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  1. chengkp75, thank you so much for "weighing in". I always read your explanations and have great respect for your knowledge.
  2. Well...….…..OK...……...I had not seen this subject on the HAL board. So, I did a "search" and found lots on the RC board. Interesting "stuff"
  3. I have been trying to do some research regarding ventilation on cruise ships. I found an article that compared airplanes to ships which I found very interesting. The article stated the closeness of passengers, germs on surfaces, coughing, sneezing etc. is an issue on an airplane. However, the air in the ventilation system is very clean. It is a mixture of recirculated and fresh air which passes through a HEPA filter. HEPA filters are used in hospitals and filter out viruses. Not so with the ventilation system on cruise ships. The filters used on the ships DO NOT fil
  4. Well, I was feeling pretty good having discovered the most recent cancelation policies announced by HAL (Bookings & Cancellations/Book with Confidence) would allow me to cancel 48 hours ahead of my April 19th cruise and still receive FCC. However, one of my fellow passengers is telling me that only applies to new bookings. We who booked and paid by final payment date (Jan) must adhere to the March 31st deadline to receive FCC.
  5. Hey Roger, Wrote you a few weeks ago hoping you would be able to obtain a map of the dining room. I have the Koningsdam but rumor has it that it is not the same. Hope you are successful and able to post the map. Have a great cruise! Sherry
  6. As it is different from the Koningsdam, can anyone supply the dining room layout for the Nieuw Statendam?
  7. Loved my vista Suite! Yes a little bigger...…..yes extra mariner points. I loved the layout....bed next to sliding door instead of couch. I sit up late and read when husband has gone to bed. There was a partial wall between couch and bed. I felt like the sitting area was its own separate space.
  8. For me...…..quiet please! If I choose music, I will bring my own and "plug in". Don't always like other peoples choices and usually the piped in music is much to loud!
  9. Would really appreciated any feed back from folks who have flown TAP. I have read some reviews but especially value the opinion of my cruise critic friends. We are considering flying from Miami to Rome. Thanks, Sherry
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