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  1. all4hockey54r

    Cirque Dreams

    I have the UDP and I wanted to use it for Cirque Dreams. I also wanted to do the premium seating option but when I select the show and time it only gives me the regular seating option. Does someone know how to book Cirque Dreams premium seating? Sent from my 2PZC5 using Forums mobile app
  2. We will be sailing on the Breakaway in Europe this summer and we have never sailed with Norwegian before. How do you know what time to arrive at the port for embarkation? I know some cruise lines give you a time in your documents but can you show up earlier? Any extra tips on the Breakaway would be awesome as well! Thanks! Sent from my 2PZC5 using Forums mobile app
  3. all4hockey54r

    Tallinn- Tour or Not?

    Would it be beneficial to take a tour in Tallinn or should we just go it alone? What are the pros and cons?
  4. We are taking a Baltic cruise in July of 2018 on the Breakaway. I know that the aft balconies are bigger on deck 9 but does anyone have suggestions on which aft cabin is the best on deck 9?
  5. Are the waterslides and pools open on a Northern Europe cruise in the beginning of July? Do people utilize them?
  6. all4hockey54r

    Northern European Aft Balcony

    We are going back and forth on whether to splurge for our honeymoon and get an aft balcony on the Breakaway. We know the temperature can get cold on a Northern European cruise, and there are also only 2 sea days. Does anyone have experience with aft balconies on a Northern Europe cruise?
  7. all4hockey54r

    South Creek Tubing and Beach

    Does anyone have experience with the South Creek Tubing and Beach excursion? I can't seem to find the actual tour company that runs it. Sent from my 2PS64 using [URL=http://r.tapatalk.com/byo?rid=76452]Forums mobile app[/URL]
  8. all4hockey54r

    Ensenada Shore Excursioneer

    Does anyone have experience with Shore Excursioneer in Ensenada? I just looked up reviews and they were horrible but from awhile ago. We wanted to do the kayak tour. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Sent from my 2PS64 using [URL=http://r.tapatalk.com/byo?rid=76452]Forums mobile app[/URL]
  9. all4hockey54r


    Does anyone know of a volunteer work type excursion near Amber Cove? I know Fathom Cruises has their own but is there any that people from other cruise ships can participate in? We are looking for reforestation, rebuilding type work.
  10. I'm looking for an adventurous shore excursion in Grand Turk. Any suggestions?
  11. all4hockey54r

    Which dock in Cozumel?

    I have heard there are multiple docks in Cozumel. We are sailing the Dream in late March, early April. I was wondering if there is a way to tell which dock we will dock at. Any information is appreciated!
  12. all4hockey54r

    Early Saver Question!

    Hello! I am booked on early saver for our April cruise on the Dream. I noticed today that the Past Guest Sale and the Let the Sun Shine in sale are both around $50 cheaper than our Early Saver price. If we request a price drop and go with one of these sales that means that if the price drops again we cannot ask for a price drop because we wouldn't be early saver. Is this correct? Just need some clarification, any help is appreciated!
  13. all4hockey54r

    Deep Sea Fishing in Grand Cayman

    Does anyone have any information on a cheap deep sea fishing excursion for 3 adults. I'm not finding any prices under $600. Also if you have been what time of year was it and what were you catching?
  14. I was wondering if room 8446 on the Dream is directly above one of the hot tubs. I've heard it can be super noisy if you are too close to them. Thanks!
  15. all4hockey54r

    Carnival Dream Cabin 8446 8C

    Does anyone have any reviews on cabin 8446 on the Dream? I mainly want to know if it above one of the hot tubs. Is it noisy and is the view obstructed by them?