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  1. We'll be there December 3! On to Key West Dec 5 -- guess we'll be like ships passing in the night :-)
  2. Great review! Thanks for all of the details :-)
  3. My experience with ATT is that with their International Plan, you pay a flat $10/day/phone# to use your phone in a foreign country that's covered by the plan. BTW, using my phone in Cabo San Lucas didn't count against the International Plan, and didn't incur the $10 charge. I think that's true of Canada, too. HOWEVER, that doesn't cover calls made from the ship. I would check with ATT and find out what their plan on Celebrity includes.
  4. We'll be arriving in Tampa the evening of Thanksgiving 2019; two days before we depart on Brilliance on the High Seas Rally. Anyone local (or who knows Tampa well) with suggestions on where we might be able to find reservations for dinner? Doesn't have to be turkey/stuffing/etc., although it would be nice. Nothing too ritzy (or $$$$), as we (a) won't have packed anything too formal, since it's a biker cruise (with an awesome purpose -- raise money for dialysis. In fact, we'll be taking 8-10 dialysis patients (and their caregiver) aboard with us for the cruise -- at no cost to them, and they'll receive dialysis on board the Brilliance)); and b) we need to save our $$ to raise more money for dialysis while on the cruise.
  5. Interesting question! We'll be on the Brilliance -- ours is a full ship charter (High Seas Rally), but both ships depart and arrive back in Tampa at the same time! Based on another post, I looked at the Port's website, and it indicates that Rhapsody will be at Terminal 6 and Brilliance will be at Terminal 3 (the website URL is https://www.porttb.com/cruise-schedules). Of course, it also says, "Terminal schedules and cruise ship departure times can change at any time without notice, please confirm with your cruise line for updated information."!
  6. We booked the Bliss for a Panama Canal cruise (21 days); while I was a bit surprised about the amount of the service charge for the Deluxe Beverage Package (the 20% is based on the "full DBP" price of $99/day!), it's still a bargain for us. I will say that, depending on when your cruise is, it behooves you to stay abreast of current pricing, and let your TA know if it drops for your cabin category (I just do a mock booking to see what the price is); so far we've saved $900 ($450 each) on the cabin we reserved back in April -- and the cruise is in April 2020.
  7. Thanks for the clarification, farjar! I was puzzled as to why our (one-way) airfare was an odd amount ($49.50). Now I know -- half of $99 is $49.50! We'll be flying from Seattle to NYC; right now our summary says we're going to JFK, but it said LGA until I requested/paid for a 2-day deviation. Guess it could change again -- and again! -- before we depart in April 2020. Right now it looks like our most likely airlines are American, Delta, or Alaska.
  8. Thanks, Markeb and mking8288, for your insights -- I just thought that the rate and the proximity to LGA (and the free shuttle) might be of interest to someone coming in from the West -- probably at best an early evening arrival. I see your point about its not being close to Manhattan and most of the NYC sights.
  9. Check out Spring Hill Suites by Marriott near LGA -- terrific Senior rate!
  10. TrpngBilly, How was Cabin 14868? Is the bed closest to the bathroom or to the balcony, just out of curiosity . . .?
  11. Thanks for your review -- we'll be on the Bliss in April 2020 for a 21-night Panama Canal cruise, so I appreciated your in-depth comments. Where on the 14th deck were you?
  12. How did you like 14868? We'll be in it for a 21-night cruise next year!
  13. Any ideas on the latest date you can request a "deviation?" I'm nervous about being stuck on a night owl, ending up at LaGuardia in the early morning of our cruise departure. I'd rather request a deviation to arrive a day early, but some of the comments have indicated that NCL might require a hotel stay in a hotel of "their" choice . . .
  14. Great tip about reading the definitions! I'll make sure I do that in the future. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
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