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  1. Check Facebook for a group dedicated to that cruise. Many more participants there than on here. You'll have a blast.
  2. I suspect that there might be something else added to the 2016 agenda that might qualify as the "big", "anniversary" cruise. Perhaps May.
  3. But that number changes dramatically when you look at Celebrity/Royal. Part of that is the sheer number of charters that Atlantis has done on RCCL/Celebrity ships, but there is strong effort by RCCL to get regular sailings from Atlantis pax. This includes numerous posters in the CREW sections outlining just how valuable these charter guests are, and specific reference to repeat sailings on Non-Charter cruises
  4. However, we have had to fight the onboard reps to contact home office to get them. It's just a lack of communication, but it's been problematic on at least 2 Celebrity ships to get "credit" for the sailing. One time we even had the charter rep from Celebrity tear new assh@les to the people in Miami. She was quite absolute about us getting our credits and was irate (with head office) that she had to even pursue the issue. We've also had to ask for the coupon book on at least one sailing, on others, it was in the room upon arrival. do NOT Take the word of the (usually unhelpful persons in) Future Cruise signups, if you can even find her. Most worthless people I have ever encountered on a cruise ship. Go straight to the full group charter's Cruise Line Rep. (There is always one) and explain what your concern is. :) Years ago on NCL, it was absolutely written in stone that full boat charters didn't qualify for Latitudes credit. Even had the wench on the Dawn tell us she wouldn't give us the damn lapel pin for that vessel. I looked her in the eye and said are they that expensive? She said no they were free to non charter guests of course. I asked her again if they were expensive, as expensive as the Satellite call I was about to make to Miami. She promptly gave up two pins. (haven't cared for NCL since then)
  5. odd, we were talking to the engineering person the morning of the 13th, as they were disassembling the dance floor rigging. He was adamant that the pool would be in use that afternoon for incoming pax. I didn't believe him as I noted hundreds of the small blue tile having been ripped up when the "matting" (lining) was pulled up. Looks like I was right. Hope you got to use it before the end of your cruise.
  6. well, it's not fair to compare Seabourn to the mass market lines, as the product is not designed to be comparable. That said, wow, I hope you're an easy going type. Or you better bring some meds. You will not be happy.
  7. I was blown away by the dance spaces. In case you haven't read it on the other threads, the aft pool was covered over with steel casing, and used as a dance floor. Never seen that before and it worked perfectly for first sea day. After that, the cover was removed and the aft pool was available for swimming for the remainder of the cruise. The Calypso pool (the one with the retractable roof), was converted into a dance floor. Drained, and a scaffold arrangement was built to be level with the "overflow" area. Matting, liner, and astroturf then made it into a seamless space. It worked perfectly. Until debarkation time, when they rolled up the mats and lining. Seems that lots of the small pool tiles stuck to the matting/lining and got pulled up during "load out". Apologies to the subsequent passengers. However, as a dance space, it worked perfectly.
  8. It was basically an EDM festival at sea. Young early 20s somethings with little to no bar bills. That group doesn't drink. The Atlantis group, they drink. :)
  9. As mentioned up thread, the AC went out due to a Mussel problem in the intake valves (probably a more scientific name) 1) Because of Simon, itin was inverted, switching Cabo to the return leg, instead of on the way down the coast. Also swapping Mazatlan for Manzanillo. 2) Sailed around Simon (300 some miles off shore to swing West of Simon 3) Made it to PV with the AC starting to fail during the overnight stay there. Uncomfortable but not horrid 4) Left PV for Mazatlan and the warm waters just kept the mussel problem multiplying. Overnight from PV to Mazatlan was miserable. 5) left Mazatlan after 5:00 pm sometime, and headed north. entry to colder waters off Baja tip, and the constant movement had the mussel problem under control shortly there after, and no troubles the remainder of the trip home. 6) Mussels on the MDR menu for the last night. Good laugh was had by all. Captain tried to explain the situation early on, but bad speakers, thick accent, etc, and perhaps some initial vagueness made it easy to misunderstand etc. Eventually they came back and CLEARLY stated the problem, compounded by apparently a new rule that bans certain mussel killing chemicals that have been used previously. (?) Princess and the Charter company gave every passenger $500 credit to cover the missed port call and to cover the inconvenience. Yes some still not happy, but experienced Cruise Critic posters know that for 1 night of real inconvenience that it was probably an excessively large amount to give out. Almost $950K in refunds given the approx 1900 pax on board.
  10. Which is why Rich never booked Princess with Atlantis before now. He's always said that those ships wouldn't work for Atlantis. However, there's limited hardware on the Pacific coast, and well, money trumps principles. :rolleyes: We shall see how it plays out. I can't find any pics of the groove cruise, but it should be a similar issue. Centralized parties in one space.
  11. Tom you hit the nail on the head. Classy tavern/bar. People who gripe about drink prices don't drink in NYC/Chicago/LA or any other major urban center. I'm sure the prices seem high compared to "the Lobo" (For those that remember "Roseanne"), but they are reasonable compared to major urban centers. That's not to demean or belittle anyone. Pricing is relative. A good strong martini on board is priced appropriately to hotel/nicer restaurant pricing. It's not the same price as a drink at Applebee's in Toledo. If that's your point of comparison, they will of course seem high.
  12. I think you missed what I said. The Silhouette had a one way trip from the birthplace to Rome (with muckity mucks and invitees, and some regular patrons), then a 2 day cruise to no-where for TA's, etc. The Atlantis Circus will be their first real cruise (I know that is somewhat subjective, but you know what I mean).
  13. counting down the days to the Flight to Rome, and the Atlantis Charter on the Silhouette. Watching the Cruise Critic live thread on the first sailing today is really getting me excited. Almost feel sorry for the crew, having their first real regular sailing be an Atlantis charter. They'll be wiped out when the first group of Cranky old people and kids show up on Aug 10. hehe
  14. Lucky you!!! I'll be in the queue to board as you exit, as we're doing the Atlantis charter departing 1-August. So looking forward to this new ship!
  15. Since Rich was on the Asia cruise until last Friday, and was not expected back in the States until later on, he might not even know that it's not working
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