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  1. We just did this in late December. A few tips: We'd booked our hotel shuttle with the assumption that we'd be taking the 7:30 am ferry. Our flight was not delayed, but we were seated toward the back - about 95% of the 500 or so people on the plane were in the customs line ahead of us. When it became apparent that we would not make it through line in time to make the 7:30 am shuttle, I stopped one of the security guards and explained or problem. He moved us up through the line. There were tons of taxis at the airport so that was no problem. We made the ferry, and then the shuttle in Moorea. The shuttle guy told us that they would have waited, regardless. But there were tons of taxis at the ferry port so even if the hotel shuttle hadn't waited we still could have easily found our way to the hotel. Enjoy your trip. I think the Hilton has the nicest overwater bungalows on Moorea!
  2. Hi! Just an update. The Raiatea Jet excursion with Jeremie was absolutely wonderful and probably the best day of the cruise. Thanks for the recommendation!!!
  3. Hi! Just an update - I emailed Raiatea Jet Ski today and booked the Tahaa tour with them - for our Raiatea day. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I think we have all of our port days planned now. So excited. Fingers crossed for some good weather while we're there! Thanks again! :)
  4. Are there a lot of private drivers at the dock? We will be there in early January and we're not finding the ship's excursions appealing, and I'm struggling to find a private tour company. Would much prefer to find someone who can take us specifically where we want to go. Would appreciate any tips/info. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for all the input. Does anyone recall if there were a lot of options available for those who simply walk off the boat in Raiatea? Are there cabs that will take you to the Marea? Or a pearl farm or vanilla factory? Or would we better off planning something in advance? Thanks!
  6. Do either of you recall if there was a beach close to the pier in Raiatea? (I'm leaning toward the jet ski excursion but I'd like a back-up plan.) Obviously the water sports platform won't be in use if we're docked. If there's not a good beach in walking distance, were there cabs available to get to one? Or an accessible motu for swimming, etc? None of the Windstar excursions look super appealing for that day.
  7. Thanks so very much! This is all very helpful information! :)
  8. Hello All! We will be on the 7 night sailing out of Tahiti on January 3rd. I'm trying to plan our activities for each day. The Windstar website is a bit vague regarding some details I'd like to have. I'm reaching out to those who've done this cruise recently for some extra info. 1. Which is the private island day? Is it the Tahaa day? If so, do you recall if it was possible to book private excursions that day? (I only ask because on one one of the Caribbean routes the Virgin Gorda stop was on the private island, and the only way to actually get to Virgin Gorda was to book a Windstar excursion - otherwise you were limited to the private island.) 2. I've read that there may be something happening on a motu at Bora Bora? Or maybe Raiatea? Something about a show w/ local performers? Is there more than one event? Basically I'm just hoping someone elaborate a little more re: the above and what happens at each stop. Thanks in advance! :) Jeanne
  9. Ah. We will be leaving as you’re arriving. Have fun! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Hi! We're doing the same thing in January of 2019. Which cruise are you on?
  11. Hi! My husband and I are planning a long'ish vacation in January of 2019. (It has to be late December through early February due to work schedule reasons.) Ideally, we'd like to due a Windstar Bora-Bora cruise with some days added on one end. Our back up is a trip to the Maldives. My concern is the weather. I understand that January is the rainy season and the weather can be iffy. I'd be devastated if we planned this amazing trip and it rained the whole time. So what is anybody's experience with the weather in this part of the world? Who has cruised or visited that region at that time of year? Should we risk it or move on to choice # two? Thanks in advance for the help! :) Jeanne
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