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  1. It is a bummer. To be so close, yet so far... At least you’re not home raking up all the leaves from the nor’easter we had on Tuesday (yeah, that’s my day today). Cheers to everyone onboard Breakaway! 🥂 Who IS the Captain anyway??? Why is he being so quiet??
  2. Sadly, it appears that you will be skipping Bermuda (SO Close...) again today, October 28. Weather and winds do not look good... Wishing you all Safe Travels back to New York on what seems to be the first cruise to nowhere in a very long time...
  3. Hoping the winds calm down and that you can dock in the morning. Listen to the winds on the Dockyard webcam here: https://www.portbermudawebcam.com Enjoy the the rest of your cruise! Fair winds and following seas!
  4. I’m getting another glass of Pinot Grigio...Unfortunately I’m not on a ship. Enjoying your review, SG. ABDS. Cheers!
  5. Loved your review, Jaime! Thank you! Glad that you and your family enjoyed your cruises and were worth all the crazy stressful hoops you had to go through. Not sure if we would be willing to do all the testing and paperwork right now. We might just wait another year...**sigh*...plus I just started a new job and won’t be able to take time off until then. My go-to cure for the hiccups for years has been taking 7 sips of water without breathing. Worked for us every time. Take care and thanks for sharing your time on Breakaway with us. Love her angled balconies on both decks 10 and 8...we sure miss her and Bermuda.
  6. https://www.beyondships2.com/uploads/8/2/4/5/8245255/m_osheehan.pdf Menu dated 7/21
  7. Safe Travels to you and your family. Thanks for taking us along on your cruise! Cheers!
  8. As long as I’m on a ship with a balcony and a bed, life is good... It’s been too long!
  9. We ate at Cagney’s on Breakaway. That Mac n cheese was the best I’ve ever had... everything was really good. Pics are great. Thank you
  10. I don’t get a lunch break at work, just a 15 minute break. Got home and heated up some leftover baked ziti. Woohoo. Forget about dinners at a steakhouse! Enjoy yourself, Sid. You are a very lucky guy. Off to watch Below Deck with some wine.
  11. Work today for me, too... ::sigh:: Wish we could be boarding a ship instead.
  12. P.S. I have to work tomorrow, too. It’s all good.
  13. Stinks that your cruise is over....car covered in cr*p...could be worse. You had a great cruise and don’t get tomorrow’s holiday....wait, what?
  14. That was fun, Sid. Thanks for bringing us all along. Safe travels!
  15. Good to see it all lit up. safe travels back to MIA. Glad you loved the food and beverages. Safe travels and hoping for a decent disembark tomorrow. Thank you! good night all.
  16. Thank you for sharing your cruise with all of us! We were supposed to be onboard Encore out of nyc to Bermuda back in July 2020....and we all know how that went. we were really looking forward to her Observation Lounge. Thank you for these photos, and review! Bon Voyage! Fair winds and following seas. Enjoy!
  17. Hit that square and scroll up. Food p0rn is amazing. I guess you found your fave bartender from Serbia. Cheers!
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