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  1. Of course you are entitled to your opinion as is everyone else. The criticism here is the fact that you haven’t even been in the new revolutionized PH suite and are slamming it. As someone else expressed, you have MANY PH bookings, so don't go on them if mosaic tile and milk cartons aren't your thing. Believe me, when I first booked our cruise summit looked like it used to, with the piano and the dark wood, etc . And it was lovely. But I am embracing the new style and decorations with anticipation. I Refuse to let hooks and tchotchkes ruin a new adventure for me and my family
  2. Again I am new to Celebrity and I am very much looking forward to our cruise. We are in the penthouse suite and my daughter and her family have booked the adjoining sky suite. Most of our cruises have been on Norwegian in the haven suites either deluxe owner suites, owner suites, two bedroom suites etc. However I have never heard or read so much negativity or complaints about a suite or rooms that people have not even been on, that it makes me question the type of people that go on Celebrity cruises. If you want everyone the same and everything to stay the same forever then stay at home. Times change, people change and if the cruise line is going to continue to flourish they need to attract younger people such as my 30-year-old daughter and her family. If you want dated furniture and old wood looks then go on the titanic or stop complaining until you at least see it for yourselves! You are all complaining about stuff you never saw or experienced. Knick knacks and tchotchkes are your complaints???!!! Either move the tchotchkes that bother you or go elsewhere. We are all fortunate enough to be able to afford to go on these amazing vacations and we should look at them as adventures. Closet space? Hooks? Coral? REALLY?
  3. Thank you so much for the videos! The suite looks great. BTW did you get monogrammed bath robes?
  4. Texswamper or Anyone else - do you have any revolution pics of the penthouse you could share or anything we should know going in? This is my first time on Celebrity. We usually cruise NCL in the Haven and don't have a lot of insight of what to expect in the Penthouse on Celebrity or the Retreat. Obviously, this thread has been mixed with reviews, but I like the look of the renovation and hope that some of the suggestions have been taken into consideration.
  5. WOW thanks for that info! I am so glad I asked. I assumed it was at the other pier. That changes my plans somewhat.
  6. Thanks for the information! I am assuming that we can go on and off the ship while in port then? We want to drop off our bags and explore Old San Juan. Would be nice to do so that we don't have to go the night before and get a hotel room.
  7. We are on the April 2020 Summit out of San Juan. The departure time is listed as 8pm. Does anyone know what time we can actually get on the ship? We are in the Penthouse Suite if that makes a difference. We are trying to figure out if we have a place to put our luggage if we fly in on Saturday.
  8. Thanks! Appreciate it. I found this from one of the PR releases, so it made it sound like there was an actual blow-dry bar added: Spa transformed by Krause Sawyer The new, wellness-focused spa design for Canyon Ranch at Sea by New York design firm Krause Sawyer transformed the treatment rooms, salon, fitness center and locker rooms. The Persian Garden thermal suite was enhanced with new therapeutic spaces and experiences such as a Turkish bath, infrared sauna and salt therapy. A new, semi-private consultation area in the fitness center was created for personal training and consultations. A new salon provides services like a blow-dry bar and luxury manicures and pedicures.
  9. Got this on the Celebrity Site. Just go to Ships-Celebrity Summit - then scroll down. All the deck plans are listed on the bottom of the page: https://www.celebritycruises.com/cruise-ships/celebrity-summit
  10. I asked this before, but didnt get an answer. Does anyone who has been or is on the Summit now know if they added a blow dry bar to the salon? And if so, what do they charge for a blow out? Thanks in advance
  11. Does anyone know if they actually put a blow dry bar on the Summit? It was in the pre cruise information. Would LOVE that addition if true. Also, if true, what do they charge for a blow out?
  12. Perfect! Thanks! Last question.... I know they fill the fridge with beer, soda and waters, but can you also get wine?
  13. Great idea. Thanks. Is that something i can book prior to the cruise or does it have to be done onboard? We also need a crib for my grandson, so same wuestion for that as well.
  14. Thanks so much for your answer. BTW, Do you know if the SS gets the same benefits as the PH when booked together? When i booked there was a perk for SS of premium beverage package, OBC, gratuity and unlimited wifi; however, someone told me that when you book the PH and SS suites together the SS also gets unlimited specialty dining and the rest of the perks for the PH.
  15. So rude! Can’t imagine why I didn't post earlier 🙄 I only made my first post because this is my first time on Celebrity and I had questions especially in light of the refurb. I know NCL like the back of my hand and never needed to ask questions because they post actual pictures of their rooms and I can get answers from NCL agents themselves. When calling Celebrity, they were less than forthcoming with answers. I certainly hope that all Celebrity Cruisers aren't as judgmental and rude as you. BTW, he is a she.
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