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  1. I was about to ask about solo cruisers being able to Royal Up when I saw @brookmill18's post. I will be solo on Freedom in November and Oasis in December. I tried to check the upgrade site mentioned, but like @EatonDoolittleand @Espnmentioned, I'm not able to -- it says I need to be within 30 days. However, it appears others have gotten the emails in advance of 30 days prior to cruising. Has anyone had success checking eligibility for Royal Up outside of 30 days?
  2. It didn't give me the option of a hold. I messaged RCCL and they said it was okay to have two reservations, so I went ahead and made it. A savings of $240, and it's refundable, so once I'm able to get in touch with my TA, I'll just cancel it.
  3. Quick question -- I can't reach my TA right now, but want to take advantage of the lower rates. Is it okay to have two reservations in the same name for the same sailing at one time? Or will that screw up my first reservation (that my TA is not available to change). That first one is a group rate, and it's now about $200 more than what I can pay now. But, I don't want to lose my current reservation with my Cruise Planner deals. . .
  4. Thanks for posting the close-ups! I looked at the Space Needle webcam this morning and there she was!!!
  5. Wow, how scary! Thanks for the feedback, @shutterbug63. I assume this was with Lucky Stables?
  6. I'm in the same boat, so to speak :-) I made a refundable reservation at a Best Western hotel, and made a reservation through AirBnB with a Superhost. Totally different areas, but costs are somewhat similar. I'd rather stay in the AirBnB, but if it falls through, will go to Plan B.
  7. I'm hoping to try this in St Maarten when I'm there in December. I communicated with Lucky Stables about arranging a ride on my own, but they indicated that it would be best to book it through the cruise ship (which I've already done). I would appreciate any comments from those who have done this before, or are planning on it in the future.
  8. Thanks, @USN59-79; that is exactly the input I was hoping for :-)
  9. @PhD-ivaJust emailed you with my CC screen name in the subject line!
  10. @PhD-ivaI'm in exactly the same boat! Well, ship! Are you interested in an Arctic Crossing in September 2022?
  11. I'm glad to hear you didn't have to pay anything extra. That additional $1000 didn't make sense to me either. Hopefully you had a great time!
  12. FWIW, I got my first Shingrix shot on January 19, my first Pfizer on Feb 3, second Pfizer on Feb 24, and my second Shingrix shot on March 19. My doctor and the vaccination folks recommended at least 14 days between the two types of shots. My arm was a lot sorer from the Shingrix than it was from the Pfizer, both times. I launched right into yard work and other arm-intensive activities right after each shot, and it seemed to help alleviate the soreness to a degree. I also donated blood on April 6, and the COVID test they ran on it indicated "Reactive" (versus "Positive" or "Negative,") indicating the presence of antibodies. And yup, I'll get the booster when it's available / recommended.
  13. I posted this yesterday on another blog . . . Possible update -- Cruise Planner for my reservation on Navigator for 29 November - 3 December 2021 (**WAS FLL-Nassau - Coco Cay - FLL) now shows as "Cancelled" but with a new itinerary -- LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - CATALINA ISLAND, CALIFORNIA - ENSENADA, MEXICO) in the title box. It tells me to contact my TA for more details -- but he hasn't been provided any yet. Maybe Monday . . .
  14. Thanks for the tip, @Chiliburn; just booked the Russell for our pre-cruise stay in April 2022!
  15. I Ride My Own (20)12 Harley Davidson :-) Yup, it's the one in my profile picture!
  16. @Peace2U, that's great that you've rented an RV and enjoyed it! We now have a 31' Class C -- we've owned just about every other type (Class A, Class C, 5th Wheel, 5th Wheel Toyhauler, Travel Trailer, PopUp Camper) except for a Class B. My preference is the Class C or the Travel Trailer, mainly because both my DH and I can drive them. My suggestion would be to figure out how you want to use it (i.e., short trips vs extended cross-country) and who you foresee driving it. The reason I mention that is that the long haul driving (or even traveling for several weeks at a time) can be tiring, and it's nice to be able to share the burden/task. Personally, being a fledgling Class C driver (with a toad), I find that my limit is about 1 hour of driving. It doesn't seem to bother my DH as much, but he grew up driving trucks on a Montana ranch. If "heavy duty" driving is in your future, I'd look at something you both will feel comfortable driving. Renting different types would give you that exposure. Just my $0.02.
  17. You can also request that the transfer fees be removed; if you're comfortable with arranging your own transportation from the airport to your hotel (if you request a deviation) and/or from the airport to the port and port - airport (if you're not requesting a deviation), you'll probably be ahead by doing the transfers on your own.
  18. You can also buy Kyle MacLachlan's wine! https://www.pursuedbybearwine.com/
  19. Dark Shadows! Jonathan Frid -- swoon!!! Oh, and FBI with Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. And Mr. Ed because I was horse crazy . . .
  20. Happy Birthday, @dani negreanu! Live long and prosper :-) \\//
  21. Oh, you're coming to my neck of the woods! Lake Chelan is wonderful -- will you be renting a car? You'll have just missed the crush season, but will have lots of choices :-).
  22. Four booked through September 2022 -- 1 NCL (October) and 3 RCL (Dec 2021, April 2022 and September 2022)
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