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  1. No, not a confirmation. The visa stamps are sent out ready for placement in your passport. We received ours for the Oct. cruise this past month.
  2. Wow, thanks for setting me straight on that one. How about they haven't received their visas, luggage tags and booklet? Hope that helps. :rolleyes:
  3. One of the issues with the offers that might be made is cost of airfare. If your air is booked with Oceania I assume thay can handle that with the carrier, but if you booked your own air or made advance pre-paid hotel, rental car or tour reservations there is a problem. For us, it would take one heck of an offer to make us change plans that have been in place for months and months. On our roll call most have received their tickets but one couple, who made their reservations recently, have yet to receive their tickets or any reason for not receiving their tickets. So, I remain hopeful that other passengers will finally get an offer they can't refuse.
  4. We cruise on Regatta out of Venice on Oct. 18th. The cruise has been overbooked from the beginning and now, after final payments were made the cruise remains overbooked. Offers have been made but it seems that people really want to take this cruise. Now that we are within a month of departure does anyone know the process that Oceania will use to "clear the decks" in time for sailing, assuming that they are unsuccessful with their offers? This may have been resolved by now but the last that I heard we were still overbooked. Thanks in advance.
  5. We have been going through the same exercise. You might want to check out this site for the schedules for alilaguna. Route M might work for port to St Marks and then the Blue Line for St. Marks to the airport. Price is right and schedule should easily fit your needs. http://www.alilaguna.it/pdf/alilaguna_routes2009.pdf
  6. I can't really recommend this firm as we have not used them yet, but I do have a reservation with this company on Mykonos. Web:http://www.papoutsas-rent.gr They offer a pickup and dropoff service at the port which is handy.
  7. This utlimately depends on how you like to travel. We fly out of Tucson, which means that most times we fly through Phoenix, with a few connections. The only thing I want to be late for is my funeral so we always book our own travel so that we have ample time between flight connections and extra time at ports of embarkation and disembarking. This is easier to do for us as we are retired. Since we book cruises early on we have plenty of time to shop for good fares and find that we can usually beat the price offered by Oceania. Of course if you are using reward or frequent flyer miles this isn't even an issue as to cost. We arrive a few days early, rest up, get to the port in plenty of time, already adjusted to the time zone and our next stop. I have to say that even if I was still working I would choose to do my own arrangements just for my peace of mind.
  8. We crossed on Regatta in March of 2007, from Miami to Marseille and had a wonderful time on board. The seas were relatively calm and the two days that we had rough seas were not what I would call rough or difficult. We were berthed mid-ship but wandered all over the ship and had no problem. Your course will be slightly different coming up from the South but even so, it should be an enjoyable cruise.
  9. We have been in CC rooms on both Oceania and Celebrity - 14 day cruises. Frankly, we would not book a CC room again because we do not think the value is there for the additional cost. As others have said it depends on your needs and wants so good luck with your decision.
  10. I have to admit that the auctions are great entertainment accompanied by free champagne. For anyone looking for a real value on this "priceless art" they can go to eBay and buy any number of the works for 5 cents on the dollar or less. Even though the entertainment value is high, I would be very happy to see the auctions disappear from Oceania. If they want to have auctions that's fine by me, but make it a legitimate auction with items of actual value.
  11. Steve, I am booked with Economy Car Rentals ( www.economycarrentals.com ) They have a range of cars and an option for drop-off and pick-up at the pier. Have been easy to deal with thus far.
  12. A. Enjoy your wine to the fullest. B. Do not give out your cabin number - this is most important. C. :) D. Oceania is a great cruise line for many reasons. This being one of them.
  13. Here is a reprise of our full day in Paris. We left Sloane Square by taxi at a quarter to six am and arrived at the eurostar terminal after six. We boarded eurostar for a 6:40 am departure and arrived in Paris at 10:30 local time. We had a nice breakfast on board, enjoyed the countryside as it whizzed by and relaxed for the day to come. We spent the day in Paris finally leaving for the terminal by metro before 8 PM which gave us a full day of sightseeing in Paris or a little more than nine hours, which in my world is a more than full day of activity. We left Paris just before 9 PM and arrived back in London at 10:30 PM local time. In bed before 11:30. It was so nice to rest on the way back to London as eurostar is a very comfortable ride. The next morning just after 9 AM reports were coming in of the tragedy that had struck London. A rather somber day. London is wonderful but so is Paris. Both deserve great time but an introductory visit to Paris or perhaps your only chance to see Paris should not be missed if you are so inclined.
  14. We did this several years ago and had a great day. True lovers of Paris will be ill at the suggestion of only one day but one day is far better than no day - and like us, it was a great introduction for a return trip of many days. We took the early eurostar and returned late that night after a full day in Paris seeing the sights. We toured on our own, using the metro starting at the train station where we arrived. It was easy and enjoyable. Had a great dinner and then on to London. Highly recommend the experience if you are limited on time. This was the night prior to the July 7th bombings in London so had we gone a day later we would have had the opportunity to stay in Paris for more than one day.
  15. Paul and Heinbloed, thank you for the input. I have been using seat61 for information and find it a fantastic web site given that it's maintained by one person. My wife and I love train travel, almost as much as cruising, as it's always an adventure. We would like to do this route but we want to get as much information as possible up front before we make a decision. Heinbloed thank you for your kind offer - you can count on us if we come through Mannheim.
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