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  1. Yes he is as well as 4 others in our group. The worst problem I have is that Princess has our 12 - 19 Dec Caribbean Princess and 20 - 30 Dec Enchanted Princess listed in the app as a back to back. I was told to wait until a system update in Aug ??? takes place and hope that it updates the cruises correctly.
  2. Have an iPhone 8s and have latest updates for phone and the app. Up till a few days ago, pictures of DH and myself were shown on the Ocean Ready Profile page for all our cruises and also on all other pages in the app. We had the green lane for all cruises and all but #4 and 5 were checked for each cruise.. Now my phone only shows my picture under Ocean Ready Profile and all the other pages - i.e. passport etc. This is either using a booking number or Princess log in data to open the app. I opened the app on my husband's phone and everything shows as if he was a solo cruiser too. Is it possible to get his picture/info back to my phone to show that we are cruising together?
  3. We are on the Emerald for 28 Jan 2022 (FLL to LA) , 12 Feb (LA to FLL) and 13 March (10 day Panama out of FLL)
  4. We are Elite and have made reservations with DMW for our 28 Nov cruise. For cruises from Jan - Nov 2022, MC will not let me make reservations. MC tells me to check back later.
  5. So if someone from the U.S. who is 18 is sailing into and out of Australian ports, they would be allowed to purchase the alcohol drink package?
  6. Where in the travel summary do you find these statements. Have looked all through mine and see nothing like this. Maybe it's because we are not cruising until 28 Nov and this won't be shown until closer to cruise date. At least for now Princess allows some coke and water to be brought on board.
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