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  1. yes I went for the cheapest option, don't plan to spend much time there
  2. Hotel stay is part of the reason I went for the 4 night rather than the 3, I plan to stay in Portsmouth or the area for a couple of nights pre or post cruise (can't remember the last time I was there) & the extra night on board was more VFM, plus I want to try out as many of the restaurants as possible. I booked thro an agency that specialises in solo cruises & from their FB page it looks like there's at least another 3 on this sailing.
  3. Thanks for the link, currently I'm trying to decide whether to drive or get the train (it's on a direct line from where I live). I did look at the loot thingy, but I'm travelling solo & whilst, in all honesty, I could probably put away that much alcohol, it's probably not a great idea if I still want a functioning liver afterwards.
  4. Great, I started a roll call just in case. Am travelling solo, booked thro an agent that specialises & so far have one other lady from their FB group who is also going. I'm hoping for 5th time lucky! 😄
  5. Have just booked a cabin, anyone else going on this date.
  6. Thanks for your response, I would prefer MSC myself, as I've cruised with them before, but they don't have what we want at the right time. RCI is a viable options, but once we figure in the drinks package the price really shoots up.
  7. Hi, my friend & I are looking at booking a Baltic cruise next year & a few are coming up on Costa Fortuna. Neither of us has ever been on a cruise with Costa & they seem a bit marmite, either great reviews or really bad ones, I believe the ship has had a refit so I ignored a lot of the older ones that complained about it's condition. I've previously sailed on 'European' lines, CMV; P+O; MSC & as well as NCL, (I believe the nearest comparison is probably MSC, but I could be wrong), my friend however has only sailed NCL once (& a Nile cruise), & I think it may be t
  8. Thanks for all your replies, Think I'll just have to hang on a few more weeks & then decide, if it's still on the cards to sail, whether or not to cancel myself. I paid with FCC from a cruise cancelled in March, so the new Covid cancellation rules apply
  9. I was thinking more of the current situation and the current travel restrictions really, but don't think there's been anything before, at least not in our memories, to use as a yardstick. I have a cruise booked early Nov, which I'm trying to decide about & just wondered if there was any easy way of working out whether it will sail. Think I'll just have to hang on a few more weeks & see how it goes. Thanks for all your input
  10. This is a really basic question of those who have cruised much more than I have, tho it is possible that the situation has never occurred before. Is there a minimum number of passengers a cruise would need before it is financially viable for it to go ahead?
  11. I check the trip summery page at least twice a week, but only change is the days to go countdown.
  12. I've got a cruise 8th November out of Athens to islands & Israel. Will it sail, who knows, but I'm waiting a few more weeks before I decide whether to cancel or not,. There's a couple of places on the itinerary which mean I would need to self isolate for 14 days on return, not a major problem as I'm not working, plus some may not let us in, also my insurance would be invalid should anything happened to me, as I'd be travelling against FCO advise. It's a dilemma
  13. I'm cruising western Caribbean later this month with NCL stopping at Cozumel; Costa Maya; Roatan & Harvest Caye. Travelling solo, getting on a bit & not able / inclined to do anything too strenuous, but I'm not a much of a sunbather either. I'd like to see Mayan ruins, but have seen that some are a far distance from the ports & consequently a lot of the trip is spent travelling, I'd like to do a bit of snorkelling, also I like wildlife. Been trying to work my way thro NCL's excursion offerings & find myself going round in circles. I believe the best port for me to see ruins
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