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  1. No, I was just quoting from the menu photo you posted. No harm meant.
  2. I’ll have a melted chesse with a cactus leave salad. Lol. Wish I was there. Sorry, I proof read everything. Enjoy!
  3. Looks like you have the whole place to yourself. It must feel like a dream!!! Wow!
  4. I hope you have a great cruise, Sid. NCL excursions or not. You’ll make it work. Take that T-shirt with you to Cozumel. I will be lucky to make it to jones beach lol. Im fully vaccinated and have an up to date passport too. What am I waiting for? oh yeah, it’s the airplane. Nope. Not gonna happen.
  5. I laminated my SS card ages ago, as well. Hope no swat teams show up. My original vaccine card is in an old bank book plastic holder. Fits perfectly. No copies made yet. No plans on traveling anywhere anytime soon. Unless it’s Robert Moses Beach. Hope the sharks don’t show up again this summer. Fingers crossed. Stay safe everyone.
  6. I’ll take any balcony stateroom at this point. Close to The Waterfront is great. Ok with me. Where is Elliott the awesome bartender at Shakers? That’s where I will be. Where is Dancho? Miss the ships and crew so much. Or Leon at the Vibe Bar. Bring back the ships!!!
  7. We’ve been on Breakaway a few times out of nyc. Deck 8 is good. Long walk down narrow hallway to forward stateroom. Balconies on the hump are larger. Shuffleboard is right below, so you will hear that. You will also hear music from the theater right below on deck 7. Convenient to bars and shops. We have also stayed on deck 10, around the corner from elevators. Much preferred that over deck 8. Much more quiet. Here is our balcony on deck 8. Miss the ships so much!!
  8. Nothing booked. I’m keeping my $$$ in my pocket. That’s just me. IMO. P.S. I hope you’re right, mr seaman.
  9. Test https://www.allrecipes.com/gallery/ways-to-cook-brussels-sprouts/?did=608231-20210218&utm_campaign=hot-dish_newsletter&utm_source=allrecipes.com&utm_medium=email&utm_content=021821&cid=608231&mid=51257973974
  10. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24279-cruise-ships-back-in-service-february-2021-update.html Chengkp75, please let me know if you have differing info. Just trying to help. Thank you, chief.
  11. 2014. Yes...you reminded me of the hot dog cart! Cagney’s was amazingly good on that trip. Bermuda cruises are so much better than the Florida/Bahamas/Great Stirrup Cay cruises. We never made it to GSC because of rough tides. The ship seems more crowded. Being in Bermuda for 2 1/2 days spreads out the crowds on the ship. It’s a floating hotel. Much more relaxing. I hope we both make make it back on that ship again someday, too. In fact, I would settle for any ship right now! Stay well...
  12. BVI Tortola...I remember swimming with the dolphins with my son on our first cruise, 2006, Carnival Legend, out of NYC. If we ever get there again, I will look for that open air bar. Sounds like my kind of place these days. Unplanned days can be pretty amazing.
  13. Bermuda. Beaches: Warwick Long Bay Beach, Jobson’s Cove, Horseshoe Bay Beach, many more. Ferry to St. George’s. St. Peter’s Church. Unfinished Church. So much more. We would have been there again, last summer, onboard Encore....
  14. Leon, the bartender at Vibe was great. Elliot, the bartender at Shaker’s was great. Dancho, the bar server by the pool during the day, Shaker’s by night, was great. Oh yeah, the warm caramel sauce with hard ice cream at the buffet was great, too. Mmmmmmmmm. Pizza sucked. Sorry. I hope we all get to sail again soon.
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