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  1. Yes, I saw that but will still verify when I call to make sure they are still offering the Rapid test.
  2. From the Princess FAQs, I printed out the different tests approved by Princess and also the section on what data should be included on the test report. You would think that the CVS near the port would know what the cruise lines will require and be ready for when cruising starts out of Port Everglades.
  3. Would like to know this too. If testing it still required for Jan 2022 cruises, we will need to find a test site near Port Everglades. We are flying in 2 days early but no car to drive all over to find a test site.
  4. Way back on the 6 Aug FAQs, Princess did state that if a test was required to continue on to the next segment, they would perform the test near the end of the first cruise. Then Princess changed it to doing the test once off the ship. At the way changes are happening, no telling what protocols will be by Dec.
  5. I'm hoping that someone on a Nov b2b on the Enchanted Princess will post on how the second segment disembarking was handled. I'm guessing that we will receive some type of instructions on how the disembarking process will be before our second segment on 20 Dec. I've been down sizing on luggage for a while so think (hope) I can make do with just a carry on each for the 30 days in Jan/Feb. Since we will be doing the Canal - FLL to LA and back) , it should be warm enough to not need a lot of cold weather type clothing.
  6. Our cruises were for 28 Jan, 12 Feb and 13 March 2022. On 28 July, Princess sent the Voyage Redeployment email to our TA who forwarded it to us on 28 July. Princess was to assign passengers to the Emerald Princess by 6 Aug. Princess sent this change notice straight to the TA and not directly to us. We had our TA's new invoice for all 3 cruises on 4 Aug. We were booked into the same cabin number and category that we had on the Crown Princess.
  7. We have a b2b in Dec and one in Jan/Feb. If testing is still required (betting it is), I think I will pack up my safe items and electronics to take along when doing the disembarking. Only plan on a carry on each so there won't be much to pack up - just in case. Just casual wear - nothing on formal side. Might be the new way of cruising for us.
  8. All my 2021 and 2022 cruises are out of Fort Lauderdale. I have been checking the Princess FAQ on their Cruise Health page for current info on the mobile testing sites they mentioned would be set up at the terminal area.. Happened to see the Carnival's Return to Service FAQs listed in a thread on the Carnival Board. It says it comes from Carnival Corporation which one would think would also include Princess cruises. Read down to the last paragraph which is highlighted. Also, as far as Quest testing, locations around my home and those by Lakeland, FL all say the tests are for "Active Infection Only" Where can I get a COVID-19 test? In order to provide more testing options for our guests, Carnival is sharing these resources: Carnival Corporation has established an agreement with Quest Diagnostics to facilitate access to pre-cruise COVID-19 viral testing. Guests may schedule testing with Quest Diagnostics at more than 1,500 locations, including Quest Diagnostics patient service centers and select Walmart and other retail pharmacy locations throughout the U.S. Appointments are required and may be scheduled online via Quest Diagnostic's website . Results are typically available within 48 hours via email or mobile application but Quest advises that turnaround time can fluctuate with demand, supplies and other factors, and vary by region. As with any laboratory provider, pricing for COVID-19 testing services may vary. Guests may qualify for testing at no cost to them through their insurance or the government. We urge guests to check with their health plan or the laboratory provider to see if they are eligible before scheduling a test. Guests may visit Quest Diagnostic's website for information. Fully vaccinated guests may also consider using an Abbott BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test which includes a viral antigen home test and the services of an eMed telemedicine professional who will supervise the administration of the home test. The test provider must provide guests with an official test result; no handwritten report. Results are provided in approximately 15 minutes and test kits are available to be shipped in 50 states. Tests can be purchased by accessing either of the links above. Additionally, guests may also look into large pharmacy chains that have multiple locations to schedule a COVID PCR or antigen test near their home or embarkation port of their cruise. For example, CVS and Walgreens have nationwide locations offering COVID-19 testing. While we had previously raised the possibility of more on-site testing at our terminals, the logistics of making this service widely available to a large number of guests does not make this a viable option. Nevertheless, we did want to provide these additional suggestions for our guests.
  9. In the FAQ section dated 2 Sept. I'm wondering if the reason to pack up is just in case you test positive and are not allowed back on the ship to gather up your belongings.
  10. We have a b2b on 10 and 20 Dec but in different cabins since we booked at different times. If the requirement to pack up and vacate your cabin between each cruise is still in effect, we will be planning on just a carry on and back pack each. Good thing Princess has the laundry rooms so we can wash and wear the same clothes a lot. No dress to impress anymore for us.😃
  11. Yes! Now it's back to threads unhappy (not using the word complaining) with protocols required to cruise, apps not working (now that is a PITA) ships/itineraries changed or cancelled (does Princess just sit back and come up with these changes to see how "angry/upset" they can make cruisers). Are we happy yet??
  12. Not sure if this is done as much as it was several years ago. Now you pay for your excursions when you book them either using OBC or a credit card. Also after you have booked an excursion and then try to book another excursion (same port and covering same time frame), you will get a "schedule conflict - Continue Shopping" notice when you try to add that excursion to your Cart.
  13. So far Alabama hasn't said anything about when the booster might be available here, where to get it or who will be the first to be eligible for it. Betting they follow the CDC guidelines for the booster.
  14. Besides the time frame of 8 months, don't you also have to meet other requirements such as compromised immune system and other medical issues?
  15. I'm glad to know that I'm not all alone with this problem. I've just been using the App on each of our phones just as if we are single cruisers. I'm hoping it corrects itself, but I gave up stressing over what the App does next. I'm sure I will get on the ship eventually.
  16. I plan to wait until Sept before calling to have our b2b fixed. If it doesn't work, I will just fill out the App as if we are in the same cabin and my grandson is in our cabin for both cruises. They can fix it when we check in. We are not ones who have to be first on the ship to have lunch in the MDR or to get first dibs on the Sanctuary. From what has been written on the Alaskan "Lives", they are currently closing off the hallways to the cabins until around 1pm. Carnival or RCCL does it this way too - at least the times we have been on their ships.
  17. I still have 2 problems. One is that the Nov cruise app only shows either DH or myself depending on the log in I use. So I am trying to keep his log in data with his picture on his phone and my phone has my picture and data. At one time we were both on the same App travelling together but now we look like single travelers.. Second problem is a b2b in Dec - same ship, different rooms on each segment and 2nd segment our grandson will be in our cabin. The App has this coded as one cruise which wouldn't be a problem normally. But the App has us in the same cabin for both segments and our grandson is on the app as if he was on both segments.
  18. We haven't been on a Royal Class ship for any of our milestone cruises. Next milestone cruise will be on the Emerald.so may ask about that perk if they still recognize your milestone cruises.
  19. Does anyone remember when in August Princess was to do a big upgrade to their system. I was told to wait until the upgrade to see if my Medallion problem would correct itself at that time.
  20. The cruises on the Crown Princess that were in Jan - March were not cancelled. They just "switched" ships and now we are on the Emerald Princess. Princess calls it a redeployment which we have had happen before. Just received our new TA invoices for Jan and Feb cruises and the FCDs have been applied to those two. Don't have the new invoice for the March cruise and the FCD for that cruise has not been applied yet.
  21. Are you saying the Caribbean Princess might be doing the Alaskan cruises next (2022) year. We are to be on the Caribbean Princess cruising out of New York next Aug and Sep. Looking at the latest Cancellation Notice, after the cancelled cruises the CB starts back in Fort Lauderdale at the end of May.
  22. Yes he is as well as 4 others in our group. The worst problem I have is that Princess has our 12 - 19 Dec Caribbean Princess and 20 - 30 Dec Enchanted Princess listed in the app as a back to back. I was told to wait until a system update in Aug ??? takes place and hope that it updates the cruises correctly.
  23. Have an iPhone 8s and have latest updates for phone and the app. Up till a few days ago, pictures of DH and myself were shown on the Ocean Ready Profile page for all our cruises and also on all other pages in the app. We had the green lane for all cruises and all but #4 and 5 were checked for each cruise.. Now my phone only shows my picture under Ocean Ready Profile and all the other pages - i.e. passport etc. This is either using a booking number or Princess log in data to open the app. I opened the app on my husband's phone and everything shows as if he was a solo cruiser too. Is it possible to get his picture/info back to my phone to show that we are cruising together?
  24. We are on the Emerald for 28 Jan 2022 (FLL to LA) , 12 Feb (LA to FLL) and 13 March (10 day Panama out of FLL)
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