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  1. That would explain why I do not find anything. We figure we will book in advance. With 6 of us dining together we will book all 11 nights and then figure it out on the ship. Easier to switch a reservation adding 4 more than trying to add 6 I would think. Well, thanks for the help. I can quit looking.
  2. We are doing NCL for the first time in Jan. We are on an 11 day Western Caribbean. My question is about the 5 free dining nights we have. I would love to pick them in advance but would want to see what is in the main dining room first. I have searched the web for menus but to no avail. I expect I have to wait until on the ship and then they pay venues may be getting full. We are traveling in a party of 6 and will probably dine together so was hoping to not wait until the last minute. Does anyone know where to find the menus I may be missing? How do you do it?
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