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  1. Celebrity’s IT department seems to be staffed by a group of prisoners in a third world non-English speaking country who have never seen the ocean or a cruise ship. With a sprinkling of gremlins. Accomplishing anything on on their website is such a challenge. Then.....before I complete a transaction.....it all disappears. When will I learn to just call 🥴?
  2. Redtravel, you summed up exactly how I feel - left out and cheated. We also booked many months ago and are Discoverer level. This whole system changed since our final payment was made. We are about a month from sailing and it would be a downer to continue to fight for the opportunity to participate. The lack of notifications and transparency of Azamara’s upgrade system is frustrating and disappointing. It is way too difficult to get the system to function and too time consuming to understand if you are truly ineligible and why. We booked a veranda and we will enjoy our vacation in our veranda room.
  3. Very confusing and complicated by the run around over the last week and Azamara web issues. Why would the agents need need to be involved at all? To issue new final docs? It is a very large firm, don’t know if it is OK to post their name(?).
  4. Wanted to close the loop on my experience with the upgrade system. I called Azamara again to ask about when I would see an upgrade email and this time they told me that my agent had opted out of the upgrade process. Suggested I call them to discuss. I did and was told that Azamara insists on a 24 hour response regarding these upgrades and my agent’s organization cannot commit to time limit. Disappointing all around.
  5. Thank you for your response, very helpful to figure out this process. I did receive an email from Azamara last night, but it was a confirmation that we booked this cruise. We booked this months ago (?). Time to call again.
  6. I am very frustrated with this new upgrade process. We are booked on the Journey on 28 May for 12 days. I do not receive emails from Azamara, including the itinerary change messages. When I try typing in my last name and booking number, I receive a msg that I am not eligible. Every time I opt into Azamara communications, the system reverts back and opts me out. Yesterday I called Azamara and while the agent tried very hard to be helpful, I am doubtful that anything will change. She was very confused and spent a lot of time talking to the IT folks. She stated that we should certainly be eligible to bid and said that we would receive an email. She opted us in AGAIN. We are Discoverer level and would like to bid - assuming the process is not already concluded. Is there a way to know if the emails already went out? Thank you for all the helpful information posted in this thread! Pennie
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