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  1. I was on the Emerald Princess for 2 weeks this summer. While our cabin wasn't directly opposite the laundry, I could not hear anything from the hallway when outside the laundry room, even when there were several people in the room with all machines running. As others have mentioned, there is a 2nd door after you go through the first door and I'm sure that helps keep the sound down.
  2. We were in Spain this past July and given a choice, would not return to Spain in July again. Way too hot and way too many tourists. We had previously visited during March and liked it much better then.
  3. The coverage is not as good as an external policy but for elderly travellers, the cost is much less. I priced external policies for my parents (ages 79 and 83) for our 14 day summer cruise and the cost was eye popping. Somewhere around $1k pp. Conversely, for younger adults and children, the cost for an external policy is a fraction of what Princess charges, for vastly expanded benefits.
  4. We booked the Nov 2021 Enchanted TA because the dates were right for our 30th anniversary cruise. Plus we've never done a TA and we do love sea days.
  5. I have booked with Viator on a few occasions. As others have mentioned, they are just a middleman. However, if you can figure out who the actual tour operator is (not always possible) and have good feedback, it can be a good choice. Advantages might be a more flexible cancellation/reschedule policy or even the ability to use a discount code or go through a cashback portal. On my last cruise, I was able to book the hop on hop off buses at a cheaper price through Viator than via the company itself, thanks to a code floating around.
  6. I'm not an inside cabin person, but with that price differential and the fact that you are just coming off a long Tahiti cruise, I would strongly consider the inside. Or maybe upgrade slightly to an oceanview to at least get some natural sunlight coming in.
  7. Huh? What did I miss, how is this answer rude and condescending? I would assume that if you are sharing a cabin with two other people, they are buddies, aka friends or family.
  8. My 14 yr old is a boy. He has enjoyed the ropes course and rock climbing walls on previous cruises. Thanks for the varied opinions. We haven't (yet) done one of the newer megaships and I'm a little leery for the same reasons mentioned by others, namely way too many people. We have sailed on the Pearl, I think that is a sister ship to the Gem?
  9. I'm hoping for some advice. I'm deciding between two cruises, both Eastern Caribbean for next March. A 10 day on the Gem vs a 7 day on the Encore. Obviously 10 day is preferable to 7 day, so that's a point to the Gem. However, my 14 yr old does love the water slides and other activities so I'm wondering if the Gem might be too boring? The 10 day itinerary has 4 sea days. I know a lot of this is personal preference but would be interested in what other people with teens might advise.
  10. Yes we were on this ship in July and they upgraded to on demand mid-cruise.
  11. This happened to my parents a few months ago. I was checking on their airline seats (in the United system) and noticed they had been moved to a different initial flight, but their connecting flight was still the original one, meaning they would land in their connecting city *after* the 2nd flight was scheduled to depart. Since it was booked as a single itinerary, in theory the airline should have automatically re-booked the 2nd flight but for whatever reason, it didn't happen. It was after final payment but Princess hadn't yet purchased the tickets so when I called the airline directly, they
  12. We did a Med cruise a few weeks ago and did not need our passports at the Montenegro port stop.
  13. We were on the Emerald July 13-27 and for the first week it was the old internet. The 2nd week, they had installed MedallionNet and we got the 4 device package. I was able to attend a remote, streaming class without difficulty so it was a good improvement from previously. The day before we disembarked, they installed on-demand on the TVs.
  14. Following this since I board the week after you. I need internet access since my daughter and I are each taking a class over the summer. It's been driving me nuts to constantly get emails about buying a discounted internet package pre-cruise, yet when I go to the cruise personalizer, there is nothing available to purchase!
  15. You usually need to be on board at least a couple hours before ship departure and that would leave you virtually no leeway in case of any delays, air or traffic, along the way. Way too risky IMO.
  16. OP, I'm on your same cruise (can't wait!) but also had some EZAir issues. They were not directly caused by EZAir, since it was United who canceled my parent's first flight and (and then rebooked them on a flight that would require them to travel back in time to catch their connecting flight!). However, we were ~40 days out and the ticket was not paid for yet. So United said they couldn't do anything, it had to be done by Princess. Long story short, my parents did eventually get rebooked on an acceptable business class flight without paying additional or having long layovers. But it took about
  17. Probably most 3-5 night Caribbean cruises during spring break are going to have somewhat a party atmosphere, even if there isn't a defined college party group on board.
  18. I can't pre-purchase internet for my July 13th cruise either. It's driving me nuts because I'm taking a course that will require at least some connectivity and I'd like to know what the cost will be.
  19. Mine were still not paid at 40 days out. It only became an issue when United cancelled my parent's first flight and when I called them to get an acceptable reschedule, they said nothing could be done until the ticket was paid. I eventually worked it out with EZAir but it was a hassle. Still worth it for the tremendous savings on business class seats, less than half than booking directly through the airlines.
  20. If you are booked on a single itinerary with the same airline (or a codeshare flight), your luggage should get tagged all the way to Rome when you check in at Tampa. You should not need to recheck luggage at Dulles.
  21. I would pick Barcelona for ease of embarking/debarking, but Rome for the chance to stay before/after the cruise and really see the city.
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