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  1. Thank you Bonnie, we were worried that they may have sold out some of the excursions. Good to know there will be more offerings, very excited about this trip!
  2. We are booked on both the cruises. We have been to Hawaii before but not the rest of the ports. I was wondering why there are so few excursions offered for the two cruises?
  3. We did the Chef's Table on the Infinity last May. Could not have had a more wonderful time, the best evening! There were 10 of us in the Wine Cellar (a private dinning room inside Tuscan Grill) no Officer attended. We had met some couples on board and asked if they would want to do the Chef's Table, we asked the MaitreD to help arrange it (there was one couple we hadn't met). We had a great group, all who enjoyed trying new things and everyone was very positive and pleasant. It would have been too tight if more than 10 people at the table. The food was amazing, service was very attentive but not intrusive, the explanation of the wines was extremely informative as to why he chose the wine as well as where it came from. The Chef seemed to be pleased that everyone enjoyed each course, so he enjoyed going into a more in depth explanation of each course and also came out at the end for which he and the whole staff was given a round of much deserved round of applause! This was hands down one of the top Chef's Tables we have experienced, only to be outdone by Infinity again where several years ago, the Chef's Table was in the kitchen (they don't do that anymore)! It is pricey, yes, but our experience was worth it.
  4. So sorry I didn't answer sooner. To tell you the truth, we were on a B2B Panama then Pacific Coast. LaPetite Chef's debut was the first night of the Pacific Coast Infinity. We had a wonderful meal and experience, repeated again some nights later... Still excellent. We never asked if it was permanent or just the trial run for the Infinity. So apologies, I don't know the answer.
  5. We were on the Infinity last month, La Petite Chef was introduced on the Pacific Coast Cruise. We went opening night... Watched the entire restaurant giggle.. Ohhhs and Ahhhs and only positive comments! We returned a few nights later, loved it even more as there were so many things we did not see the first time. Again, people had a good time! Staff was unbelievable, service was great and the food was excellent! There are endless possibilities for the future, different presentations and menus. Part of our travel experience is to explore different places, cultures, foods and wines. This was a fun change, look forward to doing it again on the Edge! For some.. they will never go, for some it will be a one time experience, and for some they will want to see it several times! It was amazing to see how many cell phones, cameras that were recording... We did too, but the movies /pictures can't replace the whole experience!
  6. Thank you! We were on the Quest, Owner's Suite but on deck 8. Could not use the beautiful balcony because of the soot. Also quite a bit of noise from above, especially in the morning and evening. Hopefully the 6th floor will be better!
  7. Journey - 6088? Trouble finding information... Am I looking in the wrong place? Thank you in advance.
  8. Just off a B2B on the Infinity, Panama Canal it was Quisine (ate there once, on 15 day cruise, as usual it was OK). They changed over to LA Petite Chef for the Pacific Coast. We ate there the first night of the opening, it was FANTASTIC! We were so impressd we made reservations for later in the cruise. The presentation was captivating and the food was superb. We watched the reaction of people throughout both meals, never saw so many people giggle and laugh! There were things we saw the second time that we had not noticed the first. The lobster course was a full tail and the filet was one of the best we have had. The staff was wonderful, service was outstanding and the timing of the courses was comfortable. Spoke to a gentleman from corporate who was there, the possibilities are endless for changing both the presentation and the menu in the future. As with any new restaurant, there will be differing opinions, but for us, we are looking forward to doing it again on the Edge!
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