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  1. I called too cause I was having the same problem no matter which cruise & date I chose for more than 2 passengers. The rep tried it on her end & the same thing happened...no cabins available for any category. She reported it to her supervisor so the problem could be escalated. Not sure why they're not aware of the issue. Diane
  2. Sailing Nov. 17, 2018. Injured tendon in foot. Won't find out til Tuesday the 13th if the boot comes off. Participating in some excursions is questionable. First time I called RCI, I was told I had 48 hrs. to cancel excursions within the cruise planner & on the ship to receive a refund back to my credit card. 48 hrs. on cruise planner didn't sound right so I called back next day and was told if I cancel excursions while on the ship within 48 hrs., I will receive a refund back to my credit card & I have up to 3 days prior to the cruise to cancel within the cruise planner telling me Wednesday was the cut off day. I thought canceling excursions on the ship resulted in an on board credit & it was 4 days for the cruise planner. I hate to question RCI's customer reps but, there are so many contributors on this board that are more knowledgeable than the reps. Can you please confirm what is correct? Thank You, Diane
  3. Booked this tour thru Royal Caribbean CZ4T. Ferry ride to Playa Del Carmen then a van ride to the cenote with turtle cove after. Not finding many comments on it. Was told by RCI that the excursion is to the Dos Ojos cenote which looks to be more open & not as claustrophic, which is a concern. Has any one done this excursion? Diane
  4. Have been watching too & this is the best reduction I have also seen for the Harmony April 14 cruise. Got the drink pkg for $52 & refreshment pkg for $20. Will cancel & repurchase if a better price is offered on Black Friday. All packages are having a substantial price increase after the first of the year. I figured better safe now than sorry later. Diane
  5. 15% is only a suggested interest rate & is based on person's credit profile. Per the financer's website it can range as high as 36%...OUCH First payment is due at time of booking, followed by 11 monthly loan payments.......Wouldn't make sense for those that book sooner than a year out unless they want to pay it off much sooner than when the final payment is due. Which still can be done without interest thru RCI. Per the FAQ: "Make your ideal trip affordable & rewarding by paying over time using low monthly payments with a loan thru UpLift instead of paying entire trip price at once."....Currently, Royal Caribbean does not require full payment upon booking. You can pay UpLift using a credit or debit card & have payments automatically processed.......RCI already accepts those forms of payment interest free. UpLift also accept checks & sends timely reminders. Call me old school or financially frugal but, I would opt to pay RCI interest free. Diane
  6. Why would a person want to make payments assessed with interest when they already have the option of making payments without any interest assessed to them thru their cruise planner or over the phone? Unless RCI eventually plans to faze out that feature and moves stricty to an interest charging payment option. Another reason could be if the interest bearing payment plan does not require an initial deposit. Diane
  7. On the "Find A Cruise Page" I was able to select the senior option, state & the C&A # using the "More Filters" option. It did apply the discounts prior to filling in the passenger info but oddly when I do fill in our passenger info it accepts my husband's C&A# but says mine is invalid. It's the same number I've had for years. Have no idea what's going on with that. A phone call to C&A is now required. There's also a new monthly payment option thru Up Lift Pay Monthly with a 15%APR. Diane
  8. As my mom used to say..."monkey see, monkey do"
  9. Came across this article stating the alcohol package & n/a refreshment package prices will be increased effective January 1, 2019. Looks like we'll be purchasing before the 1st of the year for our 2019 cruises. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2018/10/15/royal-caribbean-hikes-beverage-package-prices-2019-norwegian-drinks-cost/1645879002/ Diane
  10. Arriving Roatan by Symphony of the Seas on Nov. 19, 2018. Considering booking this excursion for DH. Has anyone done this excursion or a similar fishing excursion and if so, would you recommend? It's listed as a 5 1/2 hr. excursion limited to 6 people. It consists of a 45 min. scenic drive to the charter boat, local beer & snacks on boat, a variety of fish to be caught ie. wahoo, yellow fin tuna, mahi-mahi & upon return a lunch buffet on the beach. Cost $152.00 pp. The excursion picture of the charter boat has Subway Watersports on it. I have done a search but cannot find any info on their fishing charters. Any info/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Diane
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