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  1. Thank you. We are going in September - it’s our 45th anniversary.
  2. Thanks for your replies - most helpful. Search does not appear to work on my phone - I did try!
  3. Only our second time on Celebrity and this time we decided to treat ourselves and have booked a sky suite on Apex. Looking forward to the option to use Luminae, and the retreat lounge and sun deck. However not sure of what to expect with a butler? What services will they provide over and above those we had previously from a room steward?
  4. We are booked onto an Enchanted cruise for September 2021. We originally booked in January this year. There is currently a 5 day sale which we have taken advantage of. We rebooked the same cabin with the same perks at a transfer cost of £100. We have saved £1140. Worth looking at if the sale covers a cruise you are booked onto. There are 3 sale days left. Good luck.
  5. Thanks for all your replies. This is definitely something we would like to do.
  6. I have seen mention of the winemakers dinner, but can’t seem to find any info on it. Has anybody done this? Can you tell me about it? Is it available on all boats, do you have to book onboard, what sort of menu and wines? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks both - I missed that info in yesterday’s post.
  8. We are going on a Mediterranean cruise and will be using euros in ports. We are from the uk so will not have $ with us. We always prepay gratuities but may wish to tip in cash to those that have been particularly helpful. I know onboard is in $ but that all purchases onboard go through the account. Would it be ok to tip in €. Would the crew be able to use these?
  9. I am looking to book excursions. I have an arthritic knee, and can manage most excursions but do not wish to commit to anything that I will struggle to manage. The info about how many steps at each destination is very useful. There are walking distances listed but I can’t find anywhere that tells me how this is measured. Is it in feet, yards or metres?
  10. I worked as an admin on a hospital ward for 8 years. During that time we had multiple occasions when patients had norovirus. At no time did I ever suffer from norovirus myself - handwashing really does work. Just keep washing your hands and avoid touching your face and you should be ok.
  11. Thanks for posting this. First time I’ve seen flat white on a Princess coffee menu. It’s my drink of choice so that makes me happy.
  12. I too am interested in this question. We are booked on a med cruise in Sept 21. One of the ports is Livorno and excursions are titled Florence/Pisa, but at present no Florence excursions are listed. It is well in advance of our cruise so we too wondered if more excursions may yet be added?
  13. Thanks so much to everybody for your help. It’s really clarified it for us. Just off to request a Halifax clarity card. 😄
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