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  1. Totally agree with you about short cruises but we might have to give in and do one to get to cruise this summer.
  2. Maybe fly back from Anchorage?? There are other threads that say no B2B to get around the 7 day cruise limit
  3. I’ve had it applied to all my 2021 cruises and one for March 2022. Sure glad they went back to allowing you to submit by email.
  4. We have been in your situation where the cabin we wanted was only available on a 28 day cruise. Called Princess and the agent contacted Inventory Control (believe that is the correct name) and they released the cabin from the longer cruise . We then booked as a B2B (two 14 day cruises). This was several years ago but imagine that they are still able to do the switching.
  5. I've been on all ships except the Star and of course the 2 newest ones. It's hard to pick as we enjoyed all and have had no problems like so many have posted about on CC. Our most favorite would be the Pacific/Ocean Princess, then Coral Princess, Sky Princess and Sun/Sea. There isn't one that we wouldn't cruise on . We haven't been on the Island since it was "changed" but have 6 cruises for 2021 on the Island because it has the itineraries/ports we want to visit.
  6. AFter you updated your authorization, did the new expiration date change back to 2099?
  7. I checked mine and it is 12/31/99. Started cruising in 2004 and don't remember sending it in but one time. Will check the date every so often to see if it changes.
  8. Posted before a cup of coffee and chose the wrong OBC chart to post. We do find that for us, usually booking several cruises as B2Bs vs one longer cruise works out better for the OBC we receive. Have talked to others who can get better pricing for the longer cruise and book that way.
  9. Depends on the length of the cruise, cabin type and how you book your cruises. Two 7 days cruises booked as a b2b (two booking numbers) in a balcony you would receive $50 per person for each cruise. If you book this same cruise as a 14 day cruise (one booking number) in a balcony, each person would receive $100. You need to consider the difference in cost between booking it as two 7 day cruises or one 14 day cruise. We usually book our B2Bs cruises separately.
  10. Do like that we have the email option again. Emailed my SHB request early on the 22 Sept. Within a few hours it had been credited to our 8 cruises - from Aug 21 to Mar 22.
  11. Not sure . I have cruises booked in Aug/Sept 2021 and Nov/dec 2021. I have booked several excursions on each cruise which are confirmed and haven't had a problem. All the ones I booked, only had the one time slot for the cruise and I haven't completed the cruise contract on all of them. Even was able to book a tour for March 2022. I am guessing that even though the cruises have excursions that can be booked, that by the time we start cruising some excursions might be changed and possible price increase.
  12. Thanks for this info. Wondered how the NCF was computed but never tried to figure it out.
  13. Well, Princess cancelled 3 cruises for the Grand Princes in March/April 2021. We are only getting back the amount of money paid - either the FCD or plus any partial payments that were made - to the original form of payment.. No FCCs given. They did give $15 pp Goodwill Credit for each cruise which we are to receive if we book any other cruise by 28 Feb 2021. TA will receive a bonus commission of $25. Two cruises only had FCDs as deposit and since they are now expired, expect that money will go back to our credit card. The third cruise had an FCD for deposit plus an additional $1000 part
  14. On 2 Sept, Princess cancelled our 3 Grand Princess cruises due to redeployment of the Grand. They are still listed as Upcoming Cruises and FCDs still show being assigned to those bookings.. Two of those FCDs are now expired and I am sure that I will receive that amount to my credit card one day. The 3rd FCD will hopefully be return to "Active" status and be available to used for a future cruise. I had made an extra partial payment of $1000 to one of those cruises and still waiting for that to go back to my credit card. On 2 Sept, I had my TA cancel the 4th Grand Princess
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