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  1. Hi all. Getting ready to book the Bliss for a late October cruise. Considering the free air option. Does anyone know what airlines are usually assigned from ORD to LAX, and how inconvenient are the flight times? Do they assign any flights out of Midway airport (looking to avoid that as I am 10 minutes from O’Hare. Also Looking at a deviation to arrive 2 days earlier. Do they assign: BASIC economy or regular Economy if assigned to United? Any info on your experience would be helpful. Thanks in advance!
  2. No straws at all on the GETAWAY last week. That was the end of the Pina Coladas. Should have brought our own.
  3. Bid was for 10/21/2018 Getaway Sailing. I was in their room. Even their travel agent said they had never seen such a low bid accepted. sorry if this aggravates anyone. I couldn’t even get an upgrade from a balcony to a spa balcony for $100 each.
  4. Someone on my cruise was upgraded to a haven room for a bid of $200 each from a balcony. They are first time NCL cruisers and just booked the week before. Looks like no rhyme or reason to who gets upgrades.
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