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  1. Thank You zqvol. Our experience is just the opposite. We spend a vast majority of our time in our stateroom which is why we opt for a suite We rarely do excursions. As I say "Put the ship in the middle of the ocean, drop the anchor and leave it there until we have to go back". We enjoy dining in the variety of restaurants, comedy shows the occasional showroom show and a slow romantic stroll around the deck at night. I want nothing to do with crowds, kids, telephones, noise, cleaning, computers, employees, internet, etc. No hairiest chest or any other contest, no swimming, no partying
  2. Trimone so now we know they get a SALARY and GRATUITIES between $2400 - $3200 DEPENDING ON the cruise line. Thanks for the information.
  3. Let me take this one at a time. sverigecruiser: I misread your response. I thought you were asking which cruise line. NCL simply states the butlers do not share in the daily gratuities we all pay. As for other compensation i.e. salary that I was told on a response a couple of years ago they receive none. Now I get a response here which states the butler, in fact, DOES receive a salary of $1K USD. This is now opening pandora's proverbial box. I should have just kept my mouth shut. Sorry folks. Now last. Oteixeira: Whether they get paid a salary or not is of no importance to
  4. Complawyer I wouldn't feel "cheap". That is if it is for a couple. If you are talking a suite with a family it would be at the low end but certainly not cheap. Now you understand my confusion and concern. It may also depend on the level of suite. A Garden Villa vs Deluxe Owners Suite vs Penthouse.
  5. Thank you, rjm. Then I am in a similar range although there are only two of us. As a side note regarding the concierge, we use his/her services rarely although on a recent cruise the concierge had been our butler on an earlier cruise and he took exceptional care of us. Within a short time of arriving in our suite the butler knocked at the door with additional "treats" curtesy of the concierge. He had been instructed by the concierge what and how we were to be treated. LOL
  6. I ask this question each time we time we sail on Norwegian and someday hopefully someone will give me a straight answer. What do you tip the butler? Yes, it all depends what he/she does to earn it but there must be some base that people use. I just do not know what that is, flat fee? $5 per day? $10? a % of the fare? These people do not receive any compensation except what tips they receive. No pay, no portion of the daily gratuities no anything except tips. I have no idea how many suites for which they are responsible. We have had suites on 7 Norwegian cruises and I have no ide
  7. I really like Crème Brule. My waiter brought me one each night and I never even asked, even when it wasn't on the menu. Then I would order my desert. LOL People order Appetizers meal size or meal size as appetizers. The only question is availability.
  8. I don't know if Carnival has gotten their act together for embarkation day on the Vista but... Priority boarding order is 1. Platinum/Diamond; 2. Suite 3. Handicap 4. FTTF. Normally there is a separate VIP area for Platinum/ Diamond and Suite guests. On our cruise (we were Platinum AND Suite) we were informed the VIP Lounge was not available and we were put on a line consisting of all (1, 2,3 & 4) with no preferable treatment. I talked to a Diamond couple (58th Carnival cruise) and they were no happy "campers". Bottom line is "Good Luck" with streamlining the boarding process.
  9. Thank you for your response njhorseman. The change may be attributable to the mega ship (Breakaway and in my case Vista) and the sheer number of passengers and accompanied luggage that would be clogging up the sidewalk at the terminal. Maybe with the Sunshine in September they may allow pick-ups also. I can only hope.
  10. It has been a year and a half since cruising out of NYC. On all our previous cruises out of NYC (9) the taxi drove up the ramp and dropped us and picked us up right at the "door" but in November the drop off was the same but we had to lug our luggage (actually I paid a port with a wagon) across 12th Avenue to catch a cab. We are again going out of NYC this year. Does anyone know what the arrangements are now for taxi drop off / pickup? We are another 1 1/2 year older and just need to be prepared.
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