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  1. Normally getting an upgrade email is the best news ever. I was so excited to be on Enchanted this year. Royal was amazing round Italy, Greece and Kotor in 2017 and after 3 years away from cruising it was great to be back and also this time with a Balcony. Last week we got upgraded to a mini-suite but its like the UK show Bullseye in the 80s when they wheeled out the car or speedboat at the end. "Here's what you could have win". Chances of me being on that cruise in that mini-suite on 1st August out of Rome are the same odds as my lottery numbers coming up. Instead I'll be in a car
  2. I'm assuming as UK direct booking I would lose my deposit but need to ring to see if I can use deposit as FCC.
  3. Found this post tonight our family is booked on 1st August. Weirdly got a mail from Princess stating upgrading from BD to BB cabin. I cant see the UK, Italy or the ship being ready. I wont be keen to pay up on 3rd May either. Was so excited when we booked. Did the same route on Royal 3 years ago was amazing.
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