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  1. Many thanks for the quick reply! I think I will also go with the Santorini route. And, as much as I do want to visit Athens one day...I have been warned about the traffic, population, etc. It appears that there aren't mean CC members that have been on the ship since it's renovation. Still a bit worry to pay more for a suite for honeymoon just to have to listen to noise from the above deck the whole night =T but i guess i'll take my chances. Thanks again all! Especially those that have provided tour ideas..so handy!! Best, Sillybutt
  2. Hi All, I am highly considering on booking the 7 night Greek Isles & Turkey cruise which will be departing from Venice and visiting the following islands : Venice, Italy; Bari, Italy; Corfu, Greece; Santorini, Greece; Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey; Katakolon, Greece; Venice, Italy. We are in our early 30's and this trip will be part of the main leg of our honeymoon!! so i'm trying to do as much homework / research as possible so it can be flawless and most enjoyable :) I will greatly appreciate if the experts can help with the below questions : 1. SUITES - It's our honeymoon and the price is right...BUT i read many complains about unbearable noise coming from the deck above (pool / pool chair cleanup etc). Wondering if anyone have sailed on the ship post the renovation and if this have helped with the noise factor? 2. Weather - We're looking to traveling during the first week of Sept and hope that the weather and activities/stores are open for the ports mentioned below. 3. Did anyone travel w/ the itin. mentioned above and would be kind enough to share their experiences (ship info, activities during port call, tricks and tips). 4. We are also planning to travel Venice, Florence and maybe even Cinque Terres prior or post the cruise ..so any recommendations here will also be greatly appreciated (eg hotel recommendations, restaurant recommendations, money saving tips. 5. Finally, i been having trouble choosing b/t two itin that will be offer by Splendour (only one week apart). The first itin is mentioned above already. The second itin includes the following : Venice, Italy; Bari, Italy; Corfu, Greece; Mykonos, Greece; Piraeus (Athens), Greece; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Venice, Italy. I realllly want to visit Santorni because i read and heard so many good stuff about it. And, it doesn't appears that I can replace Santorni's experience with Mykonos. However, I also been wanting to visit Athens and Croatia for awhile. Hence, the reason why I am so torn b/t the two routes. Have anyone been on both and care to share their experience with me ? Many thanks in advance!! - Sillybutt
  3. Thanks gtaylor!! Thank you for the vast amoutn of information you have provided for me. I had since posting my 'question' post...printed out all the maps of Marigot and Phillipsburg which provided a lot more clarity in terms of the geography and distance between all the spots i wanted to see. Just a few follow-up questions: [1] Cruise dock to Front Street - You have mentioned that many take the taxi from the dock to the Front Street. Are the roads hard to walk on or are the streets tricky to find even with a map. For the distance of .8 miles it doesn't seem like it's a problem for me to walk off my big continential breakfast i'm planning on consuming every morning. [2] How often are the bus/van running on Back Street? And, where on Marigot side can I find the bus stop or area to return back to Phillipsburg? THANKS AGAIN!! - Sillybutt:)
  4. hi hi leogirl, i just spend 3 hours reading through all the threads seeking for info that will help plan out my list of activities on the one day our cruise ship [rci - adventure of the seas] is docking at philipsburg, st. martin in late aug. hope you can help me with the list of questions below: [THANKS IN ADVANCE!] 1. Bus ride from Philipsburg to Marigot, where exactly is this bus stop/terminal located in Philipsburg? Is it far from the ship dock? Is there a number associated with the busline? 2. Marigot - Fort Amsterdam - Is there a entrance fee, if so, how much? Is it far from the bus stop and boutique? 3. How far is Front Street located from the Philipsburg ship dock? How far is Orient Beach from the Front Street? 4. Horseback riding at Cape Bay. Where exactly is Cape Bay?? Is it far from the other "must-see" places, ie: Marigot, Orient Beach, Front Street and the ship dock? - Initially i had wanted to do the "sunset trail" but realized that we are due back to the ship by 530, is there another time that you will suggest is good for doing horse trail, since it will be sunny the entire day given that there's no rain..do you suggest its too hot to do this activity? - Also, if you have tried this..is it geared toward beginners or more intermediate? And, do they have saddled seats? 5. Marigot and French Side - I understand you mentioned that shopping on the french side might except US dollar, does that apply to the entire Marigot or would i be require to exchange currency? Also, would it be a bad idea to use my credit card in Front Street, does most store require CASH ONLY?? I believe the rest of my questions are answered by previous posting. GREATLY APPRECIATED FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!! PS I'll be sure to drop by your father's store to checkout the wonderful t-shirt collection!! hope to see you there! - Sillybutt:)
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