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  1. I find this under the Dining Guide section found on the last page of the daily patter. If the buffet will be having say a special themed dinner such as Mongolian Barbeque or Indian Curry , this is listed by the Horizon Court/World Market in the daily Dining Guide. My favorites are the Mongolian Bargeque and German nights. You know it will be Italian night when the buffet workers are dressed in their striped shirts.
  2. Our son just called to say that he had 2 $100 refunds on the credit card he used to purchase FCDs June 2018. These were first FCDs he had bought and didn't realize they expired. He's not a big time cruiser🙂
  3. We Cancelled a March cruise a few days before Princess implemented Pause 1. All monies paid for that cruise was refunded to our credit card. Cancelled a June cruise when Princess extended the cancellation time to 60 days prior to cruise date. Had all the monies paid refunded to credit card. Both cruises were paid in full with insurance.
  4. For our 2 March cruises Princess did send 2 Cancellation Invoices listing the amounts to be refunded (option 2). The final amount refunded to the credit card was the exact amount paid to our TA (the FCD amount was put back on the credit card). For our June cruise, we cancelled before final payment (it was paid in full). We did not receive a Cancellation Invoice. The 2 FCDs went back to our Captain Circle account and the refund to our credit card matched our TAs invoice (minus the $200 for FCDs).
  5. We were scheduled to do the Nov 2020 Israel cruise on the Island Princess for our chance to get to Israel. Already had two private tours booked (no deposits required). When Princess cancelled the cruise we went ahead and booked the Island Princess for Nov and Dec 2021. We were able to book the same two private tours in Israel for 2021. Ideal way to visit Israel would be a land tour but not an option so this cruise will give us a "taste". I'm hoping that by next Nov things have improved so that this cruise will be able to go. Had friends spend a week in Israel in 2019 and they never felt unsafe and really enjoyed the tour.
  6. On day 105 (today) , we received the last outstanding refund due for our five 2020 cruises that were cancelled. The last refund was for the 6 June cruise (paid in full) we cancelled on 18 Mar. We Didn't do any interviews, file a dispute with the CC, submit a complaint to the FMC and only called Princess once which was today. The Princess Rep checked our 6 June booking and told me Princess had processed the paperwork on 24 June to go back on our credit card and it should be posted to our Barclay CC in 5 - 7 business days. On business day 5 at 10pm it was posted on my CC account. Every dollar we had spent on the five cruises has now been refunded to our CC or processed as a FCC. We have only received the bonus FCC for one cruise, but the others should post eventually. Will not stress over those.
  7. I would have liked to receive all my refunds or FCCs quicker but I am sure it will happen. Out of 5 cancelled cruises waiting on the bonus FCCs for three cruises and either a refund or FCCs for my 6 June cruise. Can't imagine why someone would drop their TA because of the way Princess is handling the refund/FCC process.
  8. What about the Nov/Dec 2020 cruises? Are you booking those for 2021?
  9. Yes - cruise Date 30 Mar. Refund to credit card and 25% in FCCs. Received FCDs. Finalized 17 June 2020 Yes - cruise date 15 Mar. Refund only. Received FCDs. Missing bonus FCCs No - cruise date 6 June. Only received future cruise deposit Partial Yes - 22 Nov/6 Dec. Only FCCs for additional deposit paid. No FCDs returned or bonus FCCs received
  10. I was surprised today when I was checking my credit card account and saw two large credits covering our two March cruises. The FCDs had been returned earlier to our account. All monies paid in full for the two cruises have now been returned. It took 91 days for the refunds to process. We are still waiting to received the bonus FCCs. For our June cruise (paid in full), we cancelled on 18 March. FCDs were returned shortly after cancelling. To date, no refunds or bonus FCCs have been received. Option 2 was chosen for both the June and March cruises. Our Nov and Dec cruises were cancelled on 6 May. We decided to go with Option 1 and receive FCCs for the additional payments we had made on both cruises. Took 20 days to have the FCCs post to our Nov/Dec 2021 cruises. We are still waiting for the FCDs to be posted to our account. Have not received any bonus FCCs for these two cruises. Will be glad when the last refund comes in. Will not hold my breath for all the bonus FCCs but it would be nice to get them.
  11. In all our cruises using EZair, I have never noticed (paid attention to) that little sentence about final payment date. For sure, see the "big" numbers for total flight cost but nothing else. Have always used the date on booking confirmation to mark on my calendar. So thanks for this tip. Checked out the only booking with EZair and It did have the new 60 days out date.
  12. I know that you can see the final pay date (usually around 45 days out) for EZair under the travel tab but was asking if the new final pay date for cruises before 30 April 2021 was listed somewhere in the Personalizer. Guess it isn't so will just check with TA closer to pay date listed on our confirmation.
  13. Since we always use a TA, we have never seen any payment info in our Personalizer. There is the standard short sentence to ask your TA for details but was hoping maybe something had been added to the travel summary about the new cancel by date.
  14. So true. I cringe when I see people walk into the buffet or dining rooms without washing their hands or using sanitizer. The best excuse is "I'm just walking through" and you see them stop to eat or "I washed in my room". Princess should have a wash/sanitize rule before entering and enforce it.
  15. The complete Cruise With Confidence policy contains 3 sections. 1. Your Health Is Our Priority 2. Making It Easier To Change Plans 3. Protecting Your Cruise Investment. Each section also has FAQs Section 2 covers the new cancellation policy for cruises before 30 April 2021.
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