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  1. I just received my email Yesterday that my refund would be credited. Glad to see the funds are starting to roll back to people. I had also filed a claim with my credit card company last week and was suspicious of the timing. At the very least it appears NCL stuck to their word of a refund in 90 days. I know that’s a ridiculous timeframe but given the unprecedented times we’re in I’ll cut them some slack. My husband is small business and we went through hell getting his PPP so I’m a little more sympathetic to the frustrations experienced by our unemployment system, the PPP, airlines financia
  2. So our 3/22 cruise was cancelled by NCL. I have the cruise rewards logged into my NCL account appropriately for the amount we paid + 25% (which was the deal). However, I have requested a refund online and obviously am still within the 90 days. Will this FCC go away once they issue the refund? I'm guessing they just dumped FCC into everyone's account and will filter out the refunds later. It's mindboggling how many email blasts I'm getting to use my FCC. Anyone?
  3. https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 the numbers are staggering -- daily...... take a look at the chart in the bottom right corner and take a look at the daily cases worldwide. It's coming our way.....while I'm not afraid, I am being diligent. Let's not think this is a big inconvenience. I am concerned for my in-laws who are in their 80s and 90s. The more we hunker down, the less dramatic it will be.
  4. Ditto -- both the email and the rep on the phone said it wouldn't be available until March 23. Can you attach a link? As a separate inquiry -- my understanding was the refund would be in the form paid....so if they credit our credit card, we then have to request a check from the CC company?
  5. I have to edit my post. It was one excursion and the email offered other available excursions. I did not try to book a new one 🙄
  6. I’m glad you looked elsewhere. Guessing they’ve stopped everything owning the prez conference I just got an email that my Excursions have been cancelled
  7. Just looked at my sailing 3/22. Joy Mexican riviera. Every category sold out
  8. Today’s numbers are already blowing up. 9k worldwide. The daily high was 15k on Feb 13. US is spiking as well
  9. Agreed everyone should be watching this closely, but it’s the unknown. Sure I’ll watch it to see. Today’s cancellations could be very telling. I’ve got this weekend to spin the wheel of risk and see what happens with this Sunday’s sailing of the joy.
  10. So since this announcement came after the 48 hour window to cancel for FCC it really only applies to people who were still willing to risk going. Less refunds out of their pockets. My guess every single cruise will be cancelled AFTER the 48 hour window expires. Sucks for me because I will cancel next At the 48 hour window and only get FCC and I’m sure THEY will cancel our cruise on that Friday—no refund for me. I’m also sailing Mexico and they don’t seem to have the risks at the ports yet so why would NCL cancel until absolutely necessary
  11. Bingo. Every cruise will get cancelled on an individual basis after the 48 hour window passes. Less refunds. More money being held
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