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  1. I have found that HAL doesn't always show all available cabins on their website. I usually go to one of on-line travel agent websites to look at the availability of cabins. Also if you have a good travel agent they can tell you which cabins are available for both legs. I just looked at these sailings you are talking about and it looks like there are a lot of cabins available for the 14 day sailings and very few for the 28 day sailings.
  2. I was browsing the HAL website last Saturday morning and saw the Westerdam South America and Antarctica cruise. This was what I had been waiting for. I booked for January 2021 from Santiago to Buenos Aires. I was surprised I hadn't seen any announcements about these itineraries being released.
  3. Sorry, yes. I meant to say unlimited non-alcoholic beverages.
  4. We were in the Pinnacle Suite on the Eurodam in November and this was in our room. I took a picture of it for future reference
  5. We did this cruise in November and used Tours by Locals at all the ports. They were all very good tours.
  6. We are just off the Eurodam and when ordering a coke I asked if it was possible to get 2 at once. He said "no problem, you have unlimited alcoholic beverages".
  7. I know each cruise line handles air differently, but a few years ago I was doing a transatlantic on RCCL, leaving out of Harwich UK which meant I would need to fly into London. We wanted to go to Paris first and spend a few days. We were able to book a flight to Paris using cruise air and then we took the train from Paris to London where we spent a few days before riding the train to Harwich. You might try to go on-line the HAL site and see if it will let you book the air to Zurich.
  8. The same thing happened to me. I booked my air through HAL as soon as it was available because they were less expensive than the airlines. I went into my reservation several times to see if there were any better prices and was able to do so without any problems. Then I read on another thread that someone's reservations had been cancelled after they went in and looked at other options. I decided to check mine out and mine had also been cancelled. I too had gone into the reservation to see what was available from a different airport. I wasn't sure at what point mine was cancelled but since that is when yours was cancelled, that is probably what happened to me. Of course the cheap fares were gone by this time so I had to book through the airline and take different flights to get the cost down but still paying more than my original reservation. My TA called HAL and they said they couldn't do anything since the flights had not been paid for and ticketed. I told them I got no warning that my reservation was being cancelled. I don't think they believed me. I wonder if this is another quirk of the new website.
  9. I just went on-line to check my flight with HAL and mine has been cancelled also. I was looking at options on going in on a different day. I didn't change anything but the flight is gone and now the cheap flights are not available.
  10. I was able to get an all inclusive photo package on Princess for $99 for 2 of my cruises, one of them being 28 days. It included both the prints and the digital image on a flash drive. I have purchased this package on HAL for my upcoming cruise in November. It didn't say that the prints were included but I would be happy with just the digital images because that is all I ever use anyway.
  11. My husband and I got our checks today -- $7.62 each. Our friends that traveled with us on the cruise also received the same amount today.
  12. My husband and I were on that sailing. I will keep an eye out for a possible refund. Wonder what it is for?
  13. Thanks for the recommendation. We just booked the Hilton Garden Inn for our cruise in November.
  14. Please disregard this thread. Someone answered on the Princess forum that you can set up an account with your room key and charge to shipboard account.
  15. Thank you! I was hoping it worked like that.
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