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  1. One other thing that I noticed on Equinox.....You are served by the staff and I'm fine with that, no problem at all. My issue was that if you get a salad you have to pick up a bottle of salad dressing that hundreds of hands have been on in order to pour your own dressing onto your salad. The same is true if you get waffles/pancakes.....your pour your own syrup. Just curious as to why.
  2. We were on Equinox with you and had such a wonderful time cruising again. It was so awesome and hope you had great cruise.
  3. Sushi on Five WAS open earlier. Some of my family were there before Noon on 8/25. Maybe this isn't the case ALL days, but it certainly was on this day.
  4. We just arrived home from this cruise and while I agree with SOME of what you're saying, I don't agree with all. Getting on the ship was simple. We had a 12:30 to 1 check in. Got there a little early with NO wait. Staff exceptionally friendly and so glad that we/they were sailing again. Ship was clean and a lot of cleaning going on. The SkyView Lounge was our favorite place on the ship. Bigger than Viking Crown Lounge on Royal ships. I thought that the food quality in the buffet was better than RCCL. Golden Corral/Denny's quality....I don't think so. I did notice that there were no bar attendants at the evening shows...not sure why. I didn't have a problem knowing what was covered or not with the drink package but I only ordered a couple of drinks multiple times. HOWEVER, I was told that with our drink package that I could get a smoothie at the Spa Cafe....wrong. I missed not having a larger Centrum type space. There was SO many places to sit on this ship. Many in quiet areas. Cafe al Bacio was wonderful. Sushi on Five WAS open for lunch. Perhaps not on every day but the day my husband and brothers went there (at 11:55 am) it was open. We did notice that the meals in the dining room seemed to not be as good as we expected. In fact, don't try the Crab Crusted Flounder, it was sent back. We ate at the Oceanview Cafe more than once. The Sirloin steak that is on the menu every nigh was excellent and had it more than once. We found the entertainment in the theater to be great. Comparable to RCCL. Very talented people. My biggest complaint was the internet. I had the cheaper internet package and was VERY slow and I always have trouble getting the same answer from two people on these ships. On this ship I was told that I could only check email and send messages via FB messaging. I could NOT check FB, no calls thru messaging, etc.. If you ask a second person, you often get a different answer. I found this to be true on Royal as well. I have no clue WHY it isn't spelled out somewhere....the cans and cannots. I chose to not take a chance and did only email and messaging. There were a LOT of people, in suits, in many places...especially the dining room and seemed to be overseeing everything going on. Overall, just to be back on a cruise ship was wonderful. Celebrity was good but not AS good as I have been led to believe. Superior to Royal...I don't think so. That said, if they sailed out of Port Canaveral or Tampa (which is closer to my home), I would certainly sail with them again if the price was right, Ft. Lauderdale is just too far. Every person has different opinions and you should certainly consider giving Equinox a try.
  5. Would like to know this as well. We leave on Equinox Sunday, 8/15.
  6. I've read that Celebrity doesn't accept the IDNow Rapid Test. I have no clue what the BinaxNow is....that's ANOTHER new one. My instructions from Celebrity says PCR or Antigen, if you ask for an Antigen Test, does the provider know what you're talking about? From what I've read, it varies and you could end up getting the wrong one.
  7. Will you get the PCR test or Antigen Test. A lot of confusion about the two since some places give Rapid tests that are apparently not considered Antigen. Gosh, sure hope we got the right one.
  8. We are also on the 8/15 Equinox sailing and I was told, when we booked, (over a year ago) that the cruise was almost a sellout. I have questioned this numerous times and never gotten an answer. Perhaps many have just cancelled.
  9. This really gets more and more confusing. Initially I thought that it was very simple....a PCP test (brain ticker and maybe 24 hour wait) or Antigen test (15 min results & hopefully NOT the brain tickler). CVS/Walgreen's/Urgent Care says they do both, then I started reading that what they are calling the Rapid Antigen Test is the Rapid IDNow and Rapid NAAT test that isn't acceptable but they are calling it an Antigen test? Aren't those totally different tests? How do we know we're getting the correct test? I believe I'll just show them the letter from Celebrity and hope I get the correct one.
  10. Some of the people on board are waiting for their COVID results that apparently have been lost. They are not supposed to leave the ship until they have the results. Some already have missed flights. As of a couple of hours ago....they STILL had not received the results.
  11. We are on the 8/15 sailing of Equinox.....our first Celebrity sailing. QUESTIONS: What are the alternatives for lunch on embarkation day....not Specialty Dining. Also, is there Prime Rib on the first night like on Royal ships?
  12. We are also on the 8/15 sailing. When we booked this, last year during a big promotion, we were told that the ship was almost full for this sailing. I have wondered, if that's so, WHO will be removed? Perhaps many have cancelled. Just curious.
  13. I agree with everything that you're saying. I believe RCCL went overboard compensating this lady and her friend. Private plane home @ RCCL expense, reimbursement for the cruise....even after she spent a few days on the ship, a Future Cruise Credit....for WHAT????? Sailing unvaccinated and getting a positive test she should have been put off the ship at the port (or next available port) at her expense, reimbursement should have been pro-rated and ABSOLUTELY NO FCC!!!!
  14. If you're talking about the Greek cruise, we have also been invited!!! Guess this went out to everyone.
  15. We were able to complete ours also! It's getting closer....FINALLY!
  16. Not a stupid question at all....I understand this as my husband and I (Diamond +) have traveled with our children who were experiencing their first RCCL cruise. We were told by other people that "Yes" you would be allowed to all board at the same time. We questioned this when we went to check in and the employee rolled her eyes and frustratingly said "go ahead" and all worked out great. BUT.....this was all pre-covid. You certainly will be allowed to board early but not sure about others. I would ask and you might just get lucky. If not, you can choose to stay with them until they can board or to go ahead without them and just meet up as they board. Good luck to you.
  17. Thanks for your post. We are on a 9/26 Allure sailing and wondered why we couldn't check in. I read that you could check in on your phone via the RCCL App but I don't see a way to do this. Does it really make a difference if you're checking in on a Desktop on App?
  18. Sadly, I have heard/read about cruisers arriving at their assigned times that were left standing OUTSIDE the terminal for over 2 hours due to people being allowed in at times other than their check in. I don't think this was Celebrity but it certainly means that unless the cruise line enforces the check in times, those arriving on time could be left outside. Cudos to Celebrity if they enforce this.
  19. Our check in is 12:30-1:00pm. It was the earliest time available.
  20. Thanks CHESMARYLOU, I was hoping that Celebrity would adhere to the rules. Yes, no way you can compare Celebrity and Carnival.
  21. Yesterday I heard about ones of the ships (I believe it was Carnival Horizon) having 2 hour PLUS wait, some people outside in the heat, to get on board due to people not honoring their check-in times. Apparently these people were being allowed to go ahead and board, while people who were there at the proper time couldn't even get into the terminal. I thought there was to be strict adherence to the boarding times and that if you arrived early you would be made to stay outside of the terminal until your time. What has been the experience on Celebrity Edge? We have an 8/15 Equinox cruise and I don't want to be outside in the hot sun while "offenders" are allowed ahead of us.
  22. We have a sailing on Equinox for August 15th and were able to check in Monday.
  23. This says they are under new management and currently not accepting reservations until ships start sailing out of PC. Just thought that with cruise reservations being made out of PC that they would have opened it up. Thanks for the info. Their main website is down.
  24. That’s what I figured. I usually make my reservation at least a month out. Guess we’ll know soon.
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