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  1. We went in Oct and then again in Nov, remember it is more like a tropical jungle and not a caribbean Island. Very hot and very very humid both times we went. We loved it and you will too. Research the building of the canal and you will enjoy it more, it’s a marvel, man overcomes unforgiving hardship.
  2. Just received an email that our 7 day Western port cruise on Enchantment of the Seas has changed “due to cruise ship congestion “ in Roatan So Embarking Jan 30 Sat, Roatan tues, Cozumel on wed and Mahahual on thurs. That is if this cruise actually sails and we are convinced that some cruises have gone before us and came back safe and healthy. Final payment is due Dec 1. Playing the watch and wait game.
  3. Have no idea how I quoted and not reply, thanks for the heads up
  4. I personally would wait, you have nothing to lose.
  5. Your questions are difficult to answer honestly because what was true before pandemic are not going to be true in the near future. Yes the bedding is comfy and the balconies are larger on some cabins, but they corporate heads haven’t worked out which ships are sailing on what dates and will they be able to dock at some ports. Standing on lines waiting for food and how to be served is a major issue for the future, will buffets be allowed and so forth. Taking in consideration for social distancing means the new ways to serve in the MDR and other food venues have not been announced yet. It’s just not going to be a repeat of the familiar. When they announce the new cruise rules we will all learn it together. We hope for the best.
  6. What I wish would happen is not what I believe will happen, and I believe 2020 and 2021 cruises will be experiments. I don’t want to be a guinea pig. So while I can’t imagine my life without cruising, I am not hopeful. Taking a passengers temperature is meaningless because it is only a picture of that person at that moment, not their temperature the next morning. Not to mention the crew. The vaccine may come, but you can’t even get people to vaccinate against measles . Too much to navigate, no pun intended
  7. We feel as though we experienced the “golden age “ of cruising, the near future at least the next 4 or 5 years won’t be the cruising we knew. We don’t think the ships handled norovirus outbreaks well let alone coronavirus. From what I’ve read in press releases buffets aren’t figured out yet, having pax seated and handed menus or digital menus and having servers bring you the food, is an option they are considering. The biggest hurdle seems to be the elevators and how to keep people safe in a small space, without everyone crammed in. The boarding and debarking too. It’s a challenge all the way around.
  8. The problem with the vaccine is in the many people who refuse to be vaccinated. If parents won’t agree to vaccinate children against measles or smallpox, why should we expect everyone who wants to cruise to vaccinate. And the personal freedom advocates will sue against being forced to do so. I think the golden age of cruising is over.
  9. If your cruise does take place it might be new world of cruising. No ports, because it’s possible to transmit or pickup virus in port. So the only place that can be controlled is private island. So maybe more private islands will be built. Maybe it will be more like going to a resort like Sandals. Will people pay for this kind of vacation? We have fifty cruises and I am more worried about being quarantined than having no buffet. We are booked on the Enchantment Jan 2021 have no idea yet if we will go. No easy answers.
  10. I know I’m repeating myself but I truly think they are experimenting on the early cruises to see how many are sick, how the medical staff responds and such
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