was a 90 night cruise that consisted solely of sea days. I’m assuming it was visiting multiple locations as no real detail was given. All were in the region of £150-200 per person per night including flights. The survey also went into Viking’s protocols to ensure they wouldn’t put me off sailing.
  25. It’s not on sale as a B2B at least in the U.K. We are combining Ancient Mediterranean Treasures on 25 November and Greek Odyssey on 2 December to give a 17 night voyage. A couple of port repeats but do not feel this is a problem. Will be my 50th birthday cruise.
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