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  1. If you are embarking after a TA then expect longer than usual queues even if you are in the Haven. The reason is that they need to disembark everyone off the ship and then those who are staying on will be the first to go back on. They also have to process all the staff and clear customs into Europe. You also have to wait in the queue with everyone till you clear security. Only then you can access the haven queue. It happened to us on our last Med cruise.
  2. As the minimum bid on the 2 BR is more than what you wish to commit to, you only have two choices. If it was me and there are three of you I would try to get the FF. It's not in the haven but it's a short walk up the stairs or lift to the haven. The reason why is that the FF gives you a bedroom and a small living area so the third adult can sleep there. In the courtyard you will all in one room
  3. In the UK the oceanview to a balcony is still on but they also added that if you upgrade to the free at sea you will get all five promotions instead of having to choose just two. So for £99 pp you get drink package, 150 mins WiFi, speciality dining, $50 shore ex and 3rd and 4th guests sail free, paying taxes
  4. NCL got rid of of the concierge level so some of the class of cabins were upgraded to the Haven and the rest were made into just suites. I think your one is just a suite. Best to contact NCL and ask
  5. Looking at deck plan, there are over 30 cabins now in the Haven. Which is good for us as I saw one of the cabins for a good price so put a deposit for November 21.
  6. Take it with a pinch of salt. Our cruise on the breakaway in October is no longer available on the website. Though it is still in our account but I expect NCL to contact us that it has been cancelled in the next few days.
  7. We booked it as a package holiday in the UK so our travel agent will sort it out for us
  8. Always take any offers or sale with a pinch of salt. I reckon NCL will announce the cancellation of this cruise soon if it is showing as fully booked. I just checked NCL website and there is no sailing now for you to book. The one after ours is now going to Bermuda
  9. If you are on breakaway then this is the same sailing as us.
  10. We luck out too as we were looking for a week's cruise late next year so messing about with different ships and weeks. Cane across the Joy and noticed the new lower end of Haven (the old CB/ new HJ). We always try to do Haven cos we like everything that goes with it but I have a price limit. With the new revised cabins it is much cheaper than what we usually pay for and gratitudes are included too. Win for us as I expected the price I got won't last long.
  11. We are due to sail on breakaway in October but I'm guessing it is only Encore which has change to Bermuda?
  12. Everyone has different level of pricing. If it's thousands of dollars more from the next highest level of cabin - usually club - then for us it's too expensive but I generally find a price a few hundred dollars more acceptable. Why? Cos for me then you get all the perks included plus the private areas too which is worth it for us.
  13. My guess would be obc for balcony and above. NCL needs people to be confident when they booked and not then not cancelled. They could extend their 30% sale but that's been going for a while now. The obc isn't really free when they made the sale.
  14. If you are not happy then speak to the concierge as they will deal with it. We had one butler who we never met till the third day of our cruise. We are pretty low maintenance and did get our snacks. To be honest we find our cabin stewards tend to be more attentive. Interesting enough our butler that cruise was loitering the last day. Probably did his tip. It went to the cabin steward.
  15. 14728 was below the hair salon. I chose that one because of that. So not sure of noise below the gym. Our cabin this time round will be in this location so I'm guessing we may hear some noise. The spa suites are excellent. Yes they are outside the Haven but it's only a minute walk to the stairs and then up two levels. Didn't take long at all. Port side had a sofa whilst starboard had two chairs. Not sure if this is now changed. Table is far too small to have a sit down dinner. We have had two good butlers and one very poor one. We are low maintenance. Just
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