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  1. This week got the 3 For Free for our 2021 cruise but couldn't get the free dining. TA tried with no luck and I called Princess to double check why. Princess said that the free dining is capacity controlled.
  2. That is my understanding of the "plain" Mobile Passport. Have to input all the info for each trip on your day of arrival. We really liked the first version where all of your passport info and your picture was stored in the app. It worked great for us and saved a lot of time flying into Atlanta from London.
  3. We always do early walk off at the Port Everglades Terminal and so far no one for mobile passport has been there that early. Are you using Mobile Passport or Mobile Passport Plus?
  4. Thanks for the picture. These are the same type holes I get in everything but jeans and so far socks. I get more than 2 holes though. Now I only send tee shirts that I don't care how many holes they might come back with. Turn around time is normally next day unless ship has a large number of Elites.
  5. We've been to Planks twice on the Caribbean Princess and really enjoyed it. Way too much food so no one could go away hungry.
  6. Probably right as honor isn't around to much these days. Some now put the honor value system in the "not politically correct to do anymore" basket.
  7. I think that at most of the trivia games we have played, the CD staff member working the game always starts out by saying that laptops, phones, ipads etc are not to be used. The internet is so slow that it is not worth wasting your wi-fi minutes to win such cheap ship prizes. They also mention not to use non electronics devices and only 6 per team.
  8. Wonder if they will stop passing out balloons to the audience to blow up during pre show at I believe the talent shows. The audience had about 10 minutes or so of batting balloons back and forth in the theater before the show started.
  9. Same thing for me for the 11 Jan 2020 Sky P. cruise. Once final payment made (early) the circle for Cruise Personalizer turned green. I had called Princess about the "circle" and they said it would turn green after final payment made. They also said they were now only using the Medallion Class ap instead of the Ocean Ready ap.
  10. I'd take a Milky Way over any magnet or deck of cards if I could even win
  11. We have an IPhone with AT&T and followed their directions to enable wi-fi calling. As long as you connect to the internet (either ship's, hotel, or friend's home) you can dial any U.S. number from anywhere overseas - at least we can. Did set the wi-fi calling up while in the US . I make Facetime or regular phone calls while on the ship and never have had a problem. Depending on the length of the cruise and number of minutes in my internet package, I figure up how many minutes I can have for these calls.
  12. If you are referring to my post, my tee shirt had a large black stain across the back after it was cleaned the first time. The room steward brought the shirt to me and showed me the large stain and apologized for what happened to the shirt. He said maybe the stain would come out if they tried to clean it again. I could tell at that time that the color and size of the shirt was nothing like it was when I first sent it out. If you want to scam the laundry process, guess it is how you do things.
  13. Forgot to mention that I use separate laundry bags for cleaning or laundry items. Everything but blue jeans and socks will go in the cleaning bag which for some unknown reason I mark "wash in cold water" and "cool dry". It doesn't work for me.
  14. It was a new bright red tee shirt that became a dull red after the 2nd washing trying to get out the large black stain on the back of the shirt. Luckily, I had the same new shirt in bright yellow that i took to PSD to show the difference in coloring and size. At first they said to file a claim with homeowners insurance, then said they would send a letter and picture to corporate office and finally got a call to ask if I would be ok with $30 OBC.
  15. For an embroidered Princess tee shirt that was stained, became too wide and too long I got $30 OBC. They offered to send DHs undershorts to someone to sew up the holes but I declined their offer. Just wanted them to see the holes.
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