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  1. OH my, what an arrogant ....., I always say somthing to people who do not wash, at work at a concert anywhere, you do not need to be a figure of authority to mention it, it puts a thought in their minds that will maybe make them think twice next time. It works on children all the time, just is harder to get into the heads of Adults who think they know it all. enough said.
  2. NOT comenting on people passing through, if you read above it was touching and coughing in the buffet lines, and handling things.
  3. It is so easy to wash your hands, I can't understand why some people refuse.🤮
  4. I always wonder what the aversion is to washing your hands after using the restroom. I just got off of the Coral Princess and evey time I was in a public restroom the others just walked out after flushing and never washed? I do not want to get sick while on a ship I said something to each person as they were leaving the restroom about washing, All I get back was a snide look or in one case and older person then me 50+ said FU? really I just want to stay healthy, I also notice that on the Coral they was no staff person standing at the entrance of the buffet or dining room making sure people use the Purell. On the other ships there is alway someone there, on the Star you can't get past them in the buffet they will not hand you a plate till you wash/rinse with the purell. Is it just me thats weird about people washing thier hands? Just touching the door handles in the restrooms and the flusher is enough to make anyone want to wash up.
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