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  1. We are sailing from the UK in July 22. In the app the wine prices in the MDT are listed according to which drinks package covers the cost. As it is a UK sailing drinks up to $18 seem to be covered by the premium package. I don’t know if sailings from other countries show the breakdown of drinks costs in the same way in the app.
  2. Thank you for your replies they are most helpful. I think we shall go to Murano more than once with the dining package so will take up the suggestions of ordering from the menu and taking advice from the sommelier.
  3. Have been looking at Chefs table and 5 senses, and think 5 senses would suit us better. Would appreciate feedback from anyone who has done 5 senses. Chefs table can be pre booked in cruise planner but am unsure if 5 senses can be pre booked. We are planning to take a dining package - if we book Murano can we upgrade to 5 senses or should this be booked separately?
  4. We too have recently transferred cruises. We rang celebrity and they transferred it in just a few minutes. Reference number stayed the same and the deposit was transferred over - no need for FCC. Only hitch was because we had flights booked on the original cruise but not on the new one ( going from Southampton). There was a slight IT glitch which meant that they couldn’t take the flight details off for a few days. This means we cannot get an updated invoice until that has been done. However if I log in to my account all the details are there and are correct. We should get refund of excursions
  5. As I understand it the government is talking about allowing double jabbed people being able to travel to amber countries without the necessity to quarantine on return. I read that if this is introduced that the advise not to visit amber countries will also be lifted. Boris has said today that an announcement will be made soon to bring this in during the summer. If the advise not to visit is lifted then all should be ok with our insurance. We are hoping to travel to Israel on the Apex in September so are watching the situation with our breath held.
  6. Have a fantastic time. Thanks for posting.
  7. Good news - clearly the protocols are working. out of interest does anyone know what the plan would be is someone tested positive to the antigen test? Presumably they could not re- enter Athens but the boat has a new intake due for the following cruise so what would the plan be?
  8. Thanks so much to all those on Apex who are taking time out to post here - much appreciated.😀 We are on Apex in September. Are they doing the chefs table on your cruise? If so how/where do you book and what is the cost? Many thanks.
  9. For those who are from the UK then when you book your first excursion will lock in the exchange rate from GBP to $ for the whole cruise. Keep an eye on the onboard credit you have and the amount will fluctuate according to the daily exchange rate. Once you make first use of that credit - whether for excursions, speciality dining, spa etc that is the exchange rate you will get for everything you buy. This can make quite a difference in cost over the whole cruise.
  10. Thank you. We are going in September - it’s our 45th anniversary.
  11. Thanks for your replies - most helpful. Search does not appear to work on my phone - I did try!
  12. Only our second time on Celebrity and this time we decided to treat ourselves and have booked a sky suite on Apex. Looking forward to the option to use Luminae, and the retreat lounge and sun deck. However not sure of what to expect with a butler? What services will they provide over and above those we had previously from a room steward?
  13. We are booked onto an Enchanted cruise for September 2021. We originally booked in January this year. There is currently a 5 day sale which we have taken advantage of. We rebooked the same cabin with the same perks at a transfer cost of £100. We have saved £1140. Worth looking at if the sale covers a cruise you are booked onto. There are 3 sale days left. Good luck.
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