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  1. The Chocolate Box in Bilbao? St Petersburg? Kusadasi? Rangoon? St Marteen? All great nights and more!!!
  2. Currently there are only 3 cruises advertised for March/April 2022 but they are expecting to advertise more soon.
  3. Azamara has told me we cannot lift and shift from March 2021 I have asked our TA to ask the same question.
  4. Sang Sweet Caroline just over a year ago on a ferry from the town to the port in St Marteen when there on Azamara. The ferry crew got everyone to join in.
  5. We are due to sail from Cape Town to Lisbon in March 2021 but are starting to think our only option will be to.lift and shift to 2022 if possible. We have already done that with a Black Sea cruise which would have sailed in Sept.
  6. We booked Cape Town to Lisbon on 19 March 2021 long ago. We don't think we will sail but hope to be able to lift and shift in the future. Having had 2 cruises cancelled already we fully appreciate the chance of sailing is nil.
  7. We got our deposit paid on board in a few days and our TA paid the full amount we had paid to them within a month. There were no taxes or fees retained. We are in the UK. The TA is a franchise and admin phoned as soon as they received the refund and told me when it would hit my account. A fantastic service. So sad that all TAs don't operate so openly and to support the customer.
  8. We were due to sail to the Black.Sea on 12 September and lifted and shifted it a couple of weeks ago. We thought it was unlikely to sail. That was our second cancelled cruise in this crisis. Will we be able to sail from Cape Town in March 2021? Just hoping all the crew are safe and able to return to Azamara to give all of us a fantastic time at sea and that enough cruisers wish to take to the sea again.
  9. We would love to go to our second home but can't but our gardener has been able to take a team to the house and stay for a week and work. He got permission from the Police. We live in Manchester and the house is overlooking Lake Windermere just 90 minutes drive away.
  10. We are in the UK. Our round Ireland trip due to start on 23 May was cancelled. Within days we received the deposit (£500) and 10 days ago the full outstanding amount. We use a TA and they handled everything A second cruise they did Lift and Shift For a thurs they saw a massive reduction in price since our booking and cancelled and rebooked savings us 1000s of pounds. 3 jobs executed perfectly for us in recent days.
  11. We were due to be on a cruise round Ireland in Pursuit in May. We got the deposit refunded from the cruise line within days. Today my TA phoned to say they had received the outstanding £6600+ and it was beingvtransfwrred to my account. This was confirmed in a follow up email.
  12. That was a problem for me too. I wonder why they didn't have a not applicable box.
  13. Didnt ask our income this time and was UK orientated in the questions.
  14. Late yesterday UK time our agent told us we could use lift and shift to rebook next year on the Black Sea. Today we have had confirmation and all the paperwork from Azamara and it shows up on our account. Great Work Azamara. We appreciate the number of refunds being generated and haven't had ours yet for the cruise we should have started this weekend
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