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  1. Dani -- your dresses are beautiful. I am still shocked at the spectacular deal you got on that ivory dress. Congratulations. It's going to be perfect for your cruise.
  2. I think Stephen King's writing has changed pretty dramatically in the last 10 years or so... I liked his early stuff (Carrie, Salem's Lot, The Shining... etc) but his more recent stuff has a touch of poignancy that I didn't find in his earlier works. Maybe I just missed it (granted it's been years since I've read most of the early stuff) but it just seems different now... we all get older and our viewpoints change, I suppose. The new stuff just draws me in a bit more and makes me truly care about the characters. I enjoyed Bag of Bones too... definitely one of his sadder stories. I've heard that sailaway is VERY different for alaska cruises... we are goign on RCCL and normally there is quite the hoopla for the sailaway... did you see any type of celebration on your initial departure? We are bringing some first time cruisers and I'm hoping there's at least some type of festivities for when we set sail. I'm a bit of an iPod geek, and I've been trying to put together a "playlist" for the cruise... that's a fairly simple task for the caribbean (a little Bob Marley, a little Jimmy Buffett, some random reggae and some steel drums and you're set) but far more complicated for Alaska. I've about given up on my quest to find suitable Alaskan cruise music. :) So perhaps I'll download some books instead... suggestions of good scary stuff?
  3. I loved Duma Key as well... I have to admit, it made me cry a bit. But then I'm a big wuss who loves scary books... talk about a strange combination, huh? Robert McCammon is a great writer, his older stuff is more classically horror type stuff... things like a take on Poe's House of Usher, werewolves, demons, etc. I loved them, because I am a horror geek... but his last two books are less true horror and more period fiction all taking place in the late 17th or early 18th centuries. Less SCARE more ambience. Right now I'm reading a true horror novel, not for the faint of heart I fear... it's the new Bentley Little novel called "The Academy". His books are definitely more scary and truly horror novels than a lot of the current stuff being marketed in the genre. If you have never read (or listened to) any of his stuff, I suggest starting with "The Store". You'll never look at Walmart the same. :) I too love the Caribbean... this tiem we are doing Alaska and I'm looking forward to the scenery but I worry that I'll miss the peace and serenity of truly being at sea with nothing but ocean around...
  4. You can order the same wine or a different wine every night. As long as it's a wine included in your package, you can order it. We always do the Wine & Dine package and find it works great for us.
  5. I love David Sedaris... I haven't read (or listened to) his new book but I've read older ones. As for Kindle I'm totally jealous if you get it! Hehe... I've been coveting one for awhile. I am trying to get into the listening to books phase (would be nice when I'm driving to and from work and traveling) but I'm still kind of a book reader. Hard to make the switch... I just finished "The Queen of Bedlam" by Robert McCammon and thought it was phenomenal. It's a sequel but can stand alone if one hasn't read the first book. Jim, you like scary books? What was the last one you read? What recommendations do you have for a definite horror/scary book fan? I need some stuff to take on my Alaskan cruise at the end of this month... glad to hear you liked Alaska... I'm really looking forward to it. How was your exotic cruise?
  6. great info... thanks so much!!! One last question... I need the straps that are supposed to attach to the bra in the spanx... I bought a return and got a discount on it (pretty substantial) but it didn't come with the straps and I think I want/need those. Any suggestions? I'm not much of a seamstress...
  7. This is some great info... I've been looking at getting a Chi simply because the flat iron I have doesn't get as hot as I think it should because my hair never seems to completely straighten out... it gets a little less wavy but still seems to have some big waves that just won't straighten out. Also, the straightening doesn't last as long as it needs to. Thanks so much!
  8. Wow... I finally bought some Spanx and now I think I "get it". They are comfortable (are they supposed to be comfortable, or did I get too big of a size?) and I'm actually enjoying wearing them. So... how do I know if the size I bought is correct? I can breathe in these and actually get them on without struggling. Should I try a smaller size next time?
  9. Okay... I gave in and ordered this dress... it's adorable and I hope it looks as good in person as it does online. And what a great price!!!
  10. Did they do a good job? I've only had an updo once (I can't for the life of me do one myself) and it was very pretty and I'd like to try it again. What I don't want is for it to look really severe and tight... like an old schoolmarm bun. Does anyone have a good site to go look at some updo pictures so I can get some ideas of what I do want? I've checked but all I seem to find are bridal updos which are a bit more... complicated than I need. My hair reaches to about the middle of my back, if that helps. Thanks so much!!!!
  11. That's a great idea!!! I have wavy hair that I like to sometimes curl and sometimes straighten and I'm not looking forward to taking both a straightener and a curling iron. What is the brand? Does it get hot enough to really curl your hair or to straighten it? Definitely post a review when you have had a chance to use it, if you have a chance.
  12. We are a group of five adults who are all going to be traveling from a hotel by the airport in Seattle to the Amtrak station the morning of our cruise. We will all have luggage and I use a wheelchair so trunk space is limited... is there any type of transportation that would get all of us to the terminal together? I'd rather not have to get three separate taxis if I can avoid it. Any suggestions? Any suggestions for wheelchair transport? I can get into a car but can't climb into a van unless it's equipped for a wheelchair. Thanks for your help!
  13. I bought two dressy dresses for my cruise and now I'm wondering what I should get for a wrap/shawl to wear with them. I am going to try to get pictures, but I'll do my best to describe them and maybe you can help... Dress 1: The most formal of the two -- black very sheer overlay that has a high neck but no shoulders or sleeves. The neck is tight and then the bodice is pleated to a satin cumberbund and a flowy skirt. It's very pretty... I will wear chandelier earrings with it but no necklace. Dress 2: Less formal. It's blue and has a low neckline and a little rhinestone thing at the waist to gather the shirring together. It's form fitting but EXTREMELY comfortable. It's just below knee length and I'm going to wear it for the second formal night. Since the cruise is alaskan, I'd like to get a wrap so that I'll stay warm in the dining room (if I need it) and so that if I want to go look at whales (hopeful, aren't I?) before or after dinner I can go outside and not freeze. I usually get the lacy kind (I'm game to get another of those, but it won't be very warm) but the thicker ones sometimes look like I'm wearing a blanket. I'd like to only take one warm wrap (and maybe one less warm but lacy wrap) so I'd like it to go with as much stuff as possible. I'm very short so length can be a bit overwhelming on me... Thanks for any help you can give. I'll try to get pictures up soon.
  14. I am looking for a good waist cincher (I'm kind of a straight up and down but "fluffy" girl) and some good spanx for my upcoming cruise. Suggestions?
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